Loft Interior Design Style

Loft interior design style, you can either love it or not, but to treat it with indifference is impossible for sure. Loft in apartment interior is quite popular today and usually chosen by the following people:

  • The owners of free-layout apartments prefer Loft as interior design style: spacious rooms and high ceilings make it possible to fully reveal the beauty of this style.
  • Young people prefer loft interior to others largely due to the fact that it emphasizes individuality and, at least, it looks interesting and nontrivially.
  • Creative people: loft apartment or salon is ideal for exhibitions of artists, architects various presentations.
  • Thrifty people: loft design assumes the minimum cost of finishing materials. In addition, expensive furniture in the interior is optional.

The Interior of a loft-style apartment also will be appreciated by the dynamic and confident personality: it never better reflects the rhythm of modern city life.

Article contents:

To “perceive” the original style, you need to know the history of its occurrence.

History of Loft Interior Design Style Appearance

Originally «loft» means the attic. In the forties of the last century in association with the rising land prices, the New York factories and workshops had to move from the city center to the suburbs. The freed areas, predominantly lofts in Manhattan, began to be occupied by artists: they were attracted by low rental prices of premises as well as their own functional characteristics (good lighting, high ceilings). Here they have held exhibitions, equipped studios, in a word – they had been creating.

By the ’50s, loft apartments have become very popular and “received the status of” gentrification: the intelligentsia and the elite: successful lawyers and financiers began to rent large rooms in the historic center of the city, which were no longer affordable to the young artists.

Loft Features  in the Interior

As a rule, the loft project does not involve the separation of premises for the rooms, creating only the various zones using furniture, screens, mobile and stationary partitions, lighting, and other visual zoning techniques.

Classic Loft zoning example in a luxurious apartment

Traditionally, a loft apartment or house is a large area and a maximum free space, the use of contrasting materials together, textures and colors, exposed utilities, and high ceilings.

  • The basic finishing materials used in this style are brick, concrete, wood, glass, and steel.
  • The color scheme of the interior, generally, is sustained in soft colors with a few touches of different colors (bright accents look spectacular on the dim background).

Recognizable loft interior is a large room with brick, painted or rough plastered walls, floors of natural boards, modern appliances, and a minimal amount of furniture.

Interior Loft Design in a Residential Area

Many people believe that the Loft is for a large, detached house and that it is impossible to recreate this style in the apartment. It should be noted that to realize a loft-style interior in a small apartment is quite possible, but it is important to order the design from a professional interior designer.

Many of the inherent features of this style have been used in furnishing for a long time: decorative beams, combined bedroom with living room, kitchen, living room, brickwork. Agree, all of these examples can be found in many model homes. Moreover, the loft-style will help you to enlarge visually the space of the room.

Rough texture and used as furnishing raw materials bring to the interior in the loft-style special “factory” atmosphere and wallpaper dark and saturated colors set the bohemian mood. This amazing combination of seemingly incompatible materials allows you to create an interesting and original design of any room.

Order design of the apartment or home-style Loft means to achieve an original, bright, spacious, and a few simple premises, bordering with hidden glamour and luxury.

Loft – it is the spirit of creativity and freedom, unlimited space for self-expression, and rejection of the accepted norms. In other words, Loft – it’s a lifestyle.

Kitchen in Loft

  • The loft kitchen is usually combined with a living room or dining room, from which it`s “separated” by visual techniques: change of materials, color schemes, bar.
  • Bare brick walls or simply plastered walls are the perfect backdrops for stylish modern kitchen appliances and some rarity sink and refrigerator of the last century.
  • The loft is tech style, that`s why it is not worth to “mask” kitchen equipment. The technique of steel color is preferred to use.
  • The form of kitchen units is selected based on the zoning techniques used: it may be linear, angular, or island scheme, but preference should be given to headsets with clear shapes and clean lines, simple and functional.

Loft style kitchen interior has defined functional zones that can be highlighted using various zoning techniques:

  1. The dining area can be identified with the help of lighting: excellent for this purpose cope with long suspension lamps (if the ceiling height). Also, if the ceilings in the kitchen are low, you can use the built-in lights.
  2. You can separate the kitchen from the living room using different flooring: ceramic tiles can be used in the kitchen, and wood in the living.
  3. In the work area of the kitchen you can distinguish the apron: uses plastic, ceramic tiles, decorative brick, metal, or glass for it. Alternatively, you can layout small backsplash with a monochrome mosaic on the wall.

