Tuscan Interior Design Style Overview and Description

The lead designers of the world advise using the Tuscan interior design style to those people who like warm earth shades, the color of rust and brick as well as furniture corresponding to the Mediterranean direction.


Creamy light gray color scheme for rustical styled house with open woodem ceiling beams

The Origins of the Style

Tuscany belongs to one of the regions of Italy, but despite this, you can see the presence of Spanish and French directions taken from the Italian style in the Tuscan interior. Perhaps such an association was due to trade routes which were laid thousands of years ago between the different shores of the same sea.

The Tuscan interior also abounds with the details inherited from the Etruscan culture of antiquity and from the Middle Ages. Due to the migrants from the Old World, the Tuscan style had some influence on the decor and architecture of buildings in Southern California, Arizona, Nevada, and other US states.

Sandy natural interior color scheme for suburban house

Interiors in the Tuscan style are in full accordance with nature. Tuscany is a naturally rich land: cypress and olive groves, vineyards, orchards with dozens of the most diverse varieties of trees give the most amazing shades and smells. Rosemary fields, jasmine bushes, thickets of bougainvillea fill the air and houses of this colorful area with an unprecedented aroma. Hence, all these natural gifts are widely used by people in their homes.

Red wooden noble fitted kitchen with the kitchen island and domed extractor hood of steel above it

Basic Principles of the Tuscan Interior Design

Tuscan style is easy for non-specialists to determine by several features. You can do it by photo or in life, having considered all the design of houses or apartments.

Color Palette

Warm natural shades, corresponding to the climate of the Mediterranean area, are very popular in the interior. Interior begins to form with neutral shades – terracotta, light cream, that is from those flowers that are closer to the ground.

Green tones resemble the Tuscan style of the magnificent cypress trees that grow along the country roads of the region. Additionally, they tell about the vine, fruits, and leaves of olive trees.

Interior is also impossible without the presence of a rich ocher color, golden yellow corresponding to the saturated fields of sunflower, pale yellow resembling juicy lemons.

Clear skies and deep sea in style are recreated with the help of cobalt color. A maroon shade reminds you of the famous wine of Tuscany.

Large mansion with plenty of natural light in minimalistic Ethno stylistic

Walls in the Tuscan Interior Design

Tuscan style can not be completely met without adequate materials for walls, floor, and ceiling. Materials that imitate the old plaster and mural are most widely in use. We can highlight ordinary plaster both with modern decorative one, popular liquid wallpaper. On the photo of the interiors in the Tuscan style, it is noticeable that ceramic tiles are of large sizes. The natural stone is of different shades and patterns – granite, marble, travertine. These are great materials to finish the floors, walls in any room, countertops. To isolate the contour of walls in the interior, plaster moldings decorated with gold leaf will fit.

Tender cute bedroom design with rough treated wooden ceiling beams as the carcass for canopy

When decorating the country house in a Tuscan style, do not forget about the tiled roof. Mosaic tiles present in the interior not only for finishing kitchen splashbacks but also for fountains. In the interior, you can note one distinctive feature – a combination of light smooth ceilings with beams of dark wood. In the hallway and dining room, the interior of Tuscany allows you to paint ceilings with flying clouds or angels.

Furniture and Decor Elements

The Tuscan style involves the use of special furniture, distinguish by classic lines, skilfully polished surfaces, forged and stained glass inserts in doors, windows, partitions. Moreover, the interior of the kitchen perfectly combines wooden cabinets with bright and memorable accessories. It can be a frying pan with a large, voluminous handle, a set of ceramic pots and pans, bunches of dried greens.

Original dining room design with partly Gothic atmosphere

In addition, the kitchen of Tuscany inhabitants necessarily has the spicy herbs in pots – oregano, basil, rosemary, and others used in the preparation of dishes of plants. Decorate a cozy family room with ceramic bottles with useful olive oil, baskets with fresh vegetables and fruits, a bundle of fragrant garlic. Also, in the interior, you can often see countertops decorated with mosaic.

Tuscan interior can be full of wrought-iron frames for mirrors, sconces, candlesticks, metal doors.

In the living room and bedroom, we recommend decorating the walls with tapestries and fabric wallpaper. On the walls, the presence of Tuscany landscapes, exquisite still lifes with fruits, flowers, cheeses, and wine bottles are welcome. The Tuscan interior welcomes the decoration of the walls with the help of painting. Patterns can depict grape leaves and fruits.

Warm interior atmosphere with wooden furniture

You can transfer the elegance and romanticism of the Old World, along with a slice of fragrant summer, to your home. The Tuscan interior design will transform any city apartment, turning it into an incredibly sunny place.

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