Green Color Interior Decoration Ideas. Bit of Nature at Home

According to color therapists, green color has a positive effect on the psychological state of people who are in its environment. This natural color, which constantly surrounds us, pleases the eye with its many shades and wonderfully combines with other colors, so it is very suitable for creating a warm, soothing atmosphere. The interior of living rooms in green colors is well suited for urban residents as it is a constant lack of it in big cities, and there is a glut of colorful colored signs and motley advertising, which irritates, even at a subconscious level. Without realizing this, people become nervous and impatient. So, a room for rest in a green tone will help in relieving inner tension.


Most people, when creating an interior in green tones, prefer their light fresh shades. Because this is how you can become happier by reminding yourself about the fast coming of spring. And with the onset of this wonderful period of the year, this interior will be in harmony with nature. Nevertheless, we should not forget that there must be a well-chosen combination of green with other tones. Pay attention to how it can be realized best.

Green Color Interior Decoration Ideas. Bit of Nature at Home. Living Room

It is better to use fragments of green color in the interior of the living room. Otherwise, it will be too soothing and even sleepy, which is absolutely inappropriate for guests. You can buy green upholstered furniture, but in this case, the living room surfaces should be more neutral. You can also purchase green curtains, a vase, or a carpet.

Let’s start the review with the gentlest tones. Take a good look at the interior of this room. Contrast is created by a fragment of the wall, painted in gently green color. But the harmony is maintained by the floor covering and the decor, helping to make a smoother transition from one color to another.

Spectacular malachite shade of green to emphasize the accent wall and some elements of the living room's interior

It is not so often there is a composition consisting of blue and green in nature, mostly in flowering plants, but hardly anyone contemplating the flower will say that it does not look at the background of the leaves. Pay attention to a similar harmony, where the soft tones of different colors complement the design.

Let’s move on to darker tones. This arrangement is setting to business negotiations or serious conversation, because a rich green palette activates vital energy, invigorates and maintains tonus.

Kelly green blackout Classic curtains at the Casual styled large living room

Color of Furniture

Pay attention to how that or another piece of upholstered furniture not only well fits the interior, but is also its integral part.

In the next room, there is a pronounced contrast between white and green, but nevertheless, the feeling of discomfort does not arise. But rather, on the contrary, this design attracts the eye. This was facilitated by the addition of red color and its shades.

Dartmouth green curtains and armchair are the best complemetary for the Classic styled room living room with big windows

An interesting approach to adding salad color is shown in a room made in dark tones. The furnishings are mitigated by the numerous details of the light decor.

Green and blue mix in the successful living room interior

Kitchen Interior

The kitchen, for many housewives, is not just a room where food is cooking, so the design of this room is given great importance. In a cozy and comfortable kitchen, it’s nice to talk and just relax. The presence of green in the kitchen will make the reception even more pleasant because this color does not set the mind to hurry. In the mornings it is very encouraging to see the salad shades in front of you.

Many women are so fond of their kitchen that they almost get into it, equipping it with everything necessary and even more than what you need to have in the kitchen. Typically, this room does not use dark colors and an abundance of green. Rather, it can be said that it is not the kitchen is green, but elements its elements. In some cases, furniture is decorated with green inserts.

In another case, a fragment of the wall is painted green, and the overall picture is complemented by the decor.


Green color has found application in every room, and the toilet is no exception. In order to make this room look attractive, it is better not to make it completely green. It is better to choose a shade for one of the walls. You can also put a soft green mat on the floor. If your toilet is small, then use light shades that will “extend” it visually.

Green mosaic to finish the accent wall and the splashback of the kitchen Green accent wall in the bathroom

Bedroom Interior

Since the green color has many shades, it is important to take into account the room’s illumination. If the bedroom is well lit, it is better to choose a darker shade, which in the sunlight will look elegant, whereas a pale color, under the same conditions, may not be noticeable at all. Also, this color is recommended for people suffering from insomnia, but only its light colors that soothe.

Classic style for the tight bedroom with pillows decorated bed Green painted attic premises of the bedroom with white upholstered furniture

What Shades Are Better Combined with the Green Color?

It is very important not to get lost in the choice of color combinations. There are many options for how to make an attractive room, aesthetically combining the elements of the interior.

We can say that the green color is universal because it has a lot of shades which will help easily find your style. Therefore, due to its versatility, this color will fit into any interior. In addition, its shades are perfectly combined with all colors, thereby you can fantasize.

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