Contemporary Interior Design Style. Nice Option for Mid Budget

Everyone who has decided to change the interior in his apartment builds in his or her thoughts “plenty of plans “, but, alas, the reality often does not allow them to be realized. And people would like to see their renovated apartment in one of the classic styles. The banal reason for this is the family budget. However, creative people who are always on the lookout will find a solution that allows, to some extent, achieving what is desired with an average budget. One of such solutions is the Contemporary style.


Contemporary style has appeared comparatively recently, in the middle of the XX century. Of course, because of its newness, it does not have such vast popularity as some modern styles (Scandinavian, Minimalism, etc.), but its youth and qualities indicate great promise. The reason for this statement is that this style absorbs all the best that its modern rivals in the field of the interior have – simplicity, functionality, and color scale.

Features of Contemporary Styled Home


This feature immediately catches your eye when you first get acquainted with the style of Contemporary. The main colors of the interior are black and white, their shades in the form of a wide range of gray. However, these colors do not confine the palette of the interior. It is possible to use brown, dark blue, beige shades. Here everything depends on your taste and choice. But monochromaticity should be seen in all the details of the interior: the surface of walls, ceiling, floor, furniture, textiles.

Monochromatic color background can be compensated by the variety of textures present in the interior of the room. A gloss of glass, steel, acrylic is perfectly combined with natural wood and fabrics.

Modern Contemporary Furniture and its Functionality

Furniture in this style should be multifunctional. This feature allows you to preserve the space and the feeling of freedom in the room. This is facilitated by all sorts of built-in closets, niches that hide a variety of home appliances (TVs, speakers, fireplaces, refrigerators). The best functionality is manifested in the interior of the kitchen. Here, like in no other room, the prevailing principle is “everything that can be hidden from an outsider must be hidden.” There are many options for implementing this principle, but the most common is the use of furniture for a special design. More details about such furniture can be found here.

In addition to multifunctionality, interior furniture in the style of Contemporary characterized by smoothed shapes and straight lines. Finishing is missing, everything looks simple and, at the same time, elegant. The color of the furniture is predominantly white, although a variant with light gray shades is possible, which does not in the least disturb the harmonious combination of light and dark tones. The presence of other colors is allowed, but only as accents.

Decor and Accessories

We have already mentioned the simplicity of style. This feature should be viewed even in the decor and accessories. Their number should be small. They should be simple in form and content. They also have to withstand the accepted monochromaticity. Even pictures, prints, photographs should support this concept of style, that is, be black and white.

Decor and accessories will allow you to breathe life into the possible sensation of the “technogenicity” of the atmosphere in the room. But still, you should not forget about the simplicity of style and not get carried away by the amount of decor and accessories.

It can be your favorite elements of nature or other things that dispose of memories or even philosophical reflections.


Contemporary style is not suitable for any room. It will be an excellent option for small rooms where space is appreciated. And of course, an apartment with an interior in this style is quite an affordable project for people with an average income, since it does not require extra spending.

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