Bright Interior Design Ideas for Private House

Many of us have already bored with bright interiors in pastel shades. Endless white walls and a few spots of color acting as the contrast is a nice way to expand the space. But whether they bring optimism and good humor in the character of the interior? How to add brightness to the design of our own homes, do not overdo it, keeping the balance and harmony in the color palette? How to use colorful shades to highlight the most important interior parts and do not overload the room with bursts of bright color? We hope that the next design project of the bright interior design ideas for a private house in an American suburb will inspire you to bold color solutions, the use of furniture and decor in a bright execution, but at the same time will tell the possibility to maintain a balance and create a pleasant atmosphere of your own home.

We begin our examination with the facade of the building. Such a house, once been seeing on the street, would not be confused with one another. The two-story building with an attic decorated in gray tones. The design of windows and doors, passing through the entire height of the structure with a continuous glass ribbon, adds brightness to the facade. The pointed roof protrudes above the main entrance, creating a protective shield over the porch. And small trees in the garden tubs at the front door telling us about the positive attitude of hospitable hosts.

Bright Interior Design Ideas for Private House. Unusual exterior of the spectacular building

The ground floor accommodates a garage, entrance to which is carried out to the back yard. The canopy above the garage serves as the outdoor terrace to the second floor of a private home. There is also a recreation area in the open air. Given that the terrace goes out to the back yard of homeownership – you can be sure of rest segment privacy and open-air sunbathing.

Bright Interior Design Ideas for Private House. Panoramic windows provide plenty of natural light

As soon as you enter a private home, we see that we will explore a lot of interesting color combinations in its interior. But this is not to say that the design of homeownership is overloaded with color – space image is light and easy, not devoid of positive. For example, the entrance hall is decorated in bright colors, but bright orange inserts fill the atmosphere of the auxiliary premises with summer mood. And the use of contrasting prints for floors’ lining brings some kind of dynamism to the interior.

Bright Interior Design Ideas for Private House. Staircase is located right in front of the windows

Living room, adjacent to the entrance hall, is decorated with a combination of warm and cold colors. Interior walls, zoning hallway from the rest segment, became the basis for creating the video area and the location of the low storage systems. But the main feature of the interior of the living room was the color choice for the execution of furniture, furnishing and decor, especially the carpet. Using the flower theme for decorating the room allowed to bring touches of spring mood.

Bright Interior Design Ideas for Private House. Very rich color palette in the finishing of the living

Not blank interior partitions allow clearly zoned space without interfering with visibility. You can be in the living room and at the same time to see the one who raise the stairs and enters the kitchen area. These low racks have built-in form because they are attached to the partition, creating a single structure, very convenient to use.

Bright Interior Design Ideas for Private House. Nice grid form of the staircase fence

Kitchen-dining room located next to the living is striking not only for its scale but design also. The spacious room bathed in natural light is full of contrasting combinations and original solutions in the decoration and space furnishing. A whole wall with windows and a door (access to the terrace) has become the accent element in the decoration. Black-and-white print wallpaper acts as a kind of intermediary between the snow-white trim of ceiling, walls and dark trim of the window and door openings. These color combinations are used in the design of a dining group and a large kitchen island.

Bright Interior Design Ideas for Private House. Dining room with a lot of space for many people

Bright performance of kitchen fronts has allowed not just to bring a variety of color in the interior of the room, but to increase the intensity of functional space design by several levels. This single-row, roomy, and incredibly practical furniture set is like the separate sun in the interior of a private house. Together with the island kitchen set, despite its one-row construction, has allowed placing more than the required amount of storage, work surfaces, and appliances.

Bright Interior Design Ideas for Private House. Black contrasting chandeliers over the kitchen island

The kitchen area allows using the space allocated for furniture not only for the necessary elements but also for devices that facilitate the carrying out of the kitchen working processes. For example, a pullout coffee station is a convenient, practical, and functional element of progress. It will save time and will prepare a refreshing drink while you are doing other things.

Bright Interior Design Ideas for Private House. Light vivid yellow kitchen with the dining area

The final touch in the formation of the image of multi-functional kitchen-dining area became using of black and white combinations in producing a short-meals zone and dining segment. Kitchen island with bar stools and white-black hanging lamps look spectacular in the operating segment of the kitchen. While dark chairs of the dining area constitute the contrast to the white plafonds of the whole lighting system over the spacious wooden desk.

Bright Interior Design Ideas for Private House. Pullout coffe machine in the cabinet

The interior of the bedroom, despite the active use of all shades of gray, also found a place for the brightness. In a series of successive gray shades brighter execution of hanging chandeliers with lots of decorative elements is like the first ray of sunlight at the beginning of a new day. The bedroom interior is not overloaded with details only the most necessary things for a comfortable stay in a cozy and relaxing environment.

Bright Interior Design Ideas for Private House. Classic interior finish for the monumental bedroom with intricate designed chandelier

The idea of ​​embedding the whole cabinet system around the doorway has arranged a full dressing room in the bedroom. Light facades look easy, in spite of their massiveness. After all, the furniture ensemble occupies the space of the wall from floor to ceiling.

Bright Interior Design Ideas for Private House. Perspective view to the turquoise furniture set in the bathroom

The interior of the bathroom, where you can get only from the sleeping area, also received an area for the use of bright color. Turquoise storage facades under sinks look expressive, fresh, and non-trivial among the monotonous white-gray finish of utilitarian space. Just one piece of furniture changes the whole image of the room, increasing the degree of design uniqueness to an incredible height.

Bright Interior Design Ideas for Private House. Loft designed bathroom with playful color of the kitchen set

Another personal room is the child’s (nursery). It is decorated in incredibly positive, bright colors. As you know, green color is encouraging, it sets spring vigor and energizes the whole atmosphere. The use of various shades of green in the design of kid’s rooms is recommended not only by design experts but also by psychologists. But if you use colorful tones for interior finishing, it would be better to leave neutral colors (white, light gray) for the execution of furniture. Thus you`ll be able to avoid the excessive use of colors and color combinations.

Bright Interior Design Ideas for Private House. Green pallette for decorating of the kid's room

It was possible to organize a complete home office in the attic by arranging of working places in the areas of greatest slant of the ceiling. Large windows that fill the space with light and the use of light wood for cladding the ceiling, white walls, and a selection of furniture in pastel colors have helped to visually push aside the boundaries of space with complicated architecture. Dark interior elements, such as window decoration and pendant lights, bring necessary contrast, dynamism, and a certain sharpness to the design of the attic.

Bright Interior Design Ideas for Private House. Working places of the home office at the loft with sloped wooden ceiling

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