Brick Wall in the Living Room Stylish Interior

The living room is one of the main rooms in the house. Here one receives dear guests; the whole family gathering for a pleasant pastime. Such functionality of the room obliges it to be beautiful and comfortable. Designers offer a lot of interesting and stylish ideas for decorating the interior of the living room. One of the most popular is the use of brick wall decor.


Grandeur classic interior with dark ceiling and floor pattern, and glass coffee table

Brickwork in the Living Room

The use of such a variant of finishing is incredibly popular. Most often they use light shades of brick color. Brick masonry can be different in size. For example, one wall of the living room is completely decorated with real brick or finished “bricklike” with wallpaper or decorative plaster.

Brick Wall in the Living Room Stylish Interior. Simple loft design with a cloth poster

Vertical masonry on the sides of the walls adds completeness to the interior. It bestows an especially effective look for a combination of bricks of different shades. It is also possible to lay out a partition or a rack of bricks, provided that the area of the living room allows to do so.

Brick Wall in the Living Room Stylish Interior. Nice contemporary interior with kitchen zone in wood and mild pastel colored living zone


Brick Wall in the Interior of the Living Room

Interior with a brick wall of natural or imitation materials is a fashionable solution, which has many advantages. The main of them are affordability, natural and safe materials, versatility, easy to perform finishing work.

Brick Wall in the Living Room Stylish Interior. Great modern design with LED backlight of the TV and loft styled shelving near it

Stylish brick decoration of walls or parts of them in the living room can be performed with modern materials: different types of facing brick, wallpaper with texture and pattern “like a brick”, panels of PVC or fiberboard, ceramic tiles, elements of plaster.

Brick Wall in the Living Room Stylish Interior. Large artwork at the accent wall

Living Room with White Brick Wall

The white brick wall refreshes and literally lights up the interior of the living room. Such a snow-white brick element is in harmony with any interior style, including those made in contrasting dark shades: loft, boho, high-tech, and Provence.

Brick Wall in the Living Room Stylish Interior. Totally white pastel room with low coffee table and chic leather furniture set

White brick on the wall is an excellent platform for placing pictures, posters, various decor. Such a surface can easily be refreshed, update the color by doing a self-whitewashing of the wall. Also, a white brick wall, if necessary, will help in the visual expansion of space.

Brick Wall in the Living Room Stylish Interior. Nice white and black contrast in the interior thanks to black fan, TV and its rod lighting

Gray Brick Wall in the Interior of the Living Room

This option of living room interior design is very attractive. The elegant, saturated, non-marking gray color is widely used in the decoration of living rooms. It is the gray brick on the wall of the living room that creates a uniquely delicate and harmonious, and at the same time cozy and neutral atmosphere.

Brick Wall in the Living Room Stylish Interior. Yellow and black landscape at the loft designed room with large corner sofa

The choice of this color solution is especially appropriate when using bright accents and decor in the interior of the living room. Various shades of gray are the ideal solution for the brick wall in the styles of loft, hiпр-tech, and minimalism.

Brick Wall in the Living Room Stylish Interior. Exposed ceiling beams of the loft room with the TV and the fireplace

Brick Wallpaper in the Living Room

Birck imitating wallpaper is a trendy, textured, beautiful, and unusually stylish imitation of natural brick. Such “brick” wallpaper comes in different colors and shades, different textures, and quality. It also differs in the material and the price. The most common wallpaper is made of durable and pliable vinyl, breathable and dense non-woven, paper with a washable surface. And accordingly, the cost of a roll of such wallpaper will be different: the cheapest (but inferior in durability) paper-based one, and more expensive high-quality and durable vinyl or non-woven.

Brick Wall in the Living Room Stylish Interior. Black lamp chandelier and the artificial fireplace

Brick Fireplaces in the Living Room

The construction of fireplaces in the living rooms of large private homes or designer imitation fireplaces in the smaller living rooms of apartment buildings is equally popular in recent years. You can opt for a fireplace entirely made of brick of a suitable and favorite color. Otherwise, you can order a fireplace made of cast iron, and the facade of the fireplace and decorate the surrounding area with brick decor.

Usual brick laid wall with the fireplace and the open lattice of ceiling beams for modern loft living room

Brick Living Room in the Loft Style

The distinctive, original, and brutal interior style called loft necessarily includes an integral attribute in the form of brick decoration. Actually, the very idea of finishing the interior with brick was born together with the loft style at the beginning of the last century in North America. At the time there was an economic crisis and many workers could not rent housing and live in the working brick rooms.

High-tech designed living with white walls and exposed brickwork at the accent wall

Today the brickwork is not a sign of need and poverty, but an element of stylish interior design with excellent characteristics: functionality, comfort, moderation, convenience, comfort, coziness, elegance. Good-looking brickwork, of course.

White and beige combination for the living room

An excellent and characteristic element of interior design in the loft style can be a brick fireplace. The color and variation of the brick design should be chosen according to the size of your wallet and in harmony with the rest of the details and elements of the interior.

Whitewashed brick wall and rough treated ceiling with exposed beams for loft living with large floor lamp and the gray sofa

Kitchen and Living Room with a Brick Wall

Nowadays, redevelopment and unification of several rooms or some functional areas of the usual average apartment or private house in one are very relevant. Designers often combine and make the common functional space of the kitchen and the adjacent room to arrange a full and stylish living room. This is extremely convenient, because the kitchen, combined or united with the living room is a great tandem of rooms, designed to meet guests and serve treats prepared by the hostess of the house herself, family gatherings, favorite holidays at a big dinner table.

Typical loft with large brick vaults and broad high windows

Designers recommend using different shades of brick or brick imitating coating in the kitchen-living room. So the interior will not lose its brightness, richness, and its unsurpassed special atmosphere.

The living room with brick walls and exposed ventilation system

It is obvious that the decor of brick or materials imitating it is in great demand. It is worth noting that the most beautiful versions of interior decor with the use of a brick theme are a huge number. Therefore, if you strive for a modern, stylish, cozy, and welcoming living room design, feel free to use the ideas of designers when implementing the project of repairing and decorating the living room.

Dark red brick for modern styled room with black door frame and beige furniture Dark wooden planks for accent wall on the large living room with huge gray corner sofa Brick wall built to zone the apartment and low tier of the cozy modern furniture White wooden lattice to zone the areas in the living room with royal black glossy coffee table and led lighting of the hovering vanity under the TV-set

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