Empire Interior Design Style

Empire style in the interior design of the apartment is the embodiment of imperial luxury, where clear forms and strictness of the classics are surprisingly combined with heavy ornaments and festive decorations. As the personification of order, peace, and quiet, Empire decor maintains its popularity even today: most often it is chosen for the decoration of the living room or office, exquisite salons, shops, and boutiques.


Empire Style. Demonstrative Greatness

To order the design of the apartment or house in the empire style means to bring it into the interior space of calm solemnity, luxury, and grace.

Luxurious and pumpous dining room in the classical concept of the Empire style "French salon" designer`s Empire living room in the apartment with elements of art-deco  Fireplace in the creamy trimmed living room in Empire style

Brief History of the Empire Interior Design Style Emergence

Empire style appeared in the early 19th century in France (this country is a very prolific culture center of the World as one can see), during the brief reign of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. The bombastic and pompous Empire was intended to emphasize the grandeur and sublimity of France: this effect can be achieved by using pilasters, columns, military attributes, fine wood, and gold leaf.

Empire styled spacious living room with modern and hi-tech notes

Despite the fact that the Empire combines the details and motives of several cultures, he still has the main goal – to convey the importance of the room to the human.

– Important! Interior style of Classicism and Empire have one important difference that can not be omitted. If Classicism primarily focused on Greek antiquity and culture of Athens, Empire Art it lies at the heart of the of the Ancient Rome.

Empire Today: a Particular Style

Empire in a modern interior – is a luxury environment, peace, harmony, and balance.

Empire style in the interior design of apartments, houses, cottages implies pure forms, symmetry, intricate design. Empire style in a residential area is characterized by a certain coldness, however, the house, designed to suit all styles and requirements, captivates the eye instantly.

  • Bedroom in the Empire style means the mandatory use of expensive fabrics (silk, velvet) and luxurious furniture. If it is hard to find suitable antique furnishings, you`ll better choose custom furniture. Be sure, it`s made of natural wood (preferably dark colors: mahogany or walnut). In addition, you can find the statues in Empire style or invite specialists to paint the walls according to all canons of this venerable style;

Chic bedroom in Empire style with painted and stylized furniture, trimmed suspended ceiling and gilded paints at the walls

  • Bathroom in the Empire style. It is a granite or marble floors, stucco ceilings, a large number of accessories, and the predominance of warm pastel shades in the interior. It must be large enough to accommodate the necessary furnishings (for example, an oversized chair is a classic element in the Empire style bathrooms);

Contemporary finished Empire bathroom with elements of minimalism and hi-tech

  • The kitchen in Empire style is always “smart”: the facades of kitchen units are decorated with stained glass, engravings, and paintings in exquisite frames at the wall. It is desirable that the window drapes were chosen to match the color of the wall decoration.

Enpire kitchen in all white with golden inlays and chic chandelier of medieval design. Wide windows finishing the image of luxury

The Design of non-Residential Premises in the Empire Style

If some time ago the Empire style could be found in the design of the Palaces of Marriages, the ambassador’s residences, and the offices of influential people; now the Empire style is popular for the decoration of shops, bridal salons, hotels, and even nightclubs! And it is quite logical: Empire allows the space to have both official and festive look.

  • Shop in the Empire style is characterized by the orderliness and, what`s most important, it allows you to place mirrors everywhere – we can say that it is the hallmark of Empire;
  • Empire style in the interior of SPA-salon contributes to the creation of a peaceful environment. The interesting color combination will create a truly the most spectacular interior (the combination of black or white with emerald green, burgundy, and blue shades);
  • Empire style in the interior of textiles or curtains shop is an excellent option for the decoration of premises: what can emphasize the beauty and luxury of fabrics better than elegant wooden furniture?!

Big trading mall in the Empire style with silver shades and mirrors. Carved stucco at the ceiling and crystal chandeliers amplifiy the atmosphere of royalty

Stalin’s Empire

We would like to talk a bit about such a concept as the “Stalinist Empire in the design” trend that originated in the Soviet Union (under Stalin). It is characterized by the following features:

  • Simple furniture made of natural wood. Carving in the form of images of Soviet symbols is acceptable. The number of furniture is rather limited: a wardrobe, a dining table, a desk, and a bulky leather sofa;
  • Massive “bronze” chandeliers, decorated with crystal pendants are perfect as the light sources.

Finishing the interior and its furnishings are created in such a way that the room eventually had been giving the impression of rigor and increasing operability.

That`s why the “Empire” concept is well-known in the republics of the former USSR and you can meet a really valuable piece of architecture there.

Modest discreet contemporary design of the living room in Stalin`s Empire style Classic Stalin`s empire style with wooden monolith furniture and massive bronze chandelier

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