Modern Bedroom Decorating Ideas

A variety of styles and directions makes designers go deep into their features to create the ideal premises for different purposes for their clients. Those, who want to keep up with the times, more often refer to the most suitable for modern styles:

Common in the bedroom interior is a modern style.

Modern Eco bedroom in the modern country house

Features and specification of Modern bedroom decorating ideas

This trend in design art has over 100 years. Despite such development this trend is associated with the emergence of new nuances, renewing the style always up to date.

Modern Bedroom Decorating Ideas with beam wooden frame

Art Nouveau has no single form. In different countries it is characterized by its own national characteristics, and even has its own name:

  • Art Nouveau;
  • Liberty;
  • Tiffany;
  • Jugendstil.

Dark laminate in the modern bedroom full of glass surfaces

In recent years the trend has achieved his second wind. Among the features of modernity it is worth noting inconspicuous color palette. All shades tend to naturalness. Particularly popular among them are:

  • beige;
  • gold;
  • silver;
  • white;
  • mustard;
  • Purple;
  • Brown;
  • Gray and others.

Silver and gray shades in modern minimalistic bedroom and high frame of windows

Environment is characterized by smooth lines. Often the interior decorated in a modern style may have shape of “S” letter. Thus, designers soften the usual to modern trends precise contours and straight lines. Even in the design of doorways and windows you can see curved contours.

S-shape design in modern apartments lets diversify the interior

Soft ambient lighting is also an integral part of the decoration in Art Nouveau style. For this purpose you can use frosted or colored glass lampshades or sunk deep into the surface lamps.

Brickwork and inticated form of the chandelier in the contrasting modern bathroom

Natural materials are also necessary part of the interior. This method, of course, require monetary investments, but the nobility of natural wood and stone create a unique atmosphere. In addition to the finishing materials take these:

  • natural fabrics;
  • ceramics;
  • glass;
  • marble and so on.

Round bed and panoramic window in the ultramoden bedroom

Using forged elements in the interior of the bedroom you`ll achieve a certain lightness. Metal products do not look so bulky, but appear rather as a graceful design elements.

Creamy walls and white ceiling with spot lights contrasting with dark notes of carpet and bed linen

Among the most memorable elements of room decoration in Art Nouveau style can be called stained glass windows. They can be used in decorating of the windows, doors, light fixtures, as well as all surfaces where the use of glass is permitted and relevant.

round puff in a center of the room and a round bed make create an atmosphere of freshness in modern bedroom

Floral theme is often used as an ornament of this style. You can also make pictures of the insects on opened surfaces. Images of women will add will give peculiarity to the interior. Bizarre forms of accessories also characterize modern. The main thing is that the materials for its production should not look cheap.

Vaulted ceiling in the attic light bedroom

Simplicity and practicality of modern bedroom

The advantage of this style in the design of the bedroom is a coziness of the apartment, which is adjacent to the fresh ideas of modern design.

Scandinavian praticality in the modern light bedroom with wooden notes


Plenty of room for choice of color combinations allow to give freedom of imagination. The most popular solution is a black and white combination. If desired, you can add a bright spot in the form of a large piece of furniture, or one of the surfaces to the room.

Venetian blinds in the bedroom with big window makes the interior full of relaxation

Features of the situation

Furniture for such a bedroom should have a high level of comfort. It differs from the classic ones by an unusual decoration accessories.

Bright wooden wardrobe in the bedroom adds vivacity to the interior

Actual move is to use a round bed. For Art Nouveau style its curved lines will be the most suitable option. The furniture can be made of various materials. The main thing that they did not look overtly cheap. Whether the designer uses clean Modern or combines different styles for its implementation affects on the amount of furniture.

Gray painted brickwork and a picture at the wall of the modern bedroom

Multilevel ceiling will add elegance and will allow to place the room lights in most convenient way. In the first case, you can set chest of drawers and bedside tables apart from the bed. It is useful to locate here a closet and a mirror. In case of style combination you can use any of furniture from different styles. You should only take into account the size of bedrooms and reconcile harmoniously all objects inside. Floral ornament on such furniture will be very useful. In any case, the situation can be supplemented by an armchair. Its shape and style should be selected on the basis of the main stylistic directions.

Chic combination of bedroom with bathroom in eco style with opened ceiling beams

Smooth surfaces are another sign of style. The absence of excessive pomp allows to adhere the necessary rigor of decoration. This applies both to the furniture and the surfaces, as well as accessories. Thus it is possible to have unusual shapes within a given style. This will add some uniqueness to the bedroom without departing from the chosen direction.

Fur as a coat for luxurious bed in the chic interior of the modernistic bedroom at the penthouse

Nuances of light

Despite the need for dim lighting, the room in a modern style can have a large window. Daylight in large quantities will not interfere overall style.

