Living Room Interior 2022: Fashionable Design Trends & Ideas

For the organization of the living room, as a rule, the largest room in the house or apartment is allocated. And this is absolutely the right decision because it is in this room we gather the whole family for joint rest and receive guests. And undoubtedly, it is necessary to have space for this. Also, it should be understood that the design of the living room should be aimed at multi-functionality. So that means all the components, including materials for finishing surfaces, furniture, and decorative elements, should not only look attractive but be as useful in everyday life.


  1. Major trends
  2. Color trends
  3. How to decorate lighting
  4. Wall decor
  5. Living room furniture
  6. Stylish Curtains
  7. Modern Living Room
  8. Classic decorations

The new decade has made some updates in all that concerns design trends and involves the introduction of completely new ideas in interior design. What innovations and fashionable design “chips” can be implemented in the arrangement of the main room (the living room) in 2022? The answer to this question you will find in the material below.

Living Room Interior 2022: Fashionable Design Trends & Ideas. Unusual aquamarine interior with quilted ottomanInterior Design Styles & Trends 2022 - Best Projects with Photos. Chalet house interior in dark brown tints

Living Room Interior 2022. Main Trends

In fact, there are many ways to beautifully and tastefully furnish the living room. The main feature of all without exception design ideas is a harmonious combination of functionality and originality.

Living Room Interior 2022: Fashionable Design Trends & Ideas. Nice white futuristic interior with large lighting island at the ceiling

In the season 2022 designers advise giving free rein to your imagination and not to worry about how this or that subject is appropriate for the living room. The main thing when choosing a general trend is to start from the size of the room and its main purpose.

Living Room Interior 2022: Fashionable Design Trends & Ideas. Casual living room with impressionistic picture

In general, the fashionable interior of the living room 2022 is based on such criteria:

  • A harmonious combination of functional zones with the overall space;
  • The use of high-quality and natural materials;
  • Use all possible variations of the combination of bright accents with laconic shades and pastel palette;
  • Original decorative elements.

Living Room Interior 2022: Fashionable Design Trends & Ideas. Contemporary living room interior with purple elements

Fashionable Color Solutions for the Living Room

The most popular color solutions for creating an interior in 2022 are recognized deep and muted shades, as close to natural as possible – blue, green, brown, gray, and beige. As well as the classic white, black and other bright colors, such as red and yellow, which are acceptable for creating stylish accents.

Living Room Interior 2022: Fashionable Design Trends & Ideas. Galley kitchen & living room in gray and white with shade of yellow

The restrained and calm background which accepts the catchy details is also in the trend. It will create a sense of purity and space in the room. And this fully meets the criteria of stylish interior ideas for the living room in the 2022 season.

Living Room Interior 2022: Fashionable Design Trends & Ideas. Purple walls and the modern furniture on exposed steel frames

How to Decorate Lighting in the Living Room

The key point in the lighting of the living room is the maximum amount of light. At the same time, the emphasis is exactly on natural light. The more it will get into the room, the freer and more harmonious will look this or that interior.

Living Room Interior 2022: Fashionable Design Trends & Ideas. English, Minimalistic and Scandinavian fusion of styles in one open space plan of the house

To give the room dynamics in addition to the main sources, such as chandeliers on the ceiling, you must organize additional lighting for walls, furniture, and other items of furniture. The effect of “floating” furniture or paintings will make the living room look more original and elegant.

Living Room Interior 2022: Fashionable Design Trends & Ideas. Impressive and open skeleton chandelier to set the mood over the impressionistic character of the open plan private house

Trendy Ideas for Wall Decoration

When there is a desire to change something in the room, the first thing that comes to mind is the walls. It is necessary to urgently do something with them – to update the finish, repaint, and so on. And in this situation, it is very important to initially compare our desires with the style solution of the room and only then proceed to the selection of necessary materials and the subsequent implementation of the conceived task.

Living Room Interior 2022: Fashionable Design Trends & Ideas. Black accent wall for modern designed living room with pelt near the armchair

In the season 2022 for the transformation of the living room designers offer to pay attention to such types of finishes as:

  • natural and artificial stone;
  • decorative plaster;
  • wooden panels;
  • different kinds of paint;
  • stylish wallpaper.

