Interior Design Styles Favorites: Which One Best Fits Your Lifestyle?

Interior design… Most people think interior design is simply the way you decorate your home. Well, that’s partially true but nowhere near the full truth. Interior design is the art and science of enhancing a structural interior to make it more functional and aesthetically pleasing to individuals utilizing the structure. That was a textbook version of interior design but it’s basically the act of making an interior space beautiful and cohesively flow.

Interior Design Styles Favorites: Which One Best Fits Your Lifestyle? Dark wooden furniture set for Classic living room

In theory, most people think that slapping some paint on the walls and putting a few plants in different rooms is the equivalent of interior design, and it’s not. Just think of the jobs of interior designers… They not only have to keep up with the latest trends but they also have to have extensive knowledge in the different interior design styles.

You see, interior design isn’t just interior design… it’s too broad of a term, which is why it has to be broken down by style. Certain styles are a lot easier to distinguish than others but sometimes, two interior design styles can be so similar that there are only a few nuances that separate the two… take the contemporary and eclectic styles… both styles are so “outside the box” that an inexperienced eye wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. It’s also hard to tell the difference between transitional and traditional as well.

That’s why interior designers are so important. They have experienced eyes and are able to take the interior design wants and desires of clients and make them realities to homeowners. They’re able to take all the ideas and descriptions from clients and based on the things they want, an interior designer can give them a design plan for their home and determine a design style.

Sometimes, what clients want is a combination of multiple design styles but nonetheless, an interior designer will be able to provide feedback and offer suggestions on how they can help them achieve the design style they want. If you’re unsure about your personal interior design style, you can always consult with interior designers in your area but if you’re in the Kansas City area, Kansas City interior designers will be able to design your home’s interiors exactly the way you want!

Take a look at some of the most popular interior design styles.

Popular Interior Design Styles

Interior Design Style 1: Bohemian

When people hear the word bohemian, they often associate it with people who have free spirits; nomadic in a sense. And bohemian, in the world of interior design, is exactly that… It has actually become quite mainstream.

This particular interior design style incorporates all things “earthy,” vintage, and worldly. Maybe you went to India and bought a rug from there and you have some old tribal print pillows from your grandmother, and then you also have some keepsakes from your mission trip to Africa… You take all of those things and put them together, and you’ve got a bohemian interior design style.

The unique thing about bohemian interior design is that it’s never the same but it generally focuses on mixing the aspects of global travel, textiles, and “earthy” elements into your own personal interior design style.

Interior Design Style 2: Farmhouse

For some reason, people think the farmhouse interior design style is all about chicken and cow-themed decor and pictures of little pigs everywhere. The farmhouse style is all about comfort and decor that takes you back to a simpler time. If you need help getting the idea of this design style, just think of Chip and Joanna Gaines’ interior design style.

With this design style, you’re going to see different patterns, neutral colors, outdoor elements brought indoors, and lots of natural light.

Interior Design Style 3: Minimalist

The minimalist interior design style is technically not a design style, per se, it’s more of an addition to an interior design style. If that doesn’t make any sense to you, let’s dig a little deeper.

With the minimalist design style, it’s all about “less is more.” So the reality is that with minimalism in your home, you’re reducing “stuff” in your home. Yes, minimalism style is known for its neutral color palettes and having minimal decor but the reality is that you can have an industrial, minimalistic home or a minimalistic bohemian home.

This is one of those scenarios that was mentioned earlier about having multiple styles incorporated into one interior design style. But, some do look at minimalist as an interior design style… It’s completely up to you and what you’re looking for but we’re going to look at it as a design style.

Whether you choose to have a minimalist home or an industrial home, there is one accent that always goes with any of the styles and that is plants. states that the addition of houseplants that may purify your air lowers the risk of illness, and improves your memory and concentration. So you can’t ever go wrong with having plants in your home regardless of the style you choose.

Interior Design Style 4: Industrial

The industrial style is one that’s definitely unique. This design style emerged in the 1700s and evolved over time into the design giant it is today. People have taken abandoned factories and turned them into hip lofts, hotels, and restaurants.

Interior Design Styles Favorites: Which One Best Fits Your Lifestyle? Great industrial style idea for spacious interior

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With industrial design style in homes, you can expect to see very masculine features like wood and brick as well as iron and steel, and clean sharp lines. Because this style is used in homes, interior designers will soften the style with soft, neutral tones to balance the extremes out.

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