Narrow Kitchen Design Features and Modern Decoration Solutions

Narrow kitchens can mainly be found in the resale properties. However, even new buildings are sometimes distinguished by such a solution. Of course, often they are quite confined, but according to designers, you can make a modern functional design even in a small space. You will learn about the features of narrow kitchen design, options for its arrangement, modern decoration methods, and much more right now.


  1. Design features of a narrow kitchen
  2. Narrow kitchen: design with a sofa
  3. Design of a narrow kitchen with a window
  4. Design of a narrow kitchen with a balcony
  5. Small narrow kitchen

Narrow Kitchen Design Features and Modern Decoration Solutions. Classy white interior with colorful carpet

Design Features of Narrow Kitchen

The narrow kitchen is not to be confused with galley kitchen about which you can read in the separate article.

Before proceeding with the selection of furniture and the design of this room, it is extremely important to understand its features. Interior designers note that the light or pastel colors will be the most optimal for the kitchen walls. Cream, milk, and peach shades are also suitable. They look neutral and do not attract too much attention. As for furniture, we recommend that you look at the light facades. This is a neutral solution, thanks to which you can experiment with accessories in the kitchen from time to time and thereby change its color scheme. In addition, combined furniture options look great. They suggest that the lower part is made in a dark or bright shade. While the upper part is predominantly light.

Narrow Kitchen Design Features and Modern Decoration Solutions. Mosaic tile at the cooking zone

A particularly important role in the design of a kitchen is played by flooring. Due to the styling and color scheme, it can visually expand the room. For example, the dark color of the floor makes it higher, and the light one – longer. And it doesn’t matter at all which particular coating option to purchase. It is recommended to lay the tiles diagonally, and the laminate perpendicular to the long wall of the kitchen.

In turn, the ceiling is better to be light. Thus, the room will seem more spacious and high. Quite often, glossy stretch ceilings are used for this purpose. If the kitchen has sufficiently high ceilings, then you can safely decorate them with canvases with various patterns to your liking.

Designing of the narrow kitchen is not the hardest thing ever, but it’s not a routine either. And if after this starting points you’re about to scream “write my essay for me cheap“, you’ll probably need a pro designer to help you out with your narrow kitchen.

Narrow Kitchen Design Features and Modern Decoration Solutions. Nice mustard colored furniture facades

Narrow Kitchen: Design with a Sofa

In a narrow kitchen, a small sofa is often installed to create additional seats. It does not take up much space, but at the same time saves a little area. Basically, it is placed at the window to visually highlight the dining area. Therefore, pay attention to the fact that the color scheme should correspond to the palette of the table and kitchen set. Indeed, in a small room, it is especially important that everything looks harmonious.

Here’s the time when you should review the result and see whether everything goes well. Reviews help us to gauge the final as well as an intermediate result. You’ll probably want to use social proof through different online services before you starting over. See more reviews regarding writing and essays at myassignmenthelp or paperhelp review.

Narrow Kitchen Design Features and Modern Decoration Solutions. Beige walls

Narrow Kitchen Design with a Window

The only source of natural light in the kitchen is the window. Therefore, in a narrow kitchen, it should be used to the maximum. It is best if the curtains are translucent and as short as possible. This will provide the greatest amount of sunlight. If you plan to install blinds, then choose light shades for them. Remember that curtains and drapes that are too thick are taboo for the kitchen.

By the way, it is often at the window that the dining area is equipped. It includes a dining table, as well as chairs or a small sofa. It all depends on the parameters of the room. To properly zone the kitchen, we recommend using lighting. Spotlights along the working areas on the ceiling are a must. They provide comfort while cooking. Also, if desired, you can arrange a beautiful curly chandelier in the center. It will complement the overall style of the kitchen.

Narrow Kitchen Design Features and Modern Decoration Solutions. Cocoa with milk color scheme in the room

In some cases, the working area is transferred for convenience. For example, if you place it along the wall, then the entire room will be used more rationally. In case you are planning a redevelopment, you can place the sink by the window, especially if it has a good view according to expertwriting. When renovating, follow your preferences.

Narrow Kitchen Design Features and Modern Decoration Solutions. Modern atmosphere with classic lamniated floor

Narrow Kitchen Design with Balcony

Perhaps the real find in the kitchen is the presence of a balcony. That is the union of the kitchen with a balcony without a door with a window. Thanks to this solution, the room becomes much larger. Moreover, you can organize a full-fledged dining area on the balcony, and the kitchen will be much more spacious.

Great dark limated floor for white colored kitchen with glossy facades

Small Narrow Kitchen

Undoubtedly, the narrow kitchen is quite difficult to arrange by itself. But if it is also too small, then it is worth making out with the participation of the designer. The simplest solution in this case is the organization of the dining area in the next room. Of course, not every apartment will allow you to do that. Therefore, if you have a balcony, you can organize a dining room on it, but at the same time combine the kitchen with it. It is also possible to expand the space due to the corridor. In any case, an individual solution is suitable for each kitchen.

If such drastic changes are not expected, then you can make a narrow kitchen set according to your design. This will significantly save space. As for cooking, you can purchase a narrower gas or electric stove. This option is ideal for families in which family members do not spend too much time in the kitchen.

Ultramodern designed narrow kitchen with color mix

Upper cabinets are also optional. Fans of minimalism often make open shelves of small size. They are suitable for storing dishes, glasses, and cups that are needed every day. In turn, pans and appliances will fit in the bottom of the furniture set. Another functional subject may be a windowsill. It is often converted into a bar counter or folding table. This option is suitable for a small family.

Well, the main rule is the lack of clutter. On working surfaces, there should be an ideal order with a minimum number of objects. It is much better to use a thematic panel, picture, or poster as an accent.

Metro tile for backsplash and white overall scheme of the kitchen design

Despite the complexity of arranging a narrow kitchen, it can look perfect and be as functional as possible. In this case, the main thing is to think outside the box, apply modern solutions, and not be afraid of the new. Only in this case, the design will please you for many years.

Large window with the sleeper and French balcony behind Loft touch in the small narrow kitchen with open brickwork and rough treated hardwood floor Ultramoderm design in white for the narrow kitchen with rainbow colored floor Countryside style kitchen for log-cabin cottage Modern kitchen design with black and white color combination Classic narrow kitchen is profitably emphasized with carpet White creamy classic narrow kitchen design Successful color combination for red, black white narrow kitchen design

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