Eclectic Living Room Design Ideas

Modern eclecticism is a style for lovers of travel and bringing all kinds of souvenirs from around the world, collectors, and gatherers, creative people, and just homeowners whose addiction to the style of the interior has not yet been identified or are so vast that it is difficult to allocate favorite one. The ability to mix in one style interior different directions makes it possible not only to get an extraordinary, personalized design space, but also to reflect in the environment your own hobbies, passions, lifestyle, and way of thinking.


Unusual eclectic living room full of contrast and diiferent useful stuff

The living room is the common room, which should be equipped and arranged, guided by the preferences and needs of all family members. If a family has a common passion, it would be easier to reflect them in namely the living room. But by mixing different styles within its space, it is important not to overdo, do not lose your head, and do not turn the room of a family holiday in the warehouse for antiques or collection of gizmos.

Cozy purple two bodied armchair in the eclectic interior of the living room

The Eclectic Interior Room for Collectors and Gatherers

We present to your judgment our little excursion into the world of unusual design projects of livings in the interior of which, one way or another, there are collectibles. Of course, it is better and more practical to place the items that you can not hang on open shelves or racks, but it all depends on the particular layout of the room and its filling in terms of furniture.

Unbelievable stuffed living room for the modern gatherers

Vibrant, diverse, eclectic, unconventional: this interior can have a lot of epithets in its honor. Among a lot of interesting things and decor, you will notice a soft zone and the original chair.

Icon collectioner interior in the modern Eclectic living room design

Most harmoniously all collectibles will look at a blank neutral colored wall. And if your exhibits are enough bright and expressive, it`s better to choose the whole range of colors in the living in a quiet, bright color.

Cozy and practical eclectic living room design for the collectioner and tourist

In this living room the focal point of the interior, of course, is the area with open shelves for memorable and expensive gizmos for the hosts. And the whole environment with warm, natural colors serves only the background and unpretentious place to relax.

Contrasting eclectic living room interior of black and white colors

But there is the alternative monochrome design of the eclectic living room. The game of contrasts in the interior comes to the fore.

Combined eclectic living room space design with picture and cozy armchair

Despite the abundance of dark colors, the living room looks light and bright, thanks to the almost white surface finishes and plenty of natural light from the large windows.

Cushions and open shelves with different gizmos are making the eclectic living room design unique

Shelving for books and souvenirs can also be used as a screen, zoning the space. The bright finish on surfaces of a small living room and opened cabinet become an excellent backdrop for the bright decorative elements.

Urbanistic and impetuous modern eclectic design of the living room

Opened shelves for storage of collections can be mounted on the wall for safety if their mobility is not provided by the design concept of the living room.

Open shelves with vases and statuettes шт the relaxing atmosphere of modern eclectic living room

A living room with a collection of various items of interest should not necessarily be bright and flashy. Here is a version of the light, spacious room in an eclectic style with elements of country and modern.

Fireplace in the Modern Eclectic Living Room. The Element of Decor or