Arabic Interior Design Style. Touch of Traditions

Arabic style is one of the directions of the Oriental interior decoration, which means luxury, sophistication, fairy tale. Like all Oriental art, it has three foundations. This is strict observance of the rules prescribed by Islam, the adherence to age-old traditions, and man-made interior and decoration items. Arab interior design is an expression of lifestyle.


Classic designed living room full of ornaments and decorative elements

The main fundamental in the Eastern interior is not the luxury itself, but the ability of artists to create its appearance. With the help of their talent, they designed the rooms so that the impression of the wealth of its owner exceeds the real dimensions.

Arabic Interior Design Style. Touch of Traditions of Islam

The main book of the Arabs and Muslims in the whole, the Quran, forbids depicting all living things, or rather, what God created. Since there is no painting and sculpture in the Arabian interior. Artists express themselves in the creation of diverse and complex patterns. For the most part, this is a geometric pattern, entwined with unreal vegetation. Such paintings are characterized by the presence of a large number of small elements and their clear drawing.

Wooden carvings of Quran phrases as the decoration of interior

Arabesques are also created from the texts of the Quran, having created words and letters from the original drawing. Texts can be interwoven with ornamentation, which requires even more skill. The background for the painting is of a saturated tone. Most often it’s red, crimson, emerald, turquoise, green, and blue.

Luxurious designed master bathroom with open space layout and entrance to the patio

The entire surface of the walls and ceiling are covered with patterns. And also columns, furniture, carpets, pillows. In the interior in the Arabic style, there are almost no empty single-colored seats.

Traditions of Ancestors

Arab tribes led a nomadic way of life. In the interior, it can be reflected in an improvised tent, carpets, flooring, and numerous pillows of different types, sizes, and colors.

Tent looking living zone in orange and burgundy color play

Curtains on the window should contain an Oriental pattern and bright. There are a lot of fabrics and it is folded and knotted with a cord, forming a pointed arch. The upper part of the wide window opening can be decorated with lambrequins.

Open ceiling beams and touch of rusticality in the large kitchen interior

In the bedroom above the bed, you can make a canopy in the form of a tent made of silk or heavily dense fabric of green, turquoise, or burgundy colors with trim at the edges in the form of a gilded pattern. In the living room, it can be built over a sofa or ottoman.

Man-made Products

Interior in Arabic style is filled with handmade items. These are, first of all, carpets. The cost of some, especially silk ones, is estimated at tens of thousands of dollars. The craftsmen are knot-by- knot repeats the artist’s drawing, changing the threads and creating masterpieces. Carpets usually cover the whole floor and hang on walls, cover the sofas and ottomans.

Dome window arch and white wall for simple designed dining room

The Arab mosaic of wood is also known all over the world. Precisely cut out pieces of wood, the correct geometric shape, and a pattern that was collected out of it covers sections of the wall, columns, or decorates the furniture. The base was mostly dark blue, or of other traditional colors. The ornament itself was covered with mother of pearl.

Arabic tile and domed passage to the bathroom

Inlays are found everywhere. Gold, bronze, ivory, mother of pearl is used for it. The grooves are predominantly filled with blue paint.

Creating an Arabic Style in a Modern Apartment

To create the mood of the East, it is not necessary to redo the entire interior. It is possible to distinguish several main elements inherent in Arab houses. These are lancet arches, carpets, pillows, Moroccan tiles, lighting. But we will consider in detail all the elements inherent in this style.

White sparkling interior of the open entrance of the house

In an apartment in Arabic style, it is better to arrange only one room according to this style. You should start from the floor. In the east, stone floors were saving homeowners from the heat. We have to lay under the slabs a warm floor system so that in the cold season the bottom of the room is not cool. Therefore, you can simply cover the entire surface of the wooden cover with one large carpet or several ones of different sizes. It all depends on the area of ​​the room.

Dark ceiling at the patio zone of the Arabic styled house

Walls are covered with fabrics with oriental patterns. Preference should be given to dark colors of red, blue, and green shades. The most suitable drawing is golden or yellow. As an option, you can use paint. Paint an Arabic pattern with lighter colors on a dark background. The choice of wallpaper in the stores allows you to select the appropriate pattern and just apply it. Remember that the wallpaper should be glued without visible joints.

Mediterranean accent in the form of high fireplace at the living room

Carpets on the wall will also be appropriate. Prefer to choose wool and wool blend products with the appropriate style of drawing and a background of dark shades of red. Such carpets have a reasonable value and will help create an atmosphere of the East.

Arches and columns are characteristic of the Arabic style. This will help you in the zoning of a large room as well. If the room is small, you can just make half-columns or figured niches near windows or end walls.

Totally white themed living room with the domed recess in the accent wall

A high ceiling will be decorated with beams and paintings. Lower one – with wallpaper with a small light geometric pattern or simply plastered without the use of finishing putty which gives smoothness. The texture is of great importance in the Arabic interior.


If you make out your room in Arabic style, then remove all the chairs and armchairs, as well as bulky cabinets and dining tables from it. These objects are alien to the Eastern peoples.

Egyptian stylistic in dark wooden trimming of the hall

There is a bit of furniture in the eastern interior. Above all, it is large sofas and ottomans with a variety of diverse pillows. Tables are low, non-standard forms made of wood and decorated with inlays. They often look like big trays. It is customary to sit on cushions at such tables.

If there are cabinets, then they are light, delicate. Most often for the storage of things used niches in the wall, closed wooden windows with carved patterns.

Eastern philosophy in arranging the library and working place for large room

Lighting Fixtures

Luminaries in the Arab interior are many and of different forms. The main condition is they provide soft, yellowish, rather muted lighting. A forged chandelier can be a key fixture in the living room with high ceilings. Or you can place a bunch of lamps with openwork minted from bronze lampshades. A number of small sconces will find a place on the walls.

Metal lampshades and Moroccan pattern of the backsplash at the kitchen

Windows and Doors

Arab palaces always have narrow lancet windows. In a ready-made modern house, you can simply make a niche in front of a large window or form it all with curtains, making a window looking like an entrance to a tent.

Oriental styled sunroom with plenty of arched windows

The door is often absent. The openings are hung with carpets or heavy curtains with beautiful patterns. You can make a carved wooden door.

Original cute design of the canopy bed in the colorful bedroom


Their list is very large. This is almost all the items that came to us from the east. Among them, there is a hookah, forged bird cages, chess, minted from bronze jugs with a high neck. Vases and jugs of various sizes painted with patterns. Large minted and carved dishes, vats.

Spacious hall design with columns and plenty of artificial lighting

For those Who like to Create

If you want to create something with your own hands, then in an interior in Arabic style you will have the ground to prove yourself. The simplest thing is creating a large number of pillows, picking up the fabric by color, pattern, and texture. They can be trimmed around the edges with a braid.

Egyptian warm wall decoration with paint and mosaic

Turn the window into a kind of tent. Create lambrequins or trim; gather curtains beautifully, picking up two matching fabrics, do not forget about the cords. The top of the canopy above the bed or sofa can be attached to the ceiling.

Domed and highlighted headboard at the spacious bedroom

You can create a pointed arch by cutting out the base of the gypsum board, cover it with a thin layer of putty and paint. Create openwork doors for a cabinet or screen from plywood with a jigsaw.

As for painting patterns, there is no limit to fantasy. Just follow a set of rules. First, draw a geometric pattern and then decorate it with floral ornamentation, clearly drawing all the details. Do not copy living plants, but make your own.

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