Bathroom in Loft

  • The loft-style interior design of the bathroom supposes a complete lack of partitions. Even the shower can be opened from all sides.
  • To zone spacious room of bathroom you can and you should: it is desirable to use color and light techniques, different materials and finishes of walls.
  • A loft-style bathroom may be the room in which, for example, the most fashionable steel tiles and plumbing are combined with rusty pipes.
  • In the spacious bathroom, to increase its comfort, you can arrange the furniture: it can be rarity furniture or modern furnishings, but more importantly, they should be blended with all elements of the interior.

Snow white Loft bathroom with original forms of shower taps Real Lost bathroom interior full of glass and contrsting decorative elements and colors

Living in Style of Loft

  • Loft living room implies the mandatory presence of a factory atmosphere of the past, strictly opened layout.
  • Loft style living “reveals” by uncovered pipes or beams, the ventilation system.
  • The color scheme of the interior depends on the personal preferences of the owner: it can be bright colors (red, green, blue, cyan) or juicy accents against a quiet background. Some owners prefer to decorate the living room in gray, white, or beige colors; monochrome, and combined finishing.

To order room design in loft style means to have the opportunity for beautiful and stylishly draw any room, choose a non-standard color scheme and furniture.

Scandinavian notes in the Loft wooden and textile interior White Loft living room interior for romantic souls

Loft-style Bedroom

  • Loft bedroom involves the use of simple and functional furniture.
  • The bedroom, as an intimate space, can be separated from the rest of the space by a screen or opaque partition.
  • The bed, made in a minimalist style, will perfectly fit the Loft bedroom. In addition, it may include drawers: decorating interior in the loft-style you should avoid cabinets. If you can not do without a cabinet, it is better to use the built-in entire-wall cabinet, merging with the general background of the room.

The design of the apartment in loft style is an amazing combination of old and trendy, past and present. Loft design apartments are a true design artwork and a unique opportunity to express yourself.

High ceiling in the Loft bedroom of New-York apartment with minimum of furniture and floor-placed mirror Wide window in the Loft bedroom located right next to the bed and pendant lights

Loft Style Furniture

Loft-style houses, like apartments, should be minimally furnished – this is one of the most important rules of design in this style. While the furniture should not be necessarily located near the walls. You can use built-in cabinets or shelving with open shelves.

Loft furniture may be vintage or modern, but simple forms are preferred. Traditionally, furniture in this style is made of plastic, wood, steel, leather, and aluminum (in the furniture finishing using inlays from plastic and chrome or metal is encouraged).

To the Loft, furniture can be attributed: long transformable sofas, open chrome shelving, mobile dressings as a metal hanger on wheels, folding chairs, chairs with castors.

Key points: straight and simple seats, respective furniture decor. Everything should be functional and concise. For example: by sewing together linen or cotton covers for furniture with lots of jeans pockets and different applications, you can greatly change the already existing furniture.

Modern furniture in a minimalist style is perfect for Loft-style studio or apartment furnishing. Air, vast, open space – that is what Loft tends to and it is important to remember when choosing furniture, interior design.

It is worth noting that the modern audio-video gadgets in the interior, designed according to style canons, can play an important role.

Loft interior of the living room with original safe fireplace and turquoise furniture Original way to furnish the Loft living room in the apartment

Accessories and Decor in the Loft Interior

Loft style accessories are very original: advertising signs and traffic signs, street plates, and house numbers. You can order a graffiti painting of walls.

Also, as an option, you can order a cheap canvas painting for your Loft interior. It is desirable to be an abstraction. The picture frame can be a massive and expensive vintage frame or a simple modern one. It is not necessary to hang it: ​​paintings, arranged along the wall, also have an interesting look.

You can also meet inherent to other styles objects in the Loft interior: Chinese vases, accessories in ethnic styles. The New York Loft interior is textiles with a simulated Dalmatian or zebra coat.

Loft interior arrangement and modern furniture decoration with piquant details very primal design in the Loft living room of stone wall brickwork and unique accessories and furniture

Loft Apartment Real-Life Examples in Different Styles

Loft Japanese Apartment

Spacious room with large windows contains all the functional areas of the dwelling. Only the bathroom is a separate room, and the bedroom is separated by the screen in the form of storage.