Each of the proposed options is quite usable to highlight one of the walls or in combination with other materials.

Living Room Interior 2022: Fashionable Design Trends & Ideas. Green and brown color stylistic of the living room

Furniture for the Living Room 2022

The main criterion when choosing furniture for the interior of the living room 2022 is the rule that sounds like “the smaller, the better”. Therefore, coming to the furniture store at once turn away from multi-piece sets. For us, it is important not to clutter every square meter with items of furniture, but on the contrary, to free the space from everything unnecessary. The main decoration of the living room is the sofa, and it is better if it is one of the modern models, which can easily accommodate two or three people.

Shabby chic living room with lots of colorful pillows on large sofa

As for cabinet furniture, it is important to pay attention to compact modular systems.

Cozy and homey atmosphere in the living room in lilac colors with green round ottoman

Another important component is a coffee table, without which it is simply impossible to imagine a comfortable rest sitting on a comfortable sofa. This may be a model, complementing the style of the other items of furniture or design product, which later will take on the role of the accent.

Classic interior for the living room with dark gray emphasized fireplace

In large living rooms, you can additionally place display cabinets, beautiful cabinets, and a couple of chairs.

Contemporary styled interior of the sand colored living room

The interior of smaller rooms can be supplemented with compact poufs or shelves in the style of decoration.

Living Room Interior 2022: Fashionable Design Trends & Ideas. Contemporary minimalistic room with main wall containing TV-set and the big plant at the window

Stylish Curtains for the Living Room

The procedure for choosing the perfect curtains for the living room is a whole science, which has certain rules. Therefore, do not rush to buy products “as I saw at the neighbor’s”. Not the fact that they will fit the style and color design of your living room. Also do not forget that only curtains made of quality materials look beautiful and stylish on the windows.

Living Room Interior 2022: Fashionable Design Trends & Ideas. Classic design full of green patterns

Classical models and mixed variations, such as blinds and fabric drapes, are in fashion. And also the products of light and airy fabrics allow daylight to enter the room unimpeded, therefore expanding the space.

Simple and successful beige and brown combination for casual living

Fashionable curtain colors are white, brown, turquoise, pale blue, blue, green, gray, red, and even black. Geometrics and florals are trending prints.

Nice plaid design of the accent wall and unusual crystal sphere chandeliers to make an interior unbeatable

Trendy Living Room 2022 in a Modern Style

Modern style in the interior is based on simplicity and minimalism, which does not mean a complete denial of bright colors or original decorative items. Laconic forms are very harmoniously combined with different accessories, without which, as we know, none of the designs will look complete.

Neaon backlight and pastel color palette for modern open space living with mirroring ceiling

The list of trendy ideas includes minimalism and Scandinavian style, eclectic and neoclassic. As well as fusion and contemporaries. The last two options are a mix of styles. In simple words, this is the perfect platform to bring your own ideas into reality.

Unusual barlike design for the living room with counter and bar stools as well as neon ceiling backlighting

Ideas for Decorating Living Room 2022 in the Classic Style

Classics always look refined and elegant. And modern interpretations of the style harmoniously combine traditions and fashion trends. The presence of high-quality finishing materials and expensive textiles, all kinds of decor with elements of gold, bronze, silver, antique, or stylized furniture is absolutely relevant in such living rooms. And do not forget about the large chandelier in the center of the ceiling, without which the classics will not be called classic. Among the classic interiors for the living room are the Empire, the Rococo, and the Baroque.

Green furniture for shabbe chic interior

Any ideas of fashionable interior 2022 for the living room are aimed at creating the coziest and comfortable atmosphere. In such a room you will always enjoy spending time with family and friends.

Simple furniture and totally white walls for casual living room Ultrmoadern minimalism with smooth surfaces and abrupt forms in the design Real chalet in the spacios Scandi designed private mansion with white walls and firewood racks Floating design of the living room with suspended bubble chair and glass coffee table Panoramic windows and gray furniture for sustainable designed studio apartment in the metropolis

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