Child’s Room Desks for Studies. Plenty of Design Ideas

Even some 25-30 years ago the presence of a separate desk for the student symbolized the high status of a particular family. Due to the complexities of living in small apartments, many children had to do their homework at the kitchen table. Living conditions have improved our days and furniture stores can propose wide range of child’s room desks for studies. Plenty of design ideas, various modifications (including the options for children’s rooms) can compliment the inidividual style and atmosphere of the room. And the cost of this essential piece of furniture varies in a large range too.

A little girlish tender atmosphere in the children's room with turquoise wall inlays Modern library for the real young bookworm Cozy personal nook for the schoolboy

If your family has the schoolboy, the organization of convenient, safe for health, practical and attractive workplace is becoming one of the most important priorities. The organization of a segment for studies and work is perhaps the most important thing of the design of the child’s room after the arrangement of a comfortable bed. If you want your child to have good posture, do not get tired during long training and preparation of homework, do not fall asleep at his desk and do not perceive his workplace as a reference to hard labor, it is important to not only consider his own ideas about the ergonomics of furniture, but also allow the student to participate in the selection of furniture for her room.

Creative interior design for the boys room with painted blue walls and furnished in modern style Turquoise intimace in the nicely designed kids' room

Determining the size and configuration of the desk

It is obvious that a small table where preschooler was engaged in creative work or just playing some time ago has lost its relevance. The child could just physically “grow” out of his children’s furniture. To organize convenient place for studying and once to get a child accustomed to certain duties, it is necessary to create the conditions that will be appropriate to the age and growth of the schooler and his or her needs.

Unique creative desig idea for the children's room White room for the young schoolboy with low multifunctional bed at the window

In general sale there are many models of furniture for the organization of working space that can “grow” with the child. Tables and chairs come with stands height regulation (table top and seat raised to a suitable height for the child’s). Chairs also designed with controllable height of the backrest position. Such furniture set can be purchased even for a preschooler and eventually only to adjust the position of the younger child at his desk. But even this furniture will not be able to provide an organization of a working segment for a child from the first grade and to the graduation. Change of furniture for a teenager is inevitable.

Orange stool for the creative young student Orange stool in the bright contrasting interior Tender mix of the colors for the small but omnifunctional room

Experts recommend not to organize a workplace for the schoolboy at a computer desk. First, the child can constantly be distracted by the computer and forget the lessons (despite the fact that many homework tasks involve the use of the computer, time spent on the Internet should be limited). Secondly, a computer desk may simply not have enough of free space of the countertop for comfortable allocation with books and notebooks. If space of a child’s room can`t allow the use of layout where the computer and desk are in different areas, you need to take care of, at least, a fairly spacious desk, which has enough space for art and for its convenient location for classes.

Tender mix of the colors for the small but omnifunctional room Desk for Studies to the Child's Room. Plenty of Design Ideas in the simply furnished classic interior with expressive orange chair Yellow melody of the kids' interior Amazing union of color within single children's room with white basic tine

Before you buy a table, you must define a list of the functions that it must perform. Whether it is a table intended only for study or child sitting at it will create something and what exactly. Should the table itself contain storage or easy-to-access shelves cabinets and shelving will be organized around the workplace.

Coffee color motiff for the large kids' room White simple interior for the small layout of the room Original idea to bring the black stool to the fresh light interior of the kids' room

Having defined the functional purpose of the table, it is necessary to deal with the selection of the optimum size. Important criteria can be considered the size of table top, stands’ height and depth of the space under the table. According to the recommendations of pediatricians, table must have a sufficiently broad tabletop (not less than 1 meter), a depth of 60 cm and the space under the table for at least the size of 50×50 cm.

The nook for the schoolboy in the large living room Small desk with joyful orange stool

You don’t have to expect and extra tidiness from first-graders, so it is better to choose the table from the mid-market category. Don`t try to save on quality, but it is also worthless to acquire the classic table made of solid wood, for every scratch on which the child will be subjected to punishment. As always, the truth lies somewhere in the “golden mean.”

Shelving for the persoanl things and toys of your kid Painted dark wallpaper for the kids' room looks very prganic and relevant White interior with the bunk bed for energetic little monkey

Choosing the material for the execution of the workplace

Among the materials used for the manufacture of desks. The following can be distinguished:

Particle board is one of the most popular types of raw materials for the furniture execution. Relatively high technological properties and low cost are the main selection criteria for the majority of our countrymen. This table is unlikely to be the legacy of the family, but it is able to “hold on” through the whole school life of your child. Modern technologies have made this material almost harmless to the environment and humans. This option may be the best in terms of price and quality.

Chipboard is even cheaper, but unfortunately not eco-friendly material for furniture. If the financial situation is pushing you to purchase a table of chipboard, then at least make sure you have a security certificate. If the budget for the purchase of the desk allow – give up the purchase of such products in favor of more environmentally friendly options.

MDF or Medium Density Fibreboard is the most expensive and high-quality American originated raw material for the manufacture of the form of tables (including writing). By its ecological safety MDF is not inferior to natural wood. But it is much less sensitive to the effects of different hazards such as moisture, direct sunlight and mechanical friction.

Solid wood – such furniture is expensive, but it would be the safest for environment piece of furniture.

Blue striped rug and hammock for the creativity and boundless fantsy of the little owner Classic design ideas for the boys room with wooden furniture Desk for Studies to the Child's Room. Plenty of Design Ideas in the intimate boy's atmosphere with neon backlight of the table top

Also we can find combined models, which is use metal frame and wooden worktops in the process of production. Regarding such models you must pay attention to the painting of metal parts and execution quality of accessories, as well as elements that were used to connect the parts together.

rocking chair at the simple desk in the classically designed room green color theme in the kids' room with bunk bed calming set of the children's room interior

Modern desks for students can be presented in various modifications – from conventional consoles that attach to the wall before the entire modular systems that include a variety of storage systems. Angular models with semicircular tops, asymmetric and compact variations – the choice is wide. Every parent will be able to find a suitable table for your space, layout, style, design and the wishes of the child.

Big artistic letters at the wall of the room is the ever win variant Creative interior design for the boys room with painted blue walls and furnished in modern style Painted walls by the inpressionsitic motiff is the spectacular design idea

The advent of additional duties does not end the childhood of child-student. That is why it is not necessary to indicate the entry into adulthood with the purchase of optional writing table, where no place for games and fantasies, colorful furnishings and images of fantastic heroes. Practical, ergonomic and safe for the health workplace can be bright, original and most importantly – your child should like it. Then lessons (often long) will pass with a good mood and attitude.

Even the totally white room can be very attractive with the small arrangement details Yellow and orange harmony in the coffee painted kids' room Apple macbooks to help young pupils learn in the white room with purple table top Ultra modern and creative design of the children's room

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