190 Square Feet Living Room Interior Decoration Ideas

The living room is the central room of a house or apartment, where guests are welcomed and the whole family rests in the evening. The living room area of ​​190 square feet living room (18 square meters) is not small. However, it is not enough spacious, so in the process of arrangement, it is necessary to resort to a number of tricks.


Coffee with milk themed living room and the modern styled interior with sunburst decoration at the wall Tremendous light peach and golden space with plenty lighting fixtures Photostory panels at the accent wall Brickwork and charm of minimalistic style in the large sitting room Creative skilfully orange tint to the Modern decorated room

Decoration Materials

Initially, you need to decide on the floor covering. Here, the best option will be a monochrome material with no frills: linoleum, laminate, or parquet with shades of wood. The dark floor is used to provide the depth of the room. However, the floor needs to be diluted with light walls.

White matte surfaces of the walls and artificial fireplace for the modern styled minimalistic living room Successful and flashy shelving in white for the Scandi styled room with glass coffee table 160 Square Feet Living Room Interior Decoration Ideas. Light beige room with angular accent zone

In order to visually increase the room, you can “raise” the ceiling. For this effect, it is necessary that the color performance of the ceiling be one or two shades lighter than the walls.

190 Square Feet Living Room Interior Decoration Ideas. Gray spaced Contemporary styled sitting room with red amnchair

An alternative way to raise ceilings is to use wallpaper with vertical lines and stripes or use a vegetable “looking-up” ornament.

Also, the combination of wall coverings is a very effective and popular option. Thus, one wall can be executed imitating stone or decorated with wallpaper, and the rest should be light-colored.

Bonsai and dark orange curtain

Choosing the Right Color

The living room, the area of ​​which is 190 square feet, should be low-key. The too bright or dark-colored room will quickly begin to irritate and will not cause such aesthetic pleasure. Preferably use light, pastel colors, which predispose to rest and comfort.

Artistic Vintage living room design with green, blue and white mix Large angular sofa with dark base in the gray decorated interior of the living room

A number of optimal color solutions for the design of the living room:

Round carved doors in the spectacular Ethno styled living room Peach curtains and pinl wall decorated modern designed Beige room with pictures and TV-panel

If the room is divided into several functional areas, then you can combine with the color, using both warm and cold colors here. Thus, the dining area can be done in bright colors (yellow, red, gold), but the rest zone can be made in more pleasant tones (green, blue, pastel).

Blue accent wall with perimeter lighting in the pastel colored living

Curtains and Lighting

The organization of lighting must be approached responsibly and very carefully. A large and massive chandelier will not add comfortable sensations. It is better to use spotlights, placing them around the perimeter of the living room. Such lamps are also convenient as they can be placed in any convenient way. For example, you can group them in such a way as to create a feeling of a divided room into several zones.

Angular upholstered sofa with the green rug make the interior style futuristic

The abundance of lighting points does not mean that the room should be deprived of natural light. It must also be present. Heavy structures on the windows will not be appropriate and will shut down the necessary sun rays, which is not entirely correct.

However, leaving the windows completely open is also wrong, because it will attract attention from outside, and the owners of housing will be uncomfortable because it creates the feeling that someone is looking at you. Moreover, few people will want to admire the view of the neighboring house or be distracted by the light of streetlamps at night.

Cute simple design idea for modern wooden cabinet in the living room

There is only one way out of the situation – it is using thin materials, for example, a veil, organza, or tulle. The color should match the walls or be close to them in shade. Blinds or Roman blinds are a good thing. However, they can attract unnecessary attention to themselves, which means distracting from the overall picture of the room.

Kitchen and dining zones in the common Casual style living room Pastel colors and vault standing lamp in the modern apartment Modern light glossy sirfaced furniture set in the modern living

Furnishing Living Room

It is possible to work through the design of the room for a long time, to make it almost ideal, but to pick up the wrong furniture means spoil everything. The living room, an area of ​​190 square feet should be functional, without any excesses or piles.

Common Modern styled living room with different zones Pastel colored livinf room with upholstered sofa and tons of lighting fixtures

The modern market is very rich, so you can use the right design furniture, which is distinguished by its compactness and sophistication.

Furniture that should be placed in the living room:

  • It is best to buy a corner sofa, place it in the far corner of the exit.
  • A neat coffee table for tea drinking.
  • It is able to replace the overall “walls” and cabinets. It is characterized by its practicality and original appearance.

Red sofa for simply decorated interior of the living Orange curtians and accent wall in addition to unusual framed armchair make interior flashy Cozy Shabby Chic interior style with vintage touch

In general, of course, it should be said that it is impossible to give general recommendations to everyone at once, because everything depends on the individual case, the form of the room, the taste of the owner. That is why the design of the room promises to be original and unrepeatable. The main condition for the design of such a living room: functionality, no furniture excess, the free central area of ​​the room. Preferably, the furniture was located around the perimeter of the room, except that you can use space not only along its horizontal but also the vertical, applying additional levels.

Storage shelving and TV zone at the front wall of the modern pastel colored room Black and white incredible intermixing in futuristic styled living room Perimeter lighting and large corner sofa in the center Eco Scandinavian style with light wooden table and floor under the dark carpet

Decor in 190 Square Feet Living Room Interior

The living room is an excellent place for a rich décor. It is possible to arrange various figures, family photos, gifts or souvenirs, certificates, and medals for various achievements. The living room is a room for demonstrating the success of each member of the family in particular and the residents of the apartment/house as a whole. However, you need to know the measure. Making a museum exposition out of the living room will be wrong and inappropriate.

Retro styled light lit living room with simple wooden furniture 160 Square Feet Living Room Interior Decoration Ideas. Semicircle designed sofa for entertaining zone

The abundant decor will not create a style but only hide it. So you do not need to use carpets, forged candlesticks and similar decorations here.

You need to think over the rest area. The living room must have in its arsenal a TV set opposite the sofa. If you want to protect against excess technology, it can be replaced by a fireplace or an aquarium.

Circle common style decorated chimney in the large living with gorgeous top LED lighting

Ideal styles for the design of the living room: Japanese, Scandinavian and, of course, minimalism. These are exotic, functional and thoughtful styles that allow creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere for the family and its guests. Each of these styles is based on the use of light tones in the design of the room, translucent and light materials. Wooden materials are especially strongly welcomed here, in particular its light shades.

White designed Retro living room Light successful and cozy room with open ceiling beam and yellow sofa

A bright room always seems spacious and contributes to relaxation, so the use of mirrors, transparent partitions and closet will always be interesting and appropriate.

Sofa with separated seats and the dining room for open space layout room

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