Kitchen Curtains Design Photos, Types, and DIY Advice

Not everyone likes to have a renovation in the house as it is quite dusty work. But the interior decoration is much more interesting, especially when it comes to our own homes. One of the very interesting activities is the arranging of the kitchen area with curtains. They not only decorate it but also create a special atmosphere of comfort, improve mood and appetite. We are representing kitchen curtains design photos, types, and DIY advice of curtains for the kitchen in this article.


Kitchen Curtains Design Photos, Types and DIY Advice. Fresh Rustic style checkered cotton curtains

The Requirements That are Put Forward to the Kitchen Curtains

  • Interior integrity must be observed even in the smallest detail. Curtain design for the kitchen to be uniform with the interior space. Otherwise, it will not have the desired look and the kitchen will be in the form of modular construction;
  • To emphasize the stylistic unity of the entire kitchen, you should do the following: napkins and upholstery can be made from the same cloth material as the curtain;
  • The overall dimensions and location of kitchen windows are of particular importance. If the kitchen is small, then it is not desirable to use bright colors in the design. Also, do not use voluminous pictures and drapery. In this case, it is best to hang a curtain of translucent material on the window, which will pass natural light to the room. If the size of the kitchen allows, then you can take more daring options of decoration, with bright colors and patterns;
  • The way of opening the window and their shape also play a significant role in the choice of curtains. It is not recommended to locate any appliances near the curtains. This is due to the fact that you can dirty the curtain during exploitation. It also may ignite. As a result, it will lose its appeal or should be thrown away. You should take this into account if the window sill is used as a work area while selecting curtains. After all, not every curtains’ type can be hung there;
  • It is necessary to take into account the practical side of the use of curtains. Even in those cases when the kitchen is equipped with a good extractor, the curtains will still be exposed to falling of fat particles, moisture droplets, and soot. The material for the curtains should be such that you could easily wash off grease and dirt. It should not lose its shape when washing. Curtains should also be hung easily back.

Kitchen Curtains Design Photos, Types and DIY Advice. Good looking type with the folds

Curtains Options for the Kitchen

Roller and Roman Curtains

They can be mounted on the wall, as in the window casement. It is possible to regulate its height. Moreover, you can close them even when the windows are open. This is a perfect option for a small kitchen. You can also use different kinds of curtains with them.

Roller Curtain Types

Mini blinds. This type is characterized by lightweight construction. It installs on each window pane individually, with the use of adhesive tape. The axis of this construction has is of miniature size, and brackets are even less. Magnets or fishing lines are usually used for directing. These blinds are easy to install and to remove. And fasteners do not leave any marks on the window frame.

Nice mini blinds in the bright hi-tech kitchen interior

Cassette. This type of curtains is fixed very tightly on the frame of the window. This is through the mounting brackets and screws. Curtains are located in a special box in the folded state. Side curtain fastening comes with the vertical guides mounted on the glazing beads. It is important that the color of curtains, boxes, and guides should be similar. Blinds of this type look elegant and beautiful. Also, they do not sag as they are pressed tightly against the glass. This type of roller curtains is the most popular among buyers.

Kitchen Curtains Design Photos, Types and DIY Advice. Cassette mechanism of the top fasteningRoller blinds for the kitchen of modern hi-tech styles

Roller blinds. They are presented in the form of horizontal panels. They are made from various materials, such as bamboo, plastic, aluminum has the ability to be wound on the shaft.

Roller blinds for the kitchen

Japanese Curtains

Have a shape of rectangular canvases. They are fixed on the aluminum profile and they move like sliding doors in it. There is used a plank at the bottom of the construction, they serve to maintain the shape.

Kitchen Curtains Design Photos, Types and DIY Advice. Japanese curtains

Photo French and Austrian Curtains

These blinds will transform your kitchen into a corner of elegance with drops of romance. They have lush drapery. It is very beautiful but not practical. You`ll constantly need to pull out the dust accumulating between the draping. The kitchen will look more solemn and cozy. It is very hard to reproduce French curtains by your hand. In addition, they require a lot of fabric, which is not cheap. The best way to fix these curtains is eyelets, drawstrings, Velcro, etc. You can remove curtains easily enough with such fixtures and at the same time without affecting the drapes. French curtains are a good option for a kitchen that has been arranged in these styles: classical, Baroque, and Art Nouveau. If to string up a little bit, the kitchen in Country or Provence style will look very interesting too. In that case, you need to have the curtains made of a light fabric. You can also safely use tulle. But, also keep a check on things like should curtains touch the floor or not. Curtains made of calico or linen fabrics can be used as a supplement. This type of curtains is absolutely unsuitable for kitchens in the style of hi-tech and small kitchens. It is better to use a harmonic color, without contrast.

Charming patterned Country style curtains with French tulle

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Kitchen Curtains Design Photos, Types and DIY Advice. French or Austrian tradition

How to Make DIY French Curtains

  • in the process of calculation of material required for the entire curtain, please note that folds and festoons will take a lot;
  • The step size between guides within 25 to 45 minutes. Make the tucks there;
  • After darts are laid on the upper edge, it is necessary to sew the mounting braid in the inner part of the curtains. This should be done along with the guidelines;
  • Those you need to decorate the outside that places accommodating fastening tape;
  • You need to fix the weights and decorative elements at the end of the braid. Thus the edge of the curtains will hang beautifully.

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