Modern Country Style Rural House

Many owners of houses located in the countryside are trying to arrange their accommodation with the maximum closeness to nature. The use of natural materials such as wood and stone is very conducive to achieve this effect. Selection of country style to execute the facade of the building and interior decoration of the house is often became the basis for the design-project concept in this case. Country style is warm and cozy, clean, and comfortable. However, many homeowners of suburban housing would like to see their homes not only comfortable, practical, environmentally friendly, but also modern. We present a design project of a modern country style rural house, which was able to organically combine all of the decoration features of private apartments.

lawn in the village with the wooden house in long-range plan

Tucked away under the canopy of trees, this two-story building has very organically fitted into the surrounding landscape, in spite of the experimental architecture. Designers together with the architect have developed a plan for an unusual building, with rooms of different shapes, height, and design features. Panoramic windows alternate with small windows, wooden surfaces are transforming into stone ones and rectangular shapes are combined with rounded lines. Open balconies, terraces, and a small area under the peaks evenly distributed around the perimeter of the building.

dream wooden house in the forest among the trees Well rounded "tower" of the wooden-stone in the foreground

Sloping roofs of the building provide an even deliverance of the snow without the intervention of the hosts in the winter. Protruding canopies provide shade for the windows, entrances, and balconies in the hot season.

Wooden house facade in the morning

The house has several exits – to the fenced but not glazed balconies, small terraces, and just outside. In any of these places is easy to arrange space for outdoor activities. You just need to allocate a comfortable chair or a garden chair and a small table stand.

Slender dream wooden house structure from the side view rocky landscape with the reviewed wooden dream house in country style

Landscape design of territory was created with maximum adaptation to the existing features of a local nature. The designer’s task was to manage to create a beautiful, practical, and clear image of the infield with minimal intrusion into the local landscape.

Modern Country Style Rural House. highlighted exterior of the house looking like a wooden castle Backyard view of the wooden house`s facade

But let’s overview the homeownership from the main entrance. The facade decoration of the building is very diverse, but it looks very harmonious – light wood as a facing material perfectly blends with natural stone and the dark edging metal elements act as a contrast color, giving rigor and clarity to the external image of the building.

Modern Country Style Rural House. View from the entrance Modern Country Style Rural House. Stone finished walls and far protruding roof canopies

The originally designed main entrance of the country house is impressive. Using the tree trunk as one of the pillars is a bold design course. The very design of the main door and the space around it makes people breathless in anticipation of what can be seen inside the building.

Modern Country Style Rural House. Glass entry door and the porch

At night, the facade can be described perfectly, thanks to backlighting at several levels. Not only for security motives but also for decorative purposes, garden lamps are evenly distributed on the territory near the house.

Modern Country Style Rural House. Stone finished walls and far protruding roof canopies Side view of the modern country style house in the evening

In order to use country style motifs in full, space needs to be really bright and roomy. After all, plenty of wood and stone surfaces significantly changes the structure of space. Large beams on the ceiling, the structures of overlaps and supports, masonry with its highly visible texture bring a special character to the interior of the room. Due to the fact that a large part of the walls in the living room is made of glass, space is perfectly illuminated by solar rays. The room is equipped with a whole lighting system for night time.

Light wooden living room with the panoramic windows and grid of ceiling beams

The centerpiece of the living room, of course, has become a large fireplace, penetrating with its chimney far above the second floor. The sitting area with upholstered furniture is classically located in front of the hearth – roomy sofas, comfortable chairs, and a variety of tables, stands, are built on the “well” principle. Comfortable rest in the living room segment delineated old carpeting.

Overall look at the extremely high living room with the high windows and large supporting beams

High ceilings with wooden pillars, stone walls, and ceiling beams look very monumental. various design techniques are used to mitigate this chamber atmosphere – “cozy” textiles for upholstery and covers of seat cushions and rollers (velvet and velour), carpeting, live plants, flowers in vases.

Absolutely common space of the whole house is criss cross in the living room

There is also a video area, but designers assign it of secondary importance and that is why don’t locate it at the fire space, as it can often be found in the interiors of country houses. Besides, the space-saving factor is not about this homeownership – the living room is more than spacious.

Stone finished accent wall with the fireplace

The space of the first floor has an open plan, allowing to maintain a sense of freedom, spaciousness, and easy motion between the functional segments. And yet, some of the spacious rooms have zoning, albeit very conditional. For example, the kitchen and dining segment is slightly elevated with respect to the living room.

Futuristic and loft strokes in the studio living room of the private house

The ceiling of the kitchen is not as high as in the living room. But the designers decided not to deviate from the chosen concept of surfaces’ design, actively using wooden elements in the form of cladding, ceiling beams, supporting structures, and slabs. The feeling of a spacious and bright room does not leave this area because of the large panoramic windows. A kitchen set of angular modifications is designed to match the decoration of the room by a combination of wooden surfaces with dark, contrasting elements. The dining area is decorated even more originally – a worktop of a solid piece of wood retaining its bizarre form combines unusually organic with classic chairs with light velvet upholstery.

Modern Country Style Rural House. Studio living room with dining zone

The highlight of the country house can undoubtedly consider an originally arranged library. A semicircular room with built-in bookshelves cannot be confused with one another. The unusual shape of the home library emphasizes the multi-level design of the ceiling with the help of suspended structures with integrated lighting. You can comfortably sprawl in cozy chairs or do some work at the desk in the library. There are all conditions for privacy and concentrated work.

Modern Country Style Rural House. Library with the round high ceiling

Even rustic country elements have been used when making a modern country house – large stones with rough surfaces, or even without it became part of the interior. A harmonious combination of the elements of rural life and even some primitivism with advanced appliances or pieces of furniture of modern design leads to the creation of a completely unique interior.

Modern Country Style Rural House. Crude stone trimming of the hearthStone trimming of thу walls in the calm atmosphere of the second floor living

The private house has a few stairs. All of them are constructed of wood and metal on the basis of practical security. Reliable, sturdy construction as if representing the overall structure of a country house. We have reviewed the reliable and practical residence created in harmony with nature, eco-friendly, and modern at the same time.

One of the staircases with metal frame and wooden handrails

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