Swedish Private House Contrasting Design

We offer you a design project of a private country house located in Sweden. Modern style interior design, and a tribute to the Scandinavian traditions harmoniously blended into the design of this comfortable home. For example, the exterior and interior of the reviewed Swedish private house contrasting design can create the impression of how you can weave original design solutions into a concise but cozy home design.

Swedish Private House Contrasting Design. Night sight of the home exterior

Even the observation of the two-storey building with large windows and glass doors to proceed to the backyard from the street is teasing imagination of how bright and spacious interior would be. Neat and laconic local area landscaping allows you to make an impression on the owners` love to simple and clear shapes. Thirst for harmony and balance in all that relates to the aesthetic side of the issue of decoration of exterior and interior of their homes.

Swedish Private House Contrasting Design. Backyard of the household is full of artificial multileveled illumination

The main and the largest room of the first floor is a living room. The spacious room is literally flooded with sunlight thanks to large windows and doors leading you onto the backyard of the home ownership. Snow-white living room decoration enhances the effect of natural light. Light is reflecting from the white walls thus multiplying and spreading throughout the room. Effectively simulating the wooden floor board laminate brings a bit of natural warmth and comfort to the cool palette of the living room.

Swedish Private House Contrasting Design. Modern living room arrangement with resting and chatting zones as well as light natural materials trimming

The selection of furniture for the arrangement of several recreation areas was the most contrasting towards the snow-white living room decoration. Black leather upholstery looks extremely impressive on a light background. A gloss of the composition of the dark furniture adds shine to the chrome surfaces of the frame elements and additional furniture in the form of tables and stands. To remain within the theme of brilliant interior, there were the floor lamp and chandelier with large mirrored shades installed.

Swedish Private House Contrasting Design. Living studio with modern black folding armchair

Fireplace, located at the opposite end of a spacious living room, is also accomplished using the white color and metered use of black to outline the exquisite design. Floors in the fireplace zone are decorated using floor tiles for ease of use and in terms of security.

Swedish Private House Contrasting Design. No living can do without at least an eco fireplace

There is no less bright kitchen area located next to the living room. The white walls blend in with the same shade of kitchen units and a shiny stainless steel appliances shades white furniture at the backdrop of the working area countertops. The harmonious color combination of floor cladding and stainless steel surfaces of the huge refrigerator is keeping the snow-gray alliance.

Swedish Private House Contrasting Design. Composite materials to face the kitchen floor

Another room of the first floor is a dining room, whose interior can also boast with a great contrast. Here we see a repetition of the previously viewed functional rooms trim – white ceiling and walls together with granite tiles as a floor covering. But the furniture and decor are presented in a more contrasting solutions. Combination of light wood and black elements to furnish the dining group looks very impressive. Striped carpet, wall decor and large chandelier of an original design are producing no less memorable impression.

Swedish Private House Contrasting Design. Dining room with contrasting zebra rug

We can climb to the second floor via a spiral wooden staircase, which design is as simple and concise as the arrangement of Swedish country house itself.

Swedish Private House Contrasting Design. Designer`s wooden stairs

We can meet that same light and freedom of movement in the utilitarian rooms. Even multifunctional space retain the feeling of vastness, thanks to a bright finish and the abundance of natural light. Wall with white ceramic tiles and dark gray tiles for floors allows you to create a bright and clean image of a bathroom, which can visually expand the space among other advantages.

Swedish Private House Contrasting Design. White and gray combintaion in the bathroom

Rational arrangement of plumbing and furniture in various functional segments of the bathroom has created a comfortable, ergonomic and herewith large room for water procedures with modern design.

Swedish Private House Contrasting Design. Small space requires fresh design solution by utilization of all possible area

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