Front Room Furnishing & Design Ideas

Front room is almost the same term as living room. But, strictly speaking, front room is the living room at the entrance to the house or apartment. In former times, people receive guests in hall at the entrance which transformed into smaller “front” room in houses of merchants and petty nobility. Many languages still keeping the meaning of living room as literally “front” or “forward” room. But there is a lot of design ideas are in public access. Can we open something new regarding the front room furnishing & design ideas for modern homes? There are always some nuances to be revealed and brand new techniques, shticks that can open a new sight on the subject.

Front Room Furnishing & Design Ideas. Black Classic upholstered furniture and zoning partition

Even Classic interiors which are the most conservative and committed to ancient roots allow dozed influence of the modern trends. Just take a look at those exquisite leather armchairs above – their black accentuation invites for business conversation.

Front Room Furnishing & Design Ideas for Classic style

Modern furniture market proposes items for every taste and real estate type. Paradoxically, but appearing of new trends, materials, life standards and appliances hadn’t reduced the demand in Classic decoration with its chic and pomposity. Unlike all fashion which gravitates to minimalism and rationalism, rich people often choose expensive Classic for their homes. And no one can argue that it is the finest way to emphasize status.

Front Room Furnishing & Design Ideas. Typical Contemporary interior with elaborated black accentual coffee table with glass top Retro styled front room in gold color schemeFront Room Furnishing & Design Ideas. All different furniture pieces for Classic atmosphere Classic decorated living rom with bay window in mild coffee-with-milk tones

Classic created a lot of succeeding styles like Retro, Shabby Chic, Kitsch and Vintage. They are open to bright colors, unusual deisgn solutions and bold furnishing. That’s why they lure creative people so strongly.

Front Room Furnishing & Design Ideas. Kitsch and eclectic interior decoration mix Front hall living zone with the classic white upholstered furniture setFront Room Furnishing & Design Ideas. Unusual upholstered furniture forms for the room with black curtains

Furniture is also a good meaning to introduce a new functional property of the room. Just couple of open cabinets, few designer’s tricks and you have a library combined with living zone.

Fron troom library with orange seats and sleeper at the window sill

Modern front room furnishing

Here we can have lots of disputes about numerous decorative elements, finishing materials and, of course, furniture that could drastically change the image of the front room. Every element can affect the overall picture. But let’s just look at the most successful and splendid pieces of iterior art. The boxed large room below with panoramic windows, terrace and functional use of every square feet of free space is surely worth attention. The round white solid plastic coffee table in center is bold accent element that complements the wall color theme but acts as dilution to strict lines of the room.

Front Room Furnishing & Design Ideas. Dark accents in light space

Another example of light spacious front room with artificial fireplace also has a sleeper at the window. In addition, wooden coffe table and shelving acts as a whole composition.

Modern style for the large living room with coffee table of unusual form

A little bit of expression is never too much for modern Fusion or Pop Art interior. Decorative steel vases, unusual metal frame for coffee table or a big expressionism picture – you can fantasize about the most striking accent for your apartment.

White colored walls for the living room with red upholstered modular sofa  Front Room Furnishing & Design Ideas. Modern experimental interior decoartion in impressionism way

The alloy of restrained Classic and Modernism left few chances to unleash creativity to the full extent. Here we should abide the color and form integrity without getting too much. But it doesn’t mean we should make the room boring.

Milky white color scheme for the living room with ebony ottoman in the center

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