Jacuzzi Bathtubs Description, Photos, Design Ideas

A couple of decades ago, a very few of our fellow citizens could boast with a spa bath or as we call this device – Jacuzzi. Nowadays Jacuzzi is no longer a luxury and has become quite affordable and the possibility of mounting a device for taking useful water treatments. What else needs the city resident after a hard day’s work if not a relaxing, therapeutic spa in a whirlpool? Today we can confidently assert that the hot tub is affordable luxury with health benefits. That is why many owners of apartments and houses try to integrate this remarkable device into the interior of the bathroom. It is not necessary to have a spacious room for the adoption of utilitarian water treatments. Manufacturers offer a wide range of Jacuzzi models of Economy class that can fit perfectly into the bathroom of medium size. So, let’s see Jacuzzi bathtubs description, photos, design ideas that can inspire your fantasy for the bold decision of renovation of the bathroom.

Nice design composition in a large bathroom of complex mix of styles trimmed with natural materials

A little bit about the benefits of hot tub

For the first time the world heard about the hot tub in the distant fifties of the last century. It was then the Japanese brothers presented their invention – a bath with a pump connected to it. Transformation of these brothers’ surname became the name for the new item. Having begun its triumphal march to Germany, Jacuzzi gradually spread throughout Europe and then worldwide. Today “Jacuzzi” we call any model of hot tubs with other auxiliary functions.

Jacuzzi Bathtubs Description, Photos, Design Ideas . Nice light marble with patina and clear veins for wall trimming and even LED TV to fit the interior of the bathroom Gorgeous bathroom design with the structured matble trimming and large mirror

Technically, the Jacuzzi is a bath with built-in whirlpool jets. It is to them the construction obliged for the presence of therapeutic properties. The nozzles also called jets get water enriched with air and already oxygen-rich stream is supplied under pressure into the space bowl.

Absolutely unique design for the highlighted bath zone with wooden ceiling and perimeter lighting

Efficiency and hydro saturation depends on the number of nozzles, their size and location in the construction of bath. Standard Jacuzzi models have a 4-6 jets. In premium whirlpool baths number may reach several tens, even though there are large-sized models, designed for a large group of people. But it is important to understand that the more small nozzles in your Jacuzzi, the weaker will be supplied the pressure of water and air jets.

Jacuzzi Bathtubs Description, Photos, Design Ideas. Noble modern design idea for the natural materials decorated large bathroom with standing hydromassage systemMarble trimming of jacuzzi bathtub in the large royal bathroom

In many models (even small and inexpensive) it is possible to change the direction of the nozzles, to be exact – their angle. As a rule, such manipulations are carried out using the remote, coming with a hot tub. Conventionally, all the nozzles can be divided into two types:

  • Ball – powerful jets with highly directional effects;
  • Rotative – coiled nozzle of softer impact.

white light bedroom idea for the private house with shower cabin and Jacuzzi

If you plan to purchase a small sized Jacuzzi, the experts recommend choosing a model with nozzles directed at the more sensitive areas of the body – the feet, the lumbar and cervical spine.

white light bedroom idea for the private house with shower cabin and Jacuzzi

The variety of models and variations

Many current hot tubs models have in addition options to the injectors – additional faucets, the water supply connectors that simulate small waterfalls. But if that is not enough, they can offer such built-in features as the use of chromotherapy (lights with different colors cause different effects on our body, emotional state) and aromatherapy (the effect of the use of aromatic oils proved by long history of use and positive effects).

Jacuzzi Bathtubs Description, Photos, Design Ideas. Most of jacuzzi bathtubs would fit dark marbled interiors of the baths Nice large jacuzzi in the vathroom with large latticed windows

To create a more comfortable position in the whirlpool, many models are additionally equipped with armrests, headrests and other devices. Some hot tubs are provided with the speaker system, automatic control of water level in the bowl, self-disinfection options.


