Top 15 Best Wooden Ceiling Design Ideas

Wood is a truly remarkable material, which is valued at all times. That is why it is possible to make out anything of it. And it will always be beautiful, inimitable and original if the designer exert a bit of his fantasy. Many people are accustomed that the wooden material is mainly used for the floor trimming and maybe for the walls in interior decoration. But take a look at our top 15 best wooden ceiling design ideas and you`ll admit exquisite and cozy look of wooden ceilings.

Top 15 Best Wooden Ceiling Design Ideas. Complex wooden trimming in the spacious lit living room

What is so special?

Practice shows that wooden panels, planks, plates etc. occupy a leading position among all possible options for the ceiling decoration. What is the main reason of that? Firstly, it is an excellent thermal and sound insulator. Secondly, there is a huge variety of types of wood: from the simplest and cheapest to valuable and expensive. This allows you to choose the material for each budget. And the most important feature of the timber that it is a natural material, environmentally friendly. It is breathable, has a unique flavor and design. Empowered by the full force of nature, wood envelops you with unique aura full of life. Another important detail – the timber has an interesting ability to scatter light. Many designers use this feature to create the effect of natural shading, where the play of light and shade becomes the main way of decoration.

Top 15 Best Wooden Ceiling Design Ideas. Nice kitchen zone trimmed with wooden panels

All the unique feature of a wooden ceiling is that it can be finished in absolutely different styles, and still look amazing, cozy and comfortable. Of course, coffered ceilings, paneled with whole wood, look very elegant. But even an imitation of timber will create an elegant flavor. In addition, you can choose a certain kind of wooden ceiling for each design style.

Top 15 Best Wooden Ceiling Design Ideas. Light wooden decoration for the white finished living in the private house

What else you need to know about such ceilings before you`ll choose it? It is important to consider that the wooden material is exposed to various environmental influences all the time: moisture, temperature, insects and so on. Therefore, the wooden ceiling must be treated with special antiseptic. But make sure that these substances are not toxic.

Another question is the price. As we mentioned above, there are cheap wood, an average priced material and very expensive types. So, firstly, you must determine the available finances and then choose the type of wood for your ceiling. The selected style of the interior design can hugely impact your choice. For example, high-tech, modern or minimalist approach requires more expensive wood, with varnished surface and so on. But you can opt among cheap types for Provence or Country. At least, they must have appropriate and harmonious appearance.

Swinging chairs and the sofa at the living zone of the large wooden trimmed private house

Also note that the wooden ceiling will greatly reduce the height of the room for about 10-15 centimeters. Therefore, if the ceiling is too low, this type of finish is undesirable. But in any case it is possible to use various techniques for increasing or lengthening of visual space. Next, make a wiring plan and identify the location of lamps and other electrical appliances.


A variety of wooden items

Of course, the nobler wood is, the better and more beautiful it comes for ceiling and all the other items. For example, one of the most popular wooden types is considered to be pine. But not everyone can afford it. And the cypress is the most popular wood in some countries. Its structure has small pockmarks, thereby any interior achieves an exotic charm after applying of such a trim.


It is noteworthy that you should take into account all the nuances in the selection of wooden design elements. For example: the boards, made of wooden core, have a tendency to crack, and moreover, they are difficult to handle. But they have excellent water-repellent structure. But the boards made of the edges of the barrel does not crack and are easier to process.


So, as we said, there is a wide range of wood represented on the market currently. Therefore, we will list some of the materials for wooden ceilings below.


Wall paneling

It is the same size edged boards, that are planed and grooved. To make it clear, “groove” means that the boards have mounting “tongue and groove” that allows fast and high quality installation and enhances the overall strength of the construction. Mainly used types for the production of ceiling paneling are pine, cedar, larch, oak, beech, mahogany and so on.

Top 15 Best Wooden Ceiling Design Ideas. Nice light dining room in the studio first floor of the mansion

Wooden panels

This decorative finishing material made mostly of fine wood, but not completely. As a rule, expensive types are only at the front side. The remaining two layers are made of less expensive and more common spruce and pine. These layers are glued together under heat and large pressure. Wooden panels are popular with  their high quality, durability and spectacular look. And also their known by the fact they can be quickly and easily installed.

