Orange Color Interior Decoration Real Photo Examples

It is noted that the orange color is not very popular, but this does not mean that people do not like it. For the most part, this attitude was formed due to the fact that designers do not seek to use this color in the interior of premises, since it is more difficult to work with it, unlike other colors. The “capriciousness” of orange lies in the fact that not all colors are suitable for a successful composition with it. In addition, it is better not to use it for some rooms. But first things first.


So, for what purpose do you want to use the orange color in your room? If in order to make it extraordinary, bright, and cheerful, you have chosen the right direction.

Orange Color Interior Decoration Real Photo Examples. Deep orange curtains and the mild hue of the furniture

The correct use of orange in combination with other colors will make the room as you would like it to be.

Opinion of Specialists

The orange color is dominant because attention is drawn to it primarily. But this is not a disadvantage, vice versa, since it is positive and is able to create a good festive mood. In addition, the orange color helps not to fall into a depressed mood according to medical experts. This soulful color contributes to the creation of family warmth and helps to conduct frank conversations, inviting people to express their emotions. Orange color and its hues are loved by children and people who have a hot temper. It serves as an inspiration for the representatives of creative professions.

Let’s look at how you can introduce an orange color into the design of an ordinary room. Look closely at the next couple of photo ideas that share something in common. What do you think it is?

Yes! In addition to orange furniture, the room is decorated with orange pillows, which giving some zest to the overall space.

You can also transform the room with upholstered furniture.

Business atmosphere in the living room with two swivel orange armchairsOrange Color Interior Decoration Real Photo Examples. Hi-tech design in the kitchen with glossy appetizing surfaces

or wireframe furniture.

Orange Color in the Meal Room

The use of this color in the kitchen is very appropriate because the orange color is warm and radiates energy as if from the sun. Orange has the ability to improve mood, which contributes to the awakening of appetite. And since this color is so “appetizing” and you do not suffer from excess weight, then its use in the kitchen will be welcome. Consider the options for decorating the dining room.

Dining room with the orange set of chairs and white glossy table

and the kitchen

Bar plastic stools of unusual shape

In both versions, there are orange chairs. Although this color is added in small doses, it does not go unnoticed thanks to its sunny shade. Rather, on the contrary, furniture changes the perception of the whole room. To make sure that this is so, mentally replace these chairs with black or brown – the interior immediately changes!

“Passing” through the following two kitchens, pay attention to the shade of orange – it is not bright. Furniture or a working wall is not conspicuous but only emphasizes the style of the room. This option is good for people who, having come home excited, want to see a calming, but at the same time, joyful and invigorating situation. The room’s lighting factor is taken into account here in order to create complete harmony. In bright sunlight, the orange color changes and looks lighter. This is evident from the example of a partially illuminated chair. In the shade, it seems darker.

Orange color of furniture in the Classic designed open space in the private cottage Orange Color Interior Decoration Real Photo Examples. Wall paint for the spacious Classic kitchen

Considering another variant of adding orange color to the interior of the kitchen, it should be taken into account that these rooms receive little light from the outside, otherwise, this situation might irritate, and the light orange shades would look even lighter. The right approach helped make these kitchens “lighter”.

Unexpected orange glossy kitchen island in the spacious Modern and hi-tech styled room Modern interior decoration with the use of natural wood and orange suspended shelves


Although it is believed that invigorating colors are not very suitable for a bedroom, nevertheless this life-affirming and invigorating color will create a comfortable environment for sleeping. Although we do not see the surrounding color when turning off the light. But, nevertheless, the color that we see before we fall asleep will affect our emotional state, which in its turn will affect the quality and duration of our sleep. Moreover, it is proved that the orange color helps to relax the muscles, and this helps to fall asleep more quickly. Let’s first look at the bedrooms with the presence of orange in small quantities.

Large bed with silver quilted headboard and orange touch in decoration Orange Color Interior Decoration Real Photo Examples. Brown headboard and dark wooden floor in the bedroom

The design of such a space is not costly and does not require much effort and reforms. The Interior is changed mainly due to bedding and the situation can be easily changed if desired.

Northside located rooms, where the orange color almost completely “floods” the entire atmosphere, are very good looking.

Orange Color Interior Decoration Real Photo Examples. Classic decorated bedroom with same color at every piece of atmosphere

It will be cozy in this bedroom even on a cloudy day. But, nevertheless, the room does not look like a monolith. As in all other cases, here we see a good color combination, which is very important for the orange color to become your friend, the meeting with which always pleases.

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