Red Living Room: Elegant & Bright Interior Design

In the process of creating the home design, each owner has his own preferences in color. Someone chooses a restrained classic, while others draw in pastel colors. But, despite all this, bright and bold interiors are no less popular. For example, the red living room is a very non-standard solution. Therefore, it is important to know all the nuances of design in order to present it as profitably as possible and emphasize the design decision.

Red Living Room: Elegant & Bright Interior Design. Accent wall to decorate artificial fireplace

Red Living Room: Psychological Meaning

Not everyone will choose such a bright and bold design of the living room for themselves. Often this option is preferred by people with an active lifestyle. They do not tolerate loneliness, like to make parties and organize interesting leisure. According to psychologists, many of them love luxury, which they try to demonstrate with such a striking design.

Red Living Room: Elegant & Bright Interior Design. Impressionistic painting for Art-deco minimalistic living room Red Living Room: Elegant & Bright Interior Design. Gorgeous color fusion design in contemporary designed living

In addition, red color symbolizes vital energy and is a symbol of fire. But still, it should not be used too much in the interior. Sinceб if you overload it with details, it can negatively affect the mood and cause irritation, anger. Best of all, the red color looks in the form of accents. This allows you to emphasize the walls, furniture or the interior as a whole.

Red Living Room: Elegant & Bright Interior Design. Bright acid red furniture for gray colored room

Features of Using Red in the Living Room

As it was mentioned above, red is quite active, so use it with caution. In particular, we recommend combining it with other colors to balance the design of the living room. For example, a yellow or orange hue looks very good with red. It is believed that such a combination is able to enhance activity and improve mood. Therefore, the emotional background in such a room will always be good. But only under the condition of optimal use of these shades.

Red Living Room: Elegant & Bright Interior Design. Yellow walls and red plastic furniture color combination

In turn, the combination of red and green looks no less attractive. Especially when provided that the source of green will be flowers or other green plants. They will have a beneficial effect not only on the interior but also on the mood, as well as the cleanliness of the air. Therefore, designers use this technique especially often when designing all kinds of rooms.

Red Living Room: Elegant & Bright Interior Design. Red curtains for modern styled room

To give the living room freshness and lightness, it is better to combine red with white or beige, milky color. Moreover, it does not matter how it will be. Some people like to make bright walls and combine them with light furniture. Others make a red accent wall and leave the rest neutral. In this case, much depends on complementary elements, such as curtains, lamps and other accessories.

Red Living Room: Elegant & Bright Interior Design. Structured red walls as accents for functional wall

The combination of red and black was also a popular solution. Of course, this option is very active, but this is the core of its attractiveness. In this case, it is worth using black in a small amount, so as not to make the living room too dark and gloomy.

Red Living Room: Elegant & Bright Interior Design. Burgundy wall to emphasize pictures

It is very important to consider the degree of illumination of the room. For example, if the living room is not on the sunny side, and there is not much artificial lighting, then red is best used in a minimal amount. Much more relevant will be pastel colors that visually transform the room. In contrast, using large amounts of red in a good light helps visually make the living room bigger. This is the space for the manifestation of all your creativity and interesting ideas. The main thing is to carefully think through the details.

Red Living Room: Elegant & Bright Interior Design. All-red designed casual living

Red Living Room: Wall Decoration

Of course, the color scheme of the walls plays a major role in the design of the living room. But in the case of red, it is important to feel the ratio so that the design does not look tasteless. Therefore, it is necessary not only to choose a suitable color of the wallpaper but also to take care of the color of the floor and ceiling.

Red Living Room: Elegant & Bright Interior Design. Yet another red and gray successful combination

The interior with a combination of red and white on the walls is becoming increasingly popular. Due to this, the living room will be quite bright. Moreover, such an active design will not get bored in the near future. If you wish, you can emphasize the clarity of the borders in the design using a dark floor and a light ceiling. But in this case, you need to pick up various decorative objects that emphasize that red is the main color.

Red Living Room: Elegant & Bright Interior Design. Neat white decorated room with accent red wall with painting over the sofa

Bright walls look great in the living room, which makes the room more spacious and fresh. If you like this option, then the red color can be used differently. Choose curtains of this color, decorative pillows, candles or candlesticks, wall paintings or photo frames. These accents will always attract attention and add a special atmosphere of comfort to the interior. After all, this is exactly what you should strive for in any case. By the way, this option is best for a small living room. Otherwise, there is a risk of making it too bright and “pressing”.

Red Living Room: Elegant & Bright Interior Design. Great idea to paint red the wall recess and to LED-light it

Furniture for the Red Living Room

When the color of the walls, ceiling, and the floor is already planned, it’s time to think about which furniture to choose. After all, it should be an elegant addition to the interior, which emphasizes the taste and creative ideas of homeowners.

If you want to make the walls light, choose red furniture. This will only emphasize the importance of bright colors in the interior. Moreover, it does not matter how often it will be used. That is, it can only be a sofa or in combination with armchairs, curtains and decorative details on the windows. Due to this, a kind of opportunity is obtained to experiment and change the interior of the living room from time to time.

Red Living Room: Elegant & Bright Interior Design. Cozy white living with complex lighting and red furniture at the chatting zone

Fans of red furniture are advised to place it near light walls and vice versa. This will provide a contrast, due to which it will be possible to emphasize the design of the living room. Dark gray, dark brown or graphite furniture will also look great. It will bestow elegance and chic to an interior.

Red Living Room: Elegant & Bright Interior Design. White colored walls, open shelves and red pouffs for dark furnished sitting room

Despite the fact that the red color is bright, it will always be appropriate in the design of the living room. However, it is very important to choose the optimal number of parts so that as a result the room evokes only pleasant emotions.

Red Living Room: Elegant & Bright Interior Design. Wooden barn sheathing and red accent wall Red Living Room: Elegant & Bright Interior Design. Large silver floor lamp over the birght corner sofa White living room with gray furniture set and slight red accents Refined classic living room interior with neat coral painted walls Great example of how red accents can be added through pictures Casual modernity with large photowallpaper at the wall complemented with bright furniture

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