Modern Style Kitchen Interior Description and Photo Examples

Who of the men would not like to please his beloved with such a wonderful gift as a modern kitchen? The question is rhetorical, of course. But, like any question, it must be solved; a single desire is not enough. The answer to this question, you will probably find out after reading our article about detailed modern style kitchen interior description and photo examples.

If you and your spouse want to have a modern kitchen, then it’s obvious which style is considered modern today. The question has several answers and one of them lies in the word “modern”, which means “present” (do not be confused with Art Nouveau kitchens). About this style, more precisely, about the kitchen in the modern style, we will tell in our article.


The difference between the modern kitchen and the kitchens of other styles


The main feature of the modern kitchen is its enhanced functionality. Everything here is subject to practicality and convenience. The trend already has its history and continues to be popular today. The multifunctionality of modern kitchen is hidden behind the facades of hinged and floor-based cabinets, as today any modern kitchen is inconceivable without kitchen appliances. Kitchen in the modern style is an example. This style is characterized by built-in appliances, as the freedom of the kitchen space with the preservation of functionality is above all for it. Increased functionality is provided by original mechanisms and kitchen appliances.

Furniture, materials used and its decoration

First of all, we imply the use of such materials as MDF, covered with enamel or film, aluminum profile, glass, plastic in the form of inserts between panels. However, aluminum and glass can be found not only as insertions but also as full-fledged backsplash. The furniture made of these materials is very nice and modern looking.

At the same time, furniture has almost no decorative patterns. In some cases it can be a “blurry” structured wood or metal drawing.

Easy “milling” of the furniture surface is also characteristic of the modern kitchen. This version of the kitchen furniture design emphasizes the adherence of style to the rigorous geometric lines.

If you enter the modernist kitchen, you’ll immediately notice the design features of its furniture.

It is characteristic that the hanging closets of the kitchen set do not have, for the most part, the usual handles on the doors. The thing is that hinged lockers headset in the modern style have a vertical opening way. In some constructions automatic opening of the door is provided, it is enough to press it lightly. Closing it is also done automatically, by clicking on the special button.

As for floor-based furniture, it is characterized by drawers, shelves, often having an original mechanism for their opening. At the same time, their sizes are striking, which differs a lot from the usual, classical dimensions. But, as women say, there is never too much space in the kitchen.

Decor of modern styled kitchen

The decoration of the kitchen, we can say, does not correspond to the usual understanding of this word. It is rather an almost elusive, refined luxury. No elements of pomposity and pretentiousness.

Usually this is expressed through the color palette of the interior. Monochrome colors will help you excellently decorate the kitchen. It can be both with a furniture set, and separate surfaces of walls, ceiling and floor. Of course, most often the color of the kitchen set is the main decoration of the room.

The most popular colors, their shades are:


White and Beige

Red and orange

Green and violet

Loyalty to other styles

Modern is quite well combined with elements of other styles. So the kitchen in the modern style looks quite harmonious with a ceiling construction or floor covering, a characteristic country style or Byzantine style. But, at the same time, there is no mixing of styles.

The layout of modern kitchen

As already mentioned above, the modern styled kitchen is distinguished, above all, by its multifunctionality, combined with simplicity and aesthetics. Therefore, in order not to break this feature, you should think about the layout of the kitchen and its possible options.

The planning is done based on the available room dimensions. The modern style is universal and multifaceted, suitable for a spacious room, and for a limited space. For proper planning, the kitchen room should be divided into zones:

  • It usually includes a stove and an oven.
  • It consists of a cutting top and a sink. Sometimes the sink overlaps the cooking area, but in no case it should be closer than 60 cm from the hob.
  • storage of products. It includes a refrigerator and a mass of all kinds of cabinets, open shelves, pantry.


Corner Layout

With a small kitchen room, the best option is the angular arrangement of the furniture headset. It is worth noting that this version of the layout is the most popular, as it makes it easy to realize the basic concept of style – functionality, practicality and optimality of the interior.

In its turn, this variant of planning implies two types of furniture arrangement – L-shaped and U-shaped.

L-shaped arrangement is the most universal. It harmoniously fits into any configuration of the room, while ensuring the optimal compactness and functionality of the furniture.

The U-shaped arrangement has similar advantages, but the sets of this kind do not fit very well in a small room, as they “consume” a decent area, taking up space near three walls at once. Such a kitchen layout can not be called comfortable. Although each person has his own the concept of “small room”. It is possible that your “small room” is quite suitable for the U-shaped furniture set, the main thing is that the distance between the parallel furniture would be the acceptable value for you (experts recommend at least two meters).

Island planning

For the studio, that is, spacious, the best way to fit is an island layout option. This option involves the placement of a working area, which includes a hob and a sink, in the center of the kitchen set located near the walls in L-shaped or U-shaped layout. The walls usually have a cutting and dining area. This combination of kitchen and dining areas is an undoubted advantage of this type of planning, but at the same time, it is, in some way, a con as it requires a considerable area (more than 30 sq.m or more than 300 square feet).

Modern style kitchen interior description and photo examples. Lighting

Lighting of the modern kitchen is not much different from the lighting of other modern styles indeed. A variety of lighting options help make cooking and eating more comfortable if the kitchen is combined with a dining room. Characteristic of the use of luminaires built into the ceiling, and LED lighting, built into the kitchen set.

Conventional hanging lamps, simple in form and content are also not forgotten.

Luxury chandeliers do not accept this style. In extreme cases, they can be present, but have an original geometric form.

Decorative lighting of a mysterious color will add to your kitchen elements of fiction, which is popular today. There are very original options. As you can see from one of the photos above, you can beautifully highlight even the floor covering. In one word, it’s beautiful and practical.

Do not forget about the natural lighting of the kitchen. It should be moderate. To adjust its intensity, there are many modern ways and options.

The cheapest and most practical way is to use curtains – blinds, rolls and Roman blinds, which harmoniously fit into the interior of the kitchen.


If you, after reading this article, chose the kitchen in the modern style, then you are a person who keeps life up to date, loves the simplicity of forms in the interior, the geometry of the lines and the functionality of its elements.

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