Modest lamp is wnough for lighting the bedroom when you have such big windows

There are can be few artificial light sources. Their advantage is an unusual shape and frosted glass. lamps and lighting itself can be used to create a special mood and color. However, the light should be dim and the color is only slightly manifested. Nightlamps in the form of plants and animals are able to decorate a room, without harming the general style.

Unique wall lamps to enlight the sleeping zone of beds and for bookreading in the bedroom

Bedroom Accessories

Modern style allows you to use various elements of decoration. It is only necessary to limit their use to a few pieces. The variegation and clutter in the room is unacceptable for this style.

Bedroom with the unique shades of linen and panoramic windows

Preferred materials for the accessories must act porcelain, wood, glass, stone and metal. Such one can be a mirror in an elegant frame or a product of large-format printing. The advantage of this style is the possibility to combine of incompatible. Therefore, most of the accessories will find their application in this bedroom.

White bedroom and the cpectaculous white linen with terry coat on the bed in the modern minimalistic bedroom

The advantages of style in the bedroom

This style of interior design has a lot of merits. The principal are endless possibilities and alternatives. In terms of the budget this style allows you to choose the least expensive materials and combine them in the most favorable option. Moreover, if funds allow, the bedroom in a modern style you can make a gorgeous location that combines luxury and refined taste of its owner. Expensive wood types will accentuate the elegance of the selected furniture that shows some signs of classics.

Bedroom can content any mix of interior styles and achieve the individuality

High-quality textiles would help to achieve the perfect harmony between the curtains, bedspread and upholstering of the furniture. Flooring made of natural stone or wood can also add charm to the room. A fluffy monochromatic carpet would give the necessary warmth and comfort of the bedroom.

Unique shape and sheeted upholstery of the bed makes this bedroom fresh

Many styles require a lot of effort from the designer and a lot of money from customers  in order to combine the latest technology with traditional decorations. Country style and other specific trends require to hide reliably from the eyes the products of technological progress. Therefore it requires expensive furniture to disguise the TV or sound system, or purchase specific models in stylized cases. Art Nouveau does not deliver such a hassle, as it enables the best way to combine all the latest products with traditional decor items. Every year a lot of amendments and additions are adding to this style that allows us to arrange the bedroom in the most modern way.

shopwindow and wooden furniture in the bedroom

The modernity of this style doesn`t mean show its predisposition to any particular age group. Anyone can apply the elements of decorating in this style by his/her own discretion or completely arrange the room in such way. In this case all details of the situation are the most convenient and practical to owner of the bedroom.

Wooden furniture and the gray notes in the modern design of the bedroom

Originality, which modern may give to each room, also is an advantage. Any room in the house is unique and unusual. You can arrange several rooms in a row, and none of them will not reiterate the previous design. Thus, a bedroom in modern style is unique. And even if some of the guests will try to recreate this work of art at home, he wouldn`t achieve the exact resemblance. This is largely due to the possibility of any design ideas can be implemented.

white terru maress on the orthopedic bed in the austere Scandinavian bedroom with wall-height mirror

The combination of styles

One of the basic styles to create a modern style is considered a Classic. Some improvements and restrictions in forms made from all the usual classics new and unusual interiors. Modernism had not adopted pelmets, frills and ruffles, but the basic colors and the general direction of the style can be traced in many elements. Thanks to it the bedroom Art Nouveau style can easily combine the purely classical decoration with the overall modern atmosphere.

Fresh unique design of the bedroom in the house with wooden material and full of light

In addition to this combination Modern can be supplemented with ethnic motifs. Various designs and patterns allow people to diversify muted colors in ornamentation.

Bed and the ottoman in the spacious badroom of mixed style

Also popular is the combination with the high-tech style. Harmony in this case will be achieved very simply. It’s enough to combine items within a range of colors and modern stylized items will look good within the same bedroom. It is also easily possible to achieve harmony with the minimalist style of the same reasons. The absence of superfluous decoration goes well within the definition of Art Nouveau.

Gray bedroom design idea with red picture on the wall

Art Nouveau bedroom planning

The ideal would be an option with a spacious room, which allows the use of methods of zoning. The most important thing to save space of a large room, not leaving it empty at the same time.

Unique Modern styled bedroom with bathtub and shopwindow looks chic and original

multilevel ceiling would look interestingly. With a floor of different heights you can distinguish zones for sleeping, rest and care. In this room can be perfectly located screen with plant or ethnic ornaments. It can also help you select one of the zones.

Bedroom in modern style full of decor elements and even fans at the ceiling with spot light

If the main task is to create modern style for the whole space, so the smooth lines must be preserved, and one area should gently flow into another. This will help to preserve the overall mood of a bedroom and a sense of balance derived from staying in the room.

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