Rococo Interior Design Style

Elegant, flirty, luxurious and playful Rococo style is ideal for exquisite bedrooms, chamber salons, cozy living rooms. Rococo style in interior design of houses, apartments or salon reflects the desire of premises` owners to emphasize the high status and excellent taste, expressed in love for detail, in a carefully thought-out combination of furniture and interior design, the ability to combine the dynamic forms with cool lines. There are lovers of this style all around the globe.

Rococo style is a mixture of sentimentality and provocation, elegance and chic, ease and detail in the interior design.

Exquisite style of Rococo in the interior of villa hall

The characteristic features of the style Rococo:

  • Gentle colors, combined with the glance of gold: light pink, cream, light blue, light shades of purple, green, yellow, peach, pearl, cream colors, etc .;
  • Luxury materials: natural wood, elegant fabrics (brocade, silk, satin, velvet), glass and crystal, forged metal elements (bronze, brass, copper, etc.), natural and artificial gilding;
  • Elegant, comfortable rooms;
  • The abundance of decorative elements, mirrors and paintings in massive gilt frames, figurines and boxes, antique clock and wrought candelabra;
  • The presence of elements of Chinese style, due to the fashion trends with their oriental luxury and boudoir mystery: screens, curtains, fans, tapestries with oriental landscapes and charming Chinese women in chic attire;
  • Rococo tends to mythological and erotic subjects: images and figures of nymphs, cupids, Dryads, ancient gods and goddesses adorning the interior in this style;
  • Basics of style are asymmetry, smooth lines, rounded forms, decorative loading.

Rococo Interior Design Style features in one photo of really chic suburban house

This style embodies the spirit of the boudoir – intimate, feminine, luxurious and comfortable. Rococo style in the interior of the house is the charm of exquisite chic, flair of secrets: secret rooms, hidden drawers of cupboards and cabinets, boxes with secret and escritoire with invisible partitions. Design in the Rococo style is both romantic and mysterious, bold and provocative. It creates an atmosphere of ease, mystery and intrigue.

Rococo interior design style features


  • The furniture in the Rococo style is comfortable and luxurious: soft chairs, armchairs, sofa, couch; elegant benches and desks, dressing tables and bedside tables; luxurious spacious closets; decorative tables; luxurious bed with a carved headboard;
  • Carved, rounded legs of chairs, sofas, tables and chairs are topical;
  • Richly decorated with stucco carvings, embroidery furniture;
  • Center for the living room in this style should be a massive fireplace with shelves;
  • The basis of style are rounded shapes, so nothing should be rectangular: backrest and seat of chairs, dining table, cabinets and tables – everything need to be rounded.

Unique carved handmade Rococo style furniture in spacious high room with fireplace and a huge mirror White and light violet furniture in the grandeur pompous interior of the countruside residence Cute neat boudoir with the nightstand, peculiar carpet and gilded curtain


  • Rococo is the style of refined, elegant fabrics, adorned with embroidery;
  • For window decorations will fit heavy drapes of saturated colors, combined with light long white curtains;
  • Patterned carpet in oriental style will look organically on the floor;
  • Walls, chipped with expensive fabrics and golden pattern on it, have authentic look;
  • Upholstered furniture should look comfortable and expensive.

Nice furniture set with velvety aspid pink textile and lots of decorative elements in Rococo style

Decor and trimming

  • Walls can be both upholstered with cloth and decorate wallpaper or wall panels. The main motive – reliefs and carvings. Moldings in the form of scrolls, shells, cupids are appropriate.
  • Rococo welcomes rounding so the transition from the walls to the ceiling should also be smooth, rounded. Combining the walls and ceiling can be reached with the help of the general pattern, thread or frescoes.
  • Floor can be both wooden and stone (marble or appropriate quality imitation).
  • Convey the atmosphere of rococo help properly chosen parts: crystal chandelier imitating candelabra with many candles, elegant vases, boxes, frames, mirrors, screens, porcelain and wood, gold watches and decorative pillows with embroidery. Rococo embroidery is pastoral or mythological scenes, rural landscapes and scenes of boudoir life in Europe XVII – XVIII centuries.
  • Rococo appreciates such areas of decor as sculpture, painting, embroidery, jewelry, carvings.

Excellence of taste in the modern Rococo Interior Design Style

History of Style

Rococo interior originated in France in the early XVIII century. It was originally called “the style of Louis XV». Period of his reigning coincides with the heyday of the French Rococo. This style became the epitome of the aristocratic circles` attraction to delight, desire to plunge into the elite world of carefree carnival and mysterious atmosphere of boudoir life. Rococo is the style of luxury illusion, detachment from reality, the desire for the pleasures of life.

Rococo is feminine style. It was created and transformed by the female favorites of the king, and therefore this style embodies love, intrigue and excitement of the holiday. Luxurious, but fleeting, beautiful but temporary.

Interior design in the style of Rococo embodies sensuality and sophistication, mystery and elegance, comfort and beauty.

This style has a lot in common with its predecessor, the Baroque style. What is the difference between Baroque and Rococo? Baroque is a solemn pageantry and Rococo is graceful coquetry and playful finesse. Baroque is embodied in monumental grandeur, Rococo – in a refined intimacy. Baroque is contrast, bright colors, symmetry and scale, Rococo is pastel shades, grace, boudoir atmosphere.

Where does Rococo style appropriate?

Rococo is for connoisseurs of luxury and comfort, refined chic and refined elaboration of the smallest detail.

Rococo style in the interior of the apartment is the beauty and comfort, intimacy and elegance. Every room in the style of Rococo has to be elegant and mysterious, individual and elegant.

  • Rococo bedroom implies a massive bed with a carved headboard, elegant canopy of silk or satin bedspread, tiny nightstand and elegant dressing table with a large mirror in a heavy frame;

Nice modern children`s bedroom and study room in one. Lots of gold, ancient chandуlier, pastel colors and wallpaper with print

  • Rococo style living room means comfortable, luxurious furniture, heavy curtains, fanciful chandelier, paintings with thematic images, fireplace, shelf, which is crowded with porcelain figurines, vases, jewelry boxes etc.;

Living room in the Rococo style and wooden trimming

  • Rococo kitchen should be the territory of the bright furniture with carved facades. White and gold color, less often – golden beige colors are ruling here. Round dining table and elegant chairs, a large chandelier with crystal pendants, china and glassware behind the transparent doors of the kitchen cabinet.

Modern Rococo design of the kitchen with stucco ceiling and marble floor

Rococo apartment is a luxurious and cozy place. However, if you do not want your home to become a warehouse of pretentious mismatched furniture and interior details, you will need to rely the design of the Rococo styled apartment on professionals.

This style is perfect for the small luxury hotels. Rococo style in the interior of the office is appropriate for art and wedding organizations. Order interior design Rococo – so give your customers a festive mood and atmosphere of joy and beauty.

Why Rococo?

Rococo is not just a style of interior, it’s a lifestyle. The era of European aristocrats, eager for pleasure and enjoyment, will appeal to those who likes life and knows how to enjoy it.

Rococo interior is the beauty and mystery, luxury and elegance, finesse and pretentiousness. Soft colors and rounded shapes elegance, comfort of furniture designed to have fun and pleasing view of the integrity of the well thought-out environment – all this makes the Rococo style so attractive.

Unique emerald bathroom in Rococo style with columns, paintings and plastered ceiling with grandeur chandelier White and gold "classic" combination in modern chic Rococo home office with luxurious furniture simualting past European royal fineness

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