Scandinavian Interior Design Style

Modern and practical Scandinavian style in interior design surprises by original solutions and pleases the eye with a pleasant combination of colors and shapes. The interior in Scandinavian style universal and individual at the same time: it combines neutral tones of background and practicality with bright details and comfort.

Scandinavian Interior Design Style for houses, apartments, office or country restaurant is:

  • Conciseness and, at the same time, freedom of expression: minimum of furniture and original decor;
  • Recognizable color scheme: white background, often – white furniture and thus bright color accents (light green, orange, red, yellow, pink; rarely – black, blue, purple);
  • Reasonableness and naturalness;
  • Plenty of space, air and light;
  • Easiness, no frills, recognizability and practicality;
  • A combination of natural and synthetic materials. This style harmoniously uses wood and plastic, metal and glass (although the basic material is wood);
  • Basics of style – simplicity, functionality, harmony, comfort.

Scandinavian house looks cozy, comfortable and at the same time, spacious, bright and interesting. A special charm to style is given by the original layout and thoughtful placement of furniture and decor. Scandinavian interior design style is a set of open shelves and fixtures, bright cushions with a minimum of furniture and concise design background.

Scandinavian interior design style is ideal for those who appreciate comfort, individual style and naturalness. Simple and attractive at the same time, this style is perfect for decoraion of a country house, apartment, office, shop, salon or a youth café.

Style Features


  • Modern Scandinavian style in the interior of the apartment, home or office involves the use of original furniture made of wood, plastic, metal and glass. It also includes armchairs and chairs of unusual shapes, coffee tables and ottomans of interesting colors and configurations. A plurality of shelves and mandatory vivid detail, giving the interior a personality and a special charm are also integral detail of style.Unusual wooden furniture and bright textile in the bedroom - is the specific feature of the Scandinavian style
  • Scandinavian style may be more old-fashioned. Wooden furniture (light wood, white or beige)will be appropriate then. Comfortable furniture: a low sofa and comfortable chairs will decorate the house as well. Such furniture can be upholstered with both fabric and monochromatic leather.Wooden trimm one of the essential features of Scandinavian Interior Design Style in the house

Scandinavian-style furniture is interesting, practical and convenient: split-level tables, chairs with curved or elongated legs, the original armchairs.

The most famous manufacturer of Scandinavian furniture is IKEA. Such brands as BoConcept, Carl Hansen, Son, Hay, Fritz Hansen, Skovby, etc. somewhat less known in the world. but they are famous for its original recognizable pieces of furniture in the Scandinavian style.


  • Bright cushions, blankets and small original carpets give joyful mood to easy and practical Scandinavian style.
  • Scandinavian interior is unthinkable without the colorful textile details. The most common colors are red, pink, light green, bright orange, deep red. Black and white striped cushions or warm shades are also appropriate.
  • Windows are tend to remain uncurtained. However, if you live on the first floor, or another building is located next to your house, it is possible to cover the window with light curtains (conventional or Roman).

Trimming and decor:

  • The most common variant of decorating the walls is dyeing (white one is the most appropriate). Smooth light-colored walls is perfect background for interesting photographs or colorful paintings. Available more original design: three walls are white and the last one is decorated by photo wallpapers (not necessarily bright, but always with a perceptible pattern).
  • Wallpaper Scandinavian design is graphic, eye-catching and unusual. It can can be decorated with stripes, large repeating pattern (floral motifs, abstraction) or letters.
  • The ceiling should also be smooth and light (in the tone of the walls).
  • Flooring is wooden, light, smooth.
  • Modern Scandinavian style prefers snow-white shade, and old-fashioned trend allows the use of beige and cream shades, as well as accepts a combination of bright walls and wooden ceiling, door and window openings.
  • Scandinavian style in the interior – this is unusual chandeliers and lamps, originally suspended shelves and picture (or pictures), a minimum of furniture and a maximum of individual traits. Scandinavian-style room always looks spacious, bright, unusual and interesting.

Interior design in the Scandinavian style can demonstrate the character and mood of the premises` owner, yet keeping the functionality and comfort of all the pieces of furniture. This bright and practical style is versatile and unique, simple and thought-out, bright and vivid.

The history of the emergence of the style

The birthplace of this style is the Scandinavian countries: Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. This is a highly developed countries with harsh climate. The basic concept of the interior style of this region is practicality, naturalness, availability, simplicity and originality.

Scandinavian designers Alvar Aarne and Arne Jacobsen introduced into the design of their region such traits as comfort and reasonableness.

Scandinavians` orientation to the combination of practicality, simplicity and individuality makes Scandinavian interiors of apartments, houses, hotels and offices memorable, easy, joyful and interesting.

Where does Scandinavian style appropriate?

Design in Scandinavian style – practical, bright and at the same time discreet – will be suitable not only for an apartment or a country house, but also for the office, salon, cafe or hotels.

  • Order an office design in the Scandinavian style is worth for companies engaged in photo design, advertising, event organization. This style is perfect for people of creative professions.
  • Scandinavian style is suitable for the decoration of youth cafés and restaurants. Individuality, brightness, and freedom of this style will appeal to fans of anti-cafe, Art House Cafe and any other shops aimed at young dynamic audience.
  • This style is appropriate in the design of exhibitions of young artists and photographers too;
  • Order or interior design store in Scandinavian style you can and should if you sell the original painting, unusual gifts, youth clothing, modern home furnishings (lamps, vases, shelves, dishes, etc.)
  • Hotel in Scandinavian style is a combination of European comfort, specific northern white beauty and charm of space and at the same time simple and memorable interior.

Projects in the Scandinavian style also fit for decoration of houses. Interior of the house in the Scandinavian style will appeal to all who appreciate the simplicity, comfort and individuality combined with contemporary design and bold color combinations in the quiet light background. Country house in Scandinavian style can be especially cozy with a fireplace, original shelves under the stairs and exposed layout. Order design wooden country house or cottage in the Scandinavian style is from the experts: the interior of the house has to be thoughtful and gracious.

Apartment in Scandinavian style

  • Kitchen in Scandinavian style – it is comfort and coziness: traditional open shelves and a few notable and hidden light sources; wooden or stone small dining table (often it replaces bar) and comfortable chairs; light background and light furniture.
  • Living in Scandinavian style – it is a cozy sofa, a low coffee table, floor lamp, chandelier, wall and table lamps, bright cushions, shelves and photos on the walls, a sense of peace and light bright joy.
  • Bedrooms in Scandinavian design is a kingdom of peace and tranquility: bright colors, plenty of air and space, comfortable furniture and no catchy, attention-grabbing or irritating elements.
  • Scandinavian Hallway is a traditional white background and wooden furniture, built-in wardrobe and shoe cupboards, a bright accent in the form of paintings, photographs, or a vase of flowers.
  • Bathroom is a stylish and modern room: a large mirror, a modern shower cabin, open shelves and light wood, stone or wooden walls, tiled floor.

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