Top 15 Best Wooden Ceiling Design Ideas. Private house studio at the first floor zoned on the kitchen and dining with wooden floor and ceiling

Facing plates

This are slabs of fine wood. They are produced in a very wide range. The most popular kind of boards is completely saturated with wooden wax. This makes its panel waterproof that allows you to install it in the kitchen and in the bathroom too. Also, the wax impregnation makes the panel impervious to dirt. In addition, they do not have a tendency to crack or delaminate.

Top 15 Best Wooden Ceiling Design Ideas. Wax soaked plates for the trimming


Plywood is very wear resistant and durable. It consists of several superposed layers of wood. The handling is very simple, it is easy to color or tint. Many designers love tinted plywood, as this option clearly reflects the natural structure of wood. To become waterproof, it must be treated with special solutions. It also gives the plywood an extra strength.

Top 15 Best Wooden Ceiling Design Ideas. Classic arrangements in the home office

Wooden wallpaper

This decoration material is considered as highly promising innovation. It combines standard wallpaper and panels that infinitely expanded the possibilities of designers. Wood wallpaper possess of elegant texture. There are wallpapers of veneer or cork. They use valuable species of wood that are glued to the paper for “veneer wallpaper”. Sheet or roll cork wallpaper is resistant to odor, can be easily cleaned of dirt and have a good sound insulation.

Top 15 Best Wooden Ceiling Design Ideas. Light structure of the wooden wallpaper

Ceiling wooden moldings

It is a kind of wood baseboard for ceiling. According to many experts, it is the most strong and durable material. It is easy to hide some imperfections or ceiling roughness with moldings. The thickness of the items is 120 millimeters, which considerably reduces the number of joints when sheathing. There are laminated and veneered products. The fillet is mounted on top of the wooden ceiling with nails or screws with plugs, liquid nails or clips. It is very impressive and beautiful addition. You can even create a composition on the ceiling of the such type of moldings.

Top 15 Best Wooden Ceiling Design Ideas. Moldings to achieve the classic atmosphere Top 15 Best Wooden Ceiling Design Ideas. Moldings in royal style


Decorative false beams occupy a special place among the wooden elements for ceiling decoration. They have a number of advantages: lightness of product, ease of installation and high durability. It is very convenient that you can hide any wires within these beams. Also they can accommodate fixtures. Designers often use false beams for visual expansion of the space or raising of the ceiling.

Top 15 Best Wooden Ceiling Design Ideas. Seashore apartment with the fals beamed dark top

Top 15 best wooden ceiling design ideas. Decor

You can make the room a strict or elegant, low-key or homey by using of wooden ceiling. Therefore, various projects of wooden elements can be applied depending on the destination, the style of the room and its functional load.


  • toning coat or clear lacquer emphasize the unique wooden pattern. It can be painted in any color. Any of these treatments improves the strength and durability of wood, protecting the wood from moisture and parasites in addition to the appearance.

Nice dark wooden ceiling of long panels in the lounge Village house wooden ceiling

  • Wooden structures and compositions. Wood is easy to process that contributes to the creation of interesting compositions with projections with relief beams, portals and so on. It is sophisticated and elegant accent to the interior.

Unique design of the wooden construction under the ceiling of the kitchen zone

  • When decorating the room with any material, it is important to take into account the influence on its overall atmosphere. For example, dark wood species will reduce the room. Therefore, they should be used in the spacious and well-lit rooms. But you can make out small rooms with light shades of wood and they will be even a little more spacious. Many designers like to make compositions of different types of wood, which is very unusual and interesting. But it also can not be acceptable if the room is too small.


  • Decorating the ceiling with wood is not only beautiful but also convenient. It can successfully hide the wires and ventilation pipes.

Sloped wooden ceiling

So, there are lots of varieties of wooden ceilings, as well as the wood itself. And design options are even more. The main thing is to think carefully about the overall style to make the interior design look harmonious. But it`s simpler with wood. This material is “friendly”, it fits virtually all styles, furnishings, purses and preferences of the owners.

Laminated light ceiling in the large spacious house studio False beams for the Provence styled kitchen in the village house Shower design with the glass partition, zoning with the tile pedestal and wooden trimming of the upper tier Nice white trimmed dining room with plastic chairs and light wooden intrusion

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