25+ Cute Boho House Style Photos & Bohemian Room Decoration Ideas

As the name of the article suggests, we will review the private houses’ interiors decorated with a rare decoration expression trend called Bohemian style. However, we need to find out what boho interior is and what does Bohemian approach and philosophy. If we will look closer, the boho idea is not strictly the interior decoration style. If we can say, it is more about the personal creative expression of specific artistic mindsets. Having the intrinsic need to challenge the system and do not put yourself up with stereotyped interior styles, you will intuitively try to arrange your private space in Bohemian stylistic. So, if you are ready to unleash your inner rebel while designing the interior, our 25+ cute boho house style photos & bohemian room decoration ideas collection can come in handy for you.


Slanted platform roof and corrugated board trimmed facade of the boho house

Bohemian Living Room Interior

The main relaxing space of your house is the face of the whole living space, and therefore it is a perfect possibility to show your friends and all the guests your true colors. If you are interested in the design of the building, fulfilling it with philosophy, you might look to Zen interior ideas or opt for boho. These are two different interior arrangement philosophies and approaches to interior decoration, having nothing in common though.

Eastern romanticism in light interior of the private house's living room with coloful carpet and lambrequins

At the head of Bohemian stylistic lies the creative origin of the house’s owner and his impulse to turn his or her dwelling into a place that would inspire. That’s nobody can strictly draw the borders of the boho interior. One can see any unusual and outlandish items here intermixed with habitual decorations. As you could see below, the bamboo cornice is the “hello” from Oriental style, but the sunburst mirror is the almost a representative element of the boho living room.

Many DIY decorations and bedding for bright living room

If we speak about design styles that correspond with Bohemian ideology and can be used in combination to achieve boho room, we instantly think about Eco style, Vintage, Rustic and Shabby Chic.

Gorgeous idea to arrange boho atmosphere in light toned living room White eco styled boho room in the private house Private house living room with plenty of natural light and ozen of decorative elements all over the place Small erst zone for the creative person with guitar and swivel leather upholstered sofaSpectacular butterfly collection in the small living room with complex architecture

But of course, the Bohemian interior expands the borders of any style and can appear in the most unpredictable form. Simple cottage interior can be revived with a couple of accents. A few retro items can bestow absolutely unforgettable character to it.

Nice sunroom living in the dessert located cottage with extravagant interior decoration and wooden solid table

The big zone of the living room with an annex that decorated in the form of the sunroom is adroitly decorated with apparently old upholstered furniture, colorful pillows, and two nice silver decorated stands instead of the coffee table.

25+ Cute Boho House Style Photos & Bohemian Room Decoration Ideas. Unusual living room design with the skylight and zebra-rug to inspire creativeness

Pay attention to the color combinations in the creative boho interiors. Anybody can see that boho rooms differ with motley colors. We can’t distinguish ideal or even typical color scheme. The basic commandment is to use as many colors, as possible. But they should harmonize with each other. And with the addition of non-traditional or vintage furniture really unusual interior can be achieved.

Colorful rug in the light beige fininshed hall 25+ Cute Boho House Style Photos & Bohemian Room Decoration Ideas. Yellow base of the wall paint for the decorative iteams and colorful room in common Too much of decorative elements in the two-storey house Persian colorful rug for the modern living room interior

Bohemian Bedroom Trends

Unlike Bohemian living rooms, bedrooms have their specific features of boho realization. First of all, this stylistic is applicable to literally any size of the room. It follows from the fact the main focus is directed to the bed, not the overall room decoration. The bed and headboard, legboard ottoman, or some else element of bedside composition can accomplish the assigned task. The majority of bedrooms tend to Rustic and Retro styles.

Gorgeous dark interior with canopy bed and a fireplace with mantelshelf stuffed with decorative elements25+ Cute Boho House Style Photos & Bohemian Room Decoration Ideas. Eco, Rustic and Scandi mix of styles for unusual atmosphereMassive wooden headboard for the Classic decorated bed in the pronounced boho interiorCreative and homey decorated bed with green color linenSlanted ceiling holding beams in modern interpretation of bohemian interior realizationWooden trimmed headboard with the animal's head above platform bedYellow wall paint background and the ottoman in the form of dog

Boho Dining Room Interior

Usually, the dining room designed in the Bohemian concept is the combined zone in the common space. As a rule, it is combined with a kitchen. However, there are no mandatory rules for placing the dining room in a private house. Opposite, the unusual layout of the floor is more valuable as the boho promotes creativeness. And if designers can combine stairway, skylight, and the vintage cabinet for personal items in one zone – it is a big plus. But not all the floor plans can support such constructional delights.

Spiral Staircase on dark steel carcass in the sunroom living with white decoration and furniture Shabby Chic touch in the suburb interior with Rustic chandelier and colorful chairs  Black metal frame for the storage and black chairs in the kitchen Dining room interior in light color theme

Other Premises Styled in Boho

The review will not be all-embracing without mention of other rooms and utilitarian premises. Bohemian style direction is not only for big functional rooms. It is also relevant for home office and even toilet. Anyway, there are some rooms that will not accept this style or it is extremely difficult to settle boho there. They are laundry, hallway, and kitchen. These are rooms with strict functionality and small scope for exceptional creativity. In addition, you take risks to overdo with boho rooms, styling all your house in this style.

Blue painted wall as a backhround for picture collageUnusual green wall paint and black toilet seat and cistern along with black floor tile in the boho decorated toilet

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