Bathroom is united with WC in the loft style

The studio apartments, no matter what style they are built of, the kitchen, dining, and living area are often exposed to unification – free layout allows you to put all the segments of life while keeping the feeling of space, provide free passage and light atmosphere of the room.

The overview prospective look to the modern loft Japanese design

The living room is situated on a relatively elevated space – a low wooden platform helps to zone the premise. In the daytime, space sank in natural light thanks to large window opening. For the dark part of the day, a system of small lamps fixed to the ceiling is provided. These and other engineering parts are not hidden behind the paneling, but deliberately flaunting as part of industrial aesthetics.

Real Japanese Studio Apartment Loft Design with the lifted up living zone

it is important to strike a balance between the amount of furniture and decor in the studio apartment. To save enough space, but do not sacrifice personal comfort at the same time. The living area in this regard is close to minimalism – a low sofa without arms, a coffee table, and a video zone is the entire segment of the leisure environment.

Hammock and sofa before the bed is a nice design idea for modern apartments

A hammock suspended between the seating area and a large black storage system has become an original feature. For someone, this may seem like a piece of design decoration, for others its main function is important, but one thing is clear – the hammock dilutes the Industrial area, introduces an element of home comfort, relaxation and rest.

Hammock in the loft apartment for the rest of wo

Storage of the cabinets with matted black facades and shutters are the boundaries of a small cubbyhole space where the bed is equipped. Even living together everyone needs some privacy in the placing of bed to sleep and rest.

Roman blinds - European element in the Oriental apartment

On the black matte surface of roomy storage you can leave notes to each other, lists the products, and simply nice expressions. The plane can be easily cleaned with a damp sponge. The dining segment is adjacent to this area. The dining group consisted of two consoles that due to a location next to each other are constructing quite a roomy table for long meals and entertaining. Plastic rocking chairs complete the unconventional image of the functional segment.

Black storage surfaces for the chalkwritingin the real Japanese home

The kitchen space is more or less traditional: single-row layout kitchen units and a large island. The peculiarity of this room is that almost all of the surfaces of the furniture made of stainless steel, without excluding appliances and kitchen accessories.

Loft kitchen premise as if it is in the restaurant

The open shelves are used instead of top-tier cupboards. This greatly facilitated the kitchen area environment, gave it greater ease, light, and space.

Light storage and minimum of appliance at the loft kitchen

Another ensemble of a rather narrow set of open shelves is located in a space near the kitchen island. In such areas, we should not neglect any opportunity of storage arrangement, even if their role is largely decorative.

Functional appliances and kitchen parts can be met in all rooms of the loft apartment

German Loft Apartment

In the premises, drawn up in a loft-style, often there are no partitions and walls between different zones. In the case of this German apartment, all rooms are separated, many equipped with interior doors. But doorways are so wide, decorated with inlays of frosted glass, making them airy that space doesn`t look fenced, air flows freely goes from room to room and creates the effect of a large space. The living room is the passage to two other rooms – the dining room and kitchen. Let’s look first at the original dining room and examine it carefully.

Loft German Apartment Interior Decorating Ideas. Unusual wall painting and overall interior loft design in eclectic style

The dining room is decorated fairly contrasting – dark walls go perfectly with white decorated doorways and a ceiling with golden cornice is shining thanks to lights. Flooring is continued by living room decoration – light wood parquet.

Dining room in the loft German apartment with unusual dark painting of the wall

The dining group is represented by a capacious rectangular table made of wood and chairs with upholstered seats, decorated in shades of gray.

Dining room table with noble wine on the white wooden table in Loft style apartment interior

Another way out of the living room leads to the kitchen area. Despite the impressive space of the premises, the household who are in the kitchen, able to communicate with those who are located in the living room, the parameters of the impressive doorway provide such an opportunity.

Prospective to the loft German apartment kitchen through the entrance with navy blue walls

The kitchen impresses with its extent of no less than the other rooms. The decoration of utilitarian space was dividing into the walls, painted in white tone and masonry as a way to design vertical surfaces.

Unusual mix of modern colorful bold styles in the German apartment interior design

Using a brick wall as decoration of kitchen splashback may be practical, and not only the original way of finishing, if to process the surface with an additional layer of waterproof antiseptic and protective lacquer.

Brickwork instead of splashback is not very practically but very spectacular

This spacious room was a place for the impressive size of corner layout kitchen units. The combination of yellow and gray facade shades of the kitchen cupboards creates not only a variety of color palettes in the kitchen but also shapes the character of the room. The bigger part of the kitchen center occupies a spacious island with integrated appliances and storage systems.

Island kitchen set under the chic structured gold lampshade

On one side of the kitchen island was erected a special rack and put a bar stools of the original design for the organization of space for breakfast and other fast meals.

Gold and yellow colors in the kitchen decoration unconsciously made it feel rich and chic

Using wood surfaces with minimal processing allows you to add the warmth of home comfort, so necessary for a spacious room with the elements in the industrial finishing. Rounding out the image of a bright and original kitchen a large hanging chandelier, made in the constructivist style. Its interior design echoes with the shades of kitchen units.

Island form of the kitchen set and brickwork as the decoration idea in the loft German apartment

Instead of the usual double doors to kitchen facilities, decorated in the style of a loft, a design decision was made about setting the simulation of the wooden gates, which are mounted on heavy metal rods, like the street design. This unusual and even daring touch in modern interior added personality, zest of the loft German apartment interior decorating ideas.

Main bedroom design in the loft apartment in Germany can`t be boring with so bright color palette

Then we move into the private rooms of the owners and will visit the master bedroom first. Its method of furniture decorating somewhat departs from the traditional style of loft design solutions. An original way to design the walls of the bedroom was a combination of brick masonry with wallpaper, copper embossed of which is exactly the same as some shades of brick. The resulting harmonious alliance looks like it was specially created for the presence in a common room for sleep and rest. On the brick wall background, bright artwork looks great. Together with a colorful bright lemon-colored chair, it has been diluted the gray-ocher bedroom palette.

bedrom loft design with small work or study zone with bright decoration and upholstered furniture

The original design of space around the bed to create a whole ensemble, which is not only pleasant to relax, but you can comfortably work at a laptop with a cup of coffee. Through the use of common materials execution of all elements of the sleeping area, the whole ensemble looks not just as a whole, but as a complex first of all, which parts cannot be imagined without one another.

Second bedroom in German loft apartment with huge cabinet-locker

Bedroom storage is presented in the form of a roomy, four-door cabinet with a niche in the center of the structure. With such a massive piece of furniture, the need for a separate dressing room is eliminated.

Bathroom design in loft apartment with cominations of colors and materials

Next to the master bedroom, the bathroom is located. It`s made no less eclectic in decoration. On the surfaces of the bathroom, you can find almost all possible options for finishing the room with high humidity – mosaic tiles, masonry, painting, and pasting of water-resistant wallpaper. Of course, the surfaces exposed to the bigger moisture, are lined by a ceramic tile mosaic light shade.

Bathroom interior. Sink design loft ideas

The original design of space around the sink was the highlight of the bathroom interior. And not only in masonry, which has become a way to design a splashback over a sink, not only the mirror but, first of all, the use of specially aged wooden for tabletops execution.

Lounge children`s room with two tiers of bunk bed

Another bedroom is capable to provide a minimum of three teenage children with comfortable beds, located in an interesting two-tier furniture complex, made deliberately of aged wood. Against the background of the bright finish of almost all room surfaces, not only items of furniture but the original decor, designer pendant chandelier are clearly visible.

Study room loft style on German apartments looks austere

Here are the TV-area and a place to study and work. Using the storage system represented by metal lockers with partially peeling paint, have added a unique atmosphere even more creative.

Decorative interior design ideas to arrange the loft style in the apartment

In the space under one of the beds arranged original resting place – a cozy corner where you can sit down to read a book or just chat. Using the white-blue wallpaper with a colorful ornament for decoration of one of the walls, it has brought not only the variety of colors in the cavern environment but also gave it more optimism and positive.

White bathroom theme in the loft apartment

Near the bedroom with a bunk bed there is a bathroom, but with a more modest and neutral finish. For a small asymmetric room, white decoration was the most appropriate option, it was possible to slightly diversify it with the help of ceramic tiles in pastel tones.

Futuristic design of the bathroom in overall loft style

Against the background of the white walls, the original design and the texture of the stone sink and wooden countertops are very clearly distinguished. A mirror with unusual illumination brought an element of futurism into the interior of a modest size bathroom.

Balcony with outside view to the street

Some rooms of this German apartments have access to a spacious balcony, where originality and love for the bright decor items serve the owners of the apartment.

Nice view from the window to the balcony and nature in the cool modern German loft apartment

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