Industrial Style House Interior Design Overview with Photos

A very popular industrial style is distinguished by the use of hard and rough surfaces. This style is associated with industrial areas. The basis of this style is open spaces since it goes back to the design of large buildings, such as factory floors, warehouses. In order to use the industrial style in the interior, the room must be spacious, large, with high ceilings. The versatility of a room is often used to combine into one space, for example, a kitchen, a living room, and a dining room.

Industrial Style House Interior Design Overview with Photos. Plant interior reworked as the living space with metal ceiling beams Industrial Style House Interior Design Overview with Photos. Metal ceiling carcass and the light designed furniture

The concept of industrial style is minimalism, so the amount of furniture and household items is minimal. But enough space remains to store things. The decor redundancy is not inherent in this style. The lines are strict and straight.

Industrial Style House Interior Design Overview with Photos. Stunning large round mirror with black frame at the interior with separatedly standing walls

Types of Industrial Style

There are two types of industrial style:

Natural. That is, it means natural, originally laid down style elements. Perhaps the premises were once a factory or workshop. All the attributes that are initially available for the building are left in use: beams, stairs, hoods, ventilation, pipes.

Industrial Style House Interior Design Overview with Photos. Typical industrial apartment with large windows and leather furniture Industrial Style House Interior Design Overview with Photos. Great idea with yellow ceiling beams and gray walls for spacious open layout house

Artificial. Here, the industrial style is created intentionally. The new walls are given the appearance of artificial antiquity and all the elements inherent in this logical development. Decorative brickwork or even special concrete imitation murals are used. In the artificial form of the industrial style, it is necessary to choose the right accessories that are characteristic of an industrial building.

Industrial Style House Interior Design Overview with Photos. Stunning open space house decoration in artificial loft/industrial style Industrial Style House Interior Design Overview with Photos. urban apartment with central living zone with creamy beige walls and large windows

This style is more suitable for the exterior decoration of buildings. It is also often used to give pubs and restaurants an original atmosphere. “Industrial” can be found in the design of shops, cafes. It is aimed at young, developing people.

The industrial style has a utilitarian approach to designing and creates a unique look to the modern interior.

Industrial Style House Interior Design Overview with Photos. Simple deisgned corridor with stairs in steamy white

By the way, this style was not previously singled out as an independent, self-sufficient direction. It was just a part of our daily lives. But then, over time, people learned to appreciate it for its expressiveness, unpretentiousness, which is inherent in the unprocessed surface, objects, and architecture created from recycled materials.

What else distinguishes the industrial style? It is accessibility and low budget since it embodies the simplicity of things, has the perfect combination of function and form. In addition, this style in the interior is also comfortable, attractive and original.

Industrial Style House Interior Design Overview with Photos. Dark wooden finished space of the home office

As mentioned above, a distinctive feature of the industrial style is minimalism and the absence of excessive decor, this also applies to furniture: no trinkets and curls, only clean, clear lines.

Industrial Style House Interior Design Overview with Photos. Hi-tech touch of the house with airy concrete stairwayIndustrial Style House Interior Design Overview with Photos. Transparent sliding door for urban casual living space

Parts from the garage or items from the flea market are perfect. Think of a completely different application for things. For example, a wooden box can turn into an excellent table or stool, a stepladder can become shelves and so on.

Industrial Style Furniture

As furniture, it is worth choosing something simple. The upholstery should be monochromatic, neutral in color, made of natural materials. Frills, small patterns and other similar details of decoration will not suit you. All this does not apply to the industrial style.

Blue armchair as an accent of the living zone of the industrial styled apartment with aged ceoncrete ceiling and panoramic windows Orange accent for apparently industrial room with fluffy rug at the living zone Large zone living zone with yellow chairs, Tv-set and decorated with brickwork Gray ceiling and walls to emphasize living zone and dark floor woden headboard and platform bed with storage compartments aside for large bedroom with angular panoramic window

Industrial Style Bedroom

Of course, no one forces you to choose dark “manufacture” tones for decorating your home in an industrial style. You can dilute it with something colored and interesting. So, for example, the entire bedroom can be designed in this style, but put the bright, juicy bedspread on the bed and decorate it all with colorful decorative pillows and a colorful picture. And you will get a unique interior of your room, which will always give an excellent mood.

Chocolate colored toilet zone in the large industrial bathroom

Another option for an industrial bedroom is a “minimal accent”, that is, place only 2 – 3 accents in the whole room. Of course, in the Industrial style and your room will become extremely cozy and comfortable. Such accents can be a brick wall, black glass cabinet doors, and a white bed. You can dilute this minimalism with a picture having an interesting (urbanistic) image.

LED lit brickwork wall with picture decoration

Industrial Style Kitchen

As for the design of the kitchen in an industrial style, the wood looks perfect in alliance with the brick. The wood itself always looks beautiful, natural, noble and very comfortable. And the brickwork, which gives the interior the necessary industrial features, is also practical. Designers also use built-in wardrobes and a refrigerator to achieve style completeness, reflecting a minimalist concept.

Black frame glass ceiling over the wooden trimmed industrial kitchen

Industrial Style Bathroom

The bathroom is no exception to the design of the living space in an industrial style. Everything here should also be simple, harmonious and without frills. Brickwork is perfect for decorating a wall; it looks beautiful and natural. By using glass partitions, you will achieve the desired result, as this creates the effect of simplicity, which is the main thing in an industrial interior.

Glass delimited shower zone and open brickwork wall for industrial bathroom

Lots of people have recently loved industrial style. It fills the house with the order, comfort, and functionality.

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