Stereoscopic 3D Wallpaper: Photos, Description, Applying Advice

Today, a panel on the wall with a beautiful view of the sea is, of course, beautiful, but nothing more. The modern buyer demands extra; therefore manufacturers by means of innovative technologies have tried to recreate such cloths that simply immerse in the illusion of improbable and very realistic beauty. As you may have guessed, today we will talk about stereoscopic 3D wallpaper: photos, description, applying advice.


Purple field picture at the wall Forest and the pond at the wallpaper Marine theme for the small workshop Urbanistic situation of the last century in gray Floristic heaven at the living room

Stereoscopic 3D Wallpaper: Material Features

At one time, photowallpaper was very popular, but modern varieties are at times superior to them. 3D effect creates a large image, the perception of which is based on the laws of optics. You can double the effect with special illumination. Such wallpapers have a lot of advantages, for example:

  • wear resistance;
  • moisture resistance;
  • ecological compatibility;
  • resistance to ultraviolet light;
  • the simplicity of gluing;
  • ease of maintenance.

Eco styled living with cute 3D design on the accent wall Giraffe among the urban jungle at the wall 3D fantasy of forms at the wall Pink crystal picture at the wallpaper Wallpaper making an impression of being in the crystal cave Modern building construction depicted at the wall Mountain ranges at the wall of large living room

A large assortment allows choosing the kind that will be optimal for this or that design of the room. In addition, due to different sizes, it is possible to cover with such canvases both a certain wall area, and one or several walls entirely. This technique is used to visually expand the room volume and create zones. However, we can’t omit some of the cons of the material:

  • do not use stereoscopic wallpaper in small rooms, since the effect of 3d is visible only from a certain distance;
  • saturated bright colors and expressive photos can bother and fatigue;
  • the probability of discrepancies and inconsistencies with an individual design is increased for custom ordered wallpaper;
  • room lighting features can change the 3d effect.

Floristic fantasy at the living room Life moments depicted on the wall in the living room Green idyll of primordial nature right at the living room 3D impression of the infinity at the headboard

Important! In apartments with additional heating, heaters should not be placed closer than 20 centimeters from a wall with three-dimensional canvases.

Stereoscopic wallpaper can be found in different types:

  • geometrical;
  • LED Light;
  • fluorescent;
  • single;
  • panoramic

Large living room with tile trimmed fireplace and textured wallapaper

Price of Stereoscopic Wallpaper and Where It Can be Bought

Cloths with a three-dimensional image are sold in specialized stores. This is not only a fixed point of sale, but also the Internet resources. Your individual sketch can be freely ordered from companies that cooperate with printing.

3d wallpapers are not cheap. Because of the high price of paint and the material itself, one square meter of such cloths are two or even three times the cost of standard ones. However, many advanced firms buy special equipment for the production of such material, because of which there is a possibility of a downward trend in production cost.

Fighter aircraft at the wall Traffic on the streets with yellow NY taxis as the wallpaper fir living

In addition to the image itself, the total price includes the cost of the material. So, for 3D pictures with a glossy texture on the nonwoven sheet, there will be one price, and with a matte base under the natural canvas, the price is twice higher.

A significant increase in the cost is facilitated by imitation of Venetian plaster, fabric, or when the drawing is performed in the form of a fresco in antique style.

Stereoscopic Wallpaper in the Interior of Different Rooms

Obviously, for different rooms the appropriate design of stereoscopic wallpaper is selected:

  1. In the nursery, there can be cartoon images, drawings of animals, nature, space. A great idea is a 3D wallpaper with voluminous letters or numbers that will help not only to create an original interior but also to learn baby the alphabet, to teach it to count.

Childish naturalistic fantasies at the wall Minecraft image at the wall of the children's room

  1. In the kitchen, the perfect place for the 3d picture will be the splashback. It is important to take into account the harmony with the rest of the furniture. To decorate the wall at the dining table with a forest or sea view, which will create a sense of presence on the terrace, is also an effective idea.

Kitchen's 3D splashback

  1. In the corridor, it is better to decorate the walls with a graphic image. This will increase the space of the compact area. The perfect option is to make a doorway with expensive, stretching into the distance wallpaper.

Impression of the retreating and lifting steps on the wall

  1. A nautical theme will be most appropriate for the bathroom. And if you also make the ceiling mirror, you will find yourself in the most real underwater world!

Naturalistic 3D stereoscopic wallpaper in the modern bathroom

  1. Stars in the sky, clouds, flower glades, woods, waterfalls, or a stylish graphic picture – all these artistic motifs can be realized in the interior of the bedroom, depending on its style. The accent in the form of a voluminous neutral background above the bed looks beautiful.

Bedroom with the night motif with starfall at the accent wall Сhamomile field for the calming atmosphere of the bedroom

  1. Different options can be applied in the living room. Here the basic styles are Classic, Modern, Provence, High-tech. 3D landscapes, voluminous graphic images, imitations of stone or brickwork are perfect for this room, depending on its style.

Modern living room with stereoscopic wallpaper depicting walk in the park Rose picture in the living room Wild nature and ancient castle doors at the wallpaper of the modern living room

To create a “wow effect”, the 3D canvases often combined with ceilings and floors. As a result, it seems that there are no borders in the room. But you can hardly do it yourself on your own – it’s only the genuine masters of design business can do it.

How to Cover the Walls with Stereoscopic Wallpaper?

Independent work involves the following stages:

  1. Wall preparation
  • Removal of glue residues and other old finishing materials;
  • Plastering of cracks and irregularities;
  • sanding (removal of all bumps and irregularities);
  • priming.
  1. Pasting
  • cutting and joining the picture;
  • applying adhesive to the wall;
  • butt-end pasting of canvases.

In the process of gluing, make sure that there are no air bubbles and wrinkles. To do this, carefully smooth the canvas with a roller. Do not allow temperature changes and drafts in the room.

Colorful circles at the 3D wallpaper for the living room Iceberg on the wallpaper at the ascetic room

Stereoscopic Wallpaper: Photo of Real-Life Interiors

This chic photo collection of interiors with 3D wallpaper once again confirms all the originality and beauty of such spectacular wall decoration.

Spectacular wolf head on the wall 3D black and white spiral at the wallpaper to revive the living room atmosphere Urbanistic night landscape at the wallpaper Light modern styled living room with 3D picture at the wallpaper rhinoceros walking through walls at the stereoscopic picture at the rom Tree branch at the wall of the dining room to make you closer to the nature

So, if you decide to use stereoscopic wallpaper in your interior, still refer to the service of experienced designers. They will tell you which pictures and colors to use in certain rooms, how to effectively beat the space, choose the right material, and count the necessary material. This will save money when buying expensive canvases for the walls.

3D canvases will help you in creating a unique design of any interior. And innovative technologies guarantee trouble-free operation and long service life.

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