Industrial Interior Design Style: Description and Photos

The industrial style came to us from New York in the 90s of the last century. It originated in the former warehouse, industrial and factory premises. That’s what relating it with Loft style. At that time, many buildings changed their purpose, and from the functioning places turned into abandoned ones. Naturally, some adventurous people wanted to bring them into the proper form. Today we are going to review and explore industrial interior design style: description and photos will help us to dive deeper into the philosophy of this trend.


Initially, these were public or industrial premises, their areas were huge. Therefore, in a new status, these buildings acquired public purpose – hotels, motels, bars, restaurants, art galleries, shops. A little later, the industrial style reached the living quarters and is now especially often used in loft-styled spaces.

Main Features of the Style

The industrial style has a utilitarian approach to designing and creates a unique look to the modern interior.

Industrial Style Home Interior Design Overview with Photos. Simple deisgned corridor with stairs in steamy white

By the way, this style was not previously singled out as an independent, self-sufficient direction. It was just a part of our daily lives. But then, over time, people learned to appreciate it for its expressiveness, unpretentiousness, which is inherent in the unprocessed surface, objects, and architecture created from recycled materials.

What else distinguishes the industrial style? It is accessibility and low budget since it embodies the simplicity of things, has the perfect combination of function and form. In addition, this style in the interior is also comfortable, attractive, and original.

Industrial Style Interior Design Overview with Photos. Dark wooden finished space of the home office

As mentioned above, a distinctive feature of the industrial style is minimalism and the absence of excessive decor, this also applies to furniture: no trinkets and curls, only clean, clear lines.

Industrial Style Interior Design Overview with Photos. Hi-tech touch of the house with airy concrete stairwayIndustrial Style Interior Design Overview with Photos. Transparent sliding door for urban casual living space

Parts from the garage or items from the flea market are perfect. Think of a completely different application for things. For example, a wooden box can turn into an excellent table or stool, a stepladder can become shelves, and so on.

Industrial style is usually divided into natural and artificial:

Natural Industrial Style

It is created in the industrial zone, utilizing many of the attributes that were in the building before the renovation: walls, windows, floors, beams, and ceilings, stairs, elements of machinery and equipment – hoods, pipes, ventilation.

Artificial Industrial Style

This kind of style can be created in any room, up to an ordinary apartment. All attributes inherent in the industrial style are created artificially: decorative bricks are laid or special wallpaper “à la concrete” is applied, characteristics for industrial buildings accessories are selected.

And now we propose to dwell on the main characteristic features of the industrial style.

Industrial Interior Design Style: Description and Photos. Typical large working premises turned into cozy living place

Large Areas and Spaces

Since the industrial style is created on the area of industrial buildings, the necessary space for its creation in residential premises should be corresponding: starting from 100-200m² (more than 2000 square feet). High ceilings, huge windows, ceiling beams, or pipes of different diameters are indispensable attributes of industrial style. The industrial style looks especially successful in rooms of the loft, which fully meets the concept of this style.

When carrying out renovation in the old room, the main thing is not to overdo the eradication of the house’s initial elements. It is important to leave carelessness and manufacturability outside, that is, do not hide the flaws in repairing too deeply under the new paint, but to retain the communications and frayed walls.

Industrial Interior Design Style: Description and Photos. Collage of successful interiors with different color palette


Aged wood, metal with traces of rust or patina, and concrete are the main components of this style. The feature of metal in industrial style is the lack of metallic luster, it should be matte.

If you get a building with a large number of ventilation pipes and shafts, do not dismantle them in no case. Beams, pipes, metal frames of furniture – all this will be very appropriate looking and in a renovated room too. As well as the old doors and windows, the remains of equipment will fit.

Industrial Interior Design Style: Description and Photos. Different spaces in whiteIndustrial Interior Design Style: Description and Photos. Open layout space with interior column and different zones in gray color

Color Palette

The palette corresponds to the factory premises – gray, white, red, beige, black, khaki, dirty blue. Consider any of these colors as a background for the interior and then add color accents in a small amount. Do not get too involved in bright accents, after all, this is a place with a “harsh” industrial past and it is important to remember this.

A very good idea will be to use one color throughout the interior, but only arrange it in different shades and use it for everything – the walls are lighter, the floor is slightly darker, the furniture is even brighter, and combine different shades with each other in the decor. This idea is well suited for the gray, beige, brownish palette. And the whole space will play like a watercolor painting.

In addition, the borders will be supported by different textures: smooth and rough concrete, the metal of different degrees of gloss, untreated and smooth wood.

Industrial Interior Design Style: Description and Photos. Large casement windows in and gray color scheme for different kitchens

Big Windows

Huge windows are an integral part of the industrial style. Through them, a lot of light breaks through, which is literally floods the whole room on sunny days. Skylights from a roof or the big roof windows will be well inscribed in the industrial premise. Window frames are better to be wooden, aged, or aluminum, also aged.

Curtains on the windows, as a rule, are absent, or the choice falls on simple, light, and natural materials of light colors.

Industrial Interior Design Style: Description and Photos. Large and also light living spaces

Decor in the Industrial Style

Graffiti on the walls, the remains of billboards and advertising boards, posters, signs, and remains from installations and art objects will perfectly fit into the industrial style. It is important to remember that the decor should be humble – just a few pictures, a couple of sculptures, and photographs on a monochrome background because the concept of industrial style is closely related to minimalism.

You can decorate the brickwork with different shades of brown, draw something directly on the wall, add applications, and make a frame for a mirror or a picture. The industrial style is foremost valuable with giving huge scope for creativity at low cost.

Light decorated industrial styled rooms with large suspended lamps

Industrial Style Furniture

As furniture, it is worth choosing something simple. The upholstery should be monochromatic, neutral in color, made of natural materials. Frills, small patterns, and other similar details of decoration will not suit you. All this does not apply to the industrial style.

Blue armchair as an accent of the living zone of the industrial styled apartment with aged ceoncrete ceiling and panoramic windows Orange accent for apparently industrial room with fluffy rug at the living zone Large zone living zone with yellow chairs, Tv-set and decorated with brickwork Gray ceiling and walls to emphasize living zone and dark floor woden headboard and platform bed with storage compartments aside for large bedroom with angular panoramic window

Industrial Style Bedroom

Of course, no one forces you to choose dark “manufacture” tones for decorating your home in an industrial style. You can dilute it with something colored and interesting. So, for example, the entire bedroom can be designed in this style, but put the bright, juicy bedspread on the bed and decorate it all with colorful decorative pillows and a colorful picture. And you will get a unique interior of your room, which will always give an excellent mood.

Chocolate colored toilet zone in the large industrial bathroom

Another option for an industrial bedroom is a “minimal accent”, that is, place only 2 – 3 accents in the whole room. Of course, in the Industrial style and your room will become extremely cozy and comfortable. Such accents can be a brick wall, black glass cabinet doors, and a white bed. You can dilute this minimalism with a picture having an interesting (urbanistic) image.

LED lit brickwork wall with picture decoration

Industrial Style Kitchen

As for the design of the kitchen in an industrial style, the wood looks perfect in alliance with the brick. The wood itself always looks beautiful, natural, noble, and very comfortable. And the brickwork, which gives the interior the necessary industrial features, is also practical. Designers also use built-in wardrobes and a refrigerator to achieve style completeness, reflecting a minimalist concept.

Black frame glass ceiling over the wooden trimmed industrial kitchen

Industrial Style Bathroom

The bathroom is no exception to the design of the living space in an industrial style. Everything here should also be simple, harmonious, and without frills. Brickwork is perfect for decorating a wall; it looks beautiful and natural. By using glass partitions, you will achieve the desired result, as this creates the effect of simplicity, which is the main thing in an industrial interior.

Glass delimited shower zone and open brickwork wall for industrial bathroom

Lots of people have recently loved the industrial style. It fills the house with order, comfort, and functionality.

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