Contemporary Sofas to Modernize Your Living Room Decoration

If your living room is in need of a renovation, contemporary designer sofas like Poliform modern sofas may just be the perfect solution.

Living rooms are one of the most important spaces in modern homes. Traditionally, it has been used as the space to welcome visitors, as well as the relaxation space for the family members. With the overall changes in the way we live and the way our homes are designed these days, it is now a multi-functional space with storage facilities, entertainment hubs, sleeping arrangements, and so forth.

Contemporary Sofas to Modernize Your Living Room Decoration. Spacious loft designed living room with minimalistic approach and clay colored furniture set

Therefore, it’s paramount that you choose your sofa carefully, and combine them with the other furniture as perfectly as possible. Nonetheless, it still has to be a fashionable space that showcases your own personal taste and style. The brilliant collection of Poliform modern sofas can certainly help you in this regard.

Different Styles of Contemporary Sofas

In general, contemporary sofas are designed in a streamlined, minimalist way with plenty of storage and other facilities. Some are fixed, while some others are sectional or modular. In terms of aesthetics, contemporary sofas tend to be a little simplistic, perfectly complementing the structural design and enhancing it in the process. However, while opting for a particular design; you should always consider the amount of space you have, along with the interior design concept you are using all across your home.

Sofas for a Spacious Living Room

If you have a lot of space in your living room, you can easily opt for a long, corner sofa to build a refuge island. Combine them with double cushion and different divans to add a little variety, while enhancing the comfort. If your structure is vibrant and colorful, opt for a linear design such as Bristol, Tribeca and such offered as part of the collection of Poliform modern sofas. If you have a minimalist wall décor, you can add a little elegance with the help of Bellport style designed by Jean-Marie Massaud. If you have a large window on one side of the space, adding a contrasting armchair would effortlessly enhance the allure of the space.

Contemporary Sofas to Modernize Your Living Room Decoration. Dark gray floor and slightly lighter gray rug to delimiter chatting zone in the living room

Sofas for a Small Living Room

What happens if you have a smaller space to fit in a lot of things? The answer is to opt for a modular design like Dune, designed by Carlo Colombo as part of the Poliform modern sofa collection. Offering comprehensive freedom of choice, you can extend or shorten this particular style as per your needs.

In a challenging corner with special needs, the best idea would be to opt for the brilliant Shangai style. Offering an immense versatility and some intriguing geometric shape, this style would fit in perfectly irrespective of the shape of your space. They are also offered in a toned-down, yet striking color varieties – the essence of a brilliant contemporary design. The Soho sofa, on the other hand, is so chic and fashionable that it can brighten up any mundane space.

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