If we classify the Jacuzzi on the principle of creating a whirlpool, we can have all models divided into two classes:

  • Whirlpool is created by mixing water with air and feeding under pressure through a nozzle. As a result, we can observe churning effect in the bowl. The massage is performed such baths anaerobic species.
  • Apart from the usual nozzles in such a Jacuzzi there are additional jets that can create water flow direction. These jets will provide you with a sinusoidal and pulsating massage.

Unique ultiamtely romantic atmosphere in the bathroom with shelving and Jacuzzi Tiled baords of jacuzzi tub and panoramic wide windows for the nicely designed bathroom

In addition to differences in size, shape and set of features, Jacuzzi may differ in color. And not only in various shades of white, but to be executed in bright, colorful tones of different models.

Black oval jacuzzi bathtub

Choosing the material of the whirlpool

Not only the appearance of the device but also its strength, durability, ease of maintenance and durability depends on what material would be made your future instrument for creating bubbling jets of.

A little bit Oriental style for the large jacuzzi pool in the jungle house's bathroomAbsolutely flat ceiling and marbled florr in the minimalistic urban styled bathroom

The simplest in terms of transportation, installation and maintenance are considered acrylic hot tubs. Products have a low thermal conductivity (and, hence, save heat for longer) and is easy to resist accumulation of bacteria (mean, care and cleaning process will not take long). Acrylic does not fade in the sun for a long time and retains its luster, but only on condition that the original product has been made from high-quality materials. If you find a model made with the violation of the manufacturing process, or moreover – plastic disguised as acrylic – such a structure can fail within the first year of operation.

Ultramodern marble trimmed interior of the bathroom with hovering vanity and jacuzzi for two

Acrylic Jacuzzi constitute the budget line in modern sales. Higher strength characteristics have Quaryl products (acrylic hardened by a fine quartz chips). But such products are a bit more expensive.

Dark cocoa marble for wall trimmin and the glass partition for the shower

When purchasing an acrylic hot tub, it is important to pay more attention to the manufacturer, to learn about the guarantees provided and to be extremely concentrated while personal inspection. The product must be uniform over the entire surface, must have no bumps, even the smallest ones. The wall thickness of the acrylic bathtub should not be less than 5.7 mm.

Snow white jacuzzi with headrests and hydromassage separated from bedroom with glass partition

But acrylic whirlpool bath with options can be presented in a variety of variations. Design model with original forms often are made of acrylic or Quaril. You can choose the model that will most organically fit into your room and created interior. It will correspond with the style of the selected space.

White and full of gray shades hi-tech interior of the bathroom

Cast-iron bath with jets is much stronger and more durable. But, as you know, hard construction will be more expensive to deliver and install. And the product itself will be costly – it is much more difficult to embed jets in a cast-iron bowl. When buying a cast iron hot tub, special attention should be paid to inspection of the enamel, with which the product would be covered by. Enamel is the weak point of such models. Poor-quality coating can turn yellow during the first months of operation, to have a very high susceptibility to various cleaning agents. One more nuance associated with the acquisition of cast iron tubs – the simplicity of execution model. It is difficult to produce design models with intricate shapes from cast iron.

Glass and artificial marble panels for the bathroom in the modern minimalistic style

Marble jacuzzi, or rather baths made of the so-called liquid marble, are the most durable. At the same time the appearance of such constructions bring to any interior touch of luxury and nobility. It is obvious that the product of such a durable material will have a relatively high cost. Bath’s price will depend on the size, number of nozzles and their modifications, the presence of additional functions. But we can surely say that the standard model of liquid marble will cost three times more expensive than similar products made of acrylic.

Pedestal for the toyal jacuzzi Olive wall decoration with paint and the classic form of the white window pane

The elite class models include those made of tempered glass or fine wood. Of course, such hot tubs look luxurious, and are filling the bathroom interior with sophistication, luxury and uniqueness only by their presence. But you will have to pay in full for an exclusive.

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