Purple & Violet Color Interior Decoration Ideas

For the most part, people associate purple with non-festive events. In many cultures, it means grief, nostalgia, so it was practically not used in the interior of living quarters. However, in combination with other colors, or when the hue changes, the perception completely changes. Moreover, the violet background can calm, remove anger, relax and remove anxiety and irritation. But it is important to know the limits in everything since oversaturation with this color can cause apathy and melancholy. Although this coloring is considered somewhat heavy for the interior, but its lighter shades fit perfectly into the design of any room. For example, you do not need to go far – below we see a perfect example of how gentle shades of purple are not just added to the room, but essentially made this room all-purple! What associations do you have? Mentally we transfer ourselves to the sofa and rest with our soul and body. So, we can plunge deeper into the philosophy of these shades and explore some most splendid purple & violet color interior decoration ideas.

Purple Color Interior Decoration Ideas. Canopy for the resting zone

Let’s say that you were offered to make repairs and paint the walls in a contrasting color scheme. One can imagine the critical glance that the advisor will be “gifted”. However, such a person is quite normal, and his advice is practical. Well, is not this room cute? Colors do not mix, but, the room seems to be expanded.

Purple Color Interior Decoration Ideas. Green and Velvet contrast in the light lit bedroom of the urban apartment

We see a slightly different picture further. There is almost no contrast, but the combination of different shades in this room makes it more attractive. Pay attention to the walls, which have different shades, and the curtains and upholstered furniture are chosen so that they soften this transition.

Purple Color Interior Decoration Ideas. A little bit cartoon-like girlish setting in the living room

For lovers of dark colors, a contrasting interior, in which, due to the prevailing white color, the room looks elegant, will suit.

Purple Color Interior Decoration Ideas. Accent wall with the shelf for the romantic evenings

Take a look at the other possibilities for a successful combination of purple with other colors.

Purple Color in the Interior of the Kitchen

It’s no secret that most of the time is spent in the kitchen than in other rooms, so it deserves special attention. It is better to use brighter shades of this color. Kitchen with the working wall of which corresponds to such requests can serve as an example. It’s because the violet background is softened by another, lighter color. Here you can also use violet dishes, tablecloths and napkins. If you have to eat in the kitchen, then use grape and wine shades. This will help improve appetite.

Purple Color Interior Decoration Ideas. Texture paint for the backsplash zone of the kitchen

Purple Color in the Bathroom Interior

Among the variety of shades of purple, you will find one that will please you without any problems. Can I find something for the bathroom? Undoubtedly! It is important not only to choose a shade precisely but also to choose the right combination with a purple color. An interesting version of the bathroom, in which one wall is painted in a darker shade, but there is no sense of gloom. Just the opposite! Thanks to a good combination with a lighter sanitary ware and white, vibrant colors as well as thoughtfully designed lighting, it pleases the eye.

Purple Color Interior Decoration Ideas. Large bathroom with hovering wooden vanities

In another case, a small fragment of the wall painted in a bright color also emphasizes the style, fits perfectly into the design.

Purple Color Interior Decoration Ideas. Violet framing of the accent wall with the large mirror and the fireplace

Purple Color in the Interior of the Bedroom

Nowadays, the violet color and its shades are in fashion, because they can make the bedroom interior elegant and original. However, when using purple, you need to be very careful, because it is quite complex. And therefore it is not easy to pick up a pair to purple. However, with the right design approach, you’ll get a very elegant look.

These bedrooms have very gentle shades of violet which create a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Purple Upholstered Furniture in the Interior

Just some of the details can transform the room. Please note that the following photos do not have a purple color by itself in the rooms. The interior is complemented by “additional” details, namely soft furniture. It is not so much, but thanks to a rich color that stands out well against a light background, the room has a finished look.

Armchairs, covered with a cloth of light color, look superbly on the dark background. If this furniture has a different color, you can buy special capes of purple or lilac tone for it.

Purple Color Interior Decoration Ideas. Striking purple quilted armchairs design

The same applies to the presence of other objects in the room. For example, we speak about paintings. In such a room it is good to conduct business negotiations since it adjusts to serious topics. So, you can arrange a private office, where you can do your own business with the illumination of a desk lamp.

Purple Color Interior Decoration Ideas. Large living with the glass table and purple upholstered armchairs

Only two paintings and a cushion can completely change the design of the room.

Purple Color Interior Decoration Ideas. hite minimalism and the violet touch of the picture

This collection gives an opportunity to see a wide variety of shades of purple/violet, thanks to which you can decorate the entire room or just emphasize its style. Many people like the violet color but consider it gloomy to use in the house. It is worth noting that if you use it incorrectly, you can make any room repulsive. But this applies to other colors too. Imagine that your room was made in blue, or dark green color! The psyche will not be calm, even on the contrary – it will cause nervousness. You should know that there is no right combination of colors, there is only a successful combination of colors and hues in the interior. This approach is the key to coziness in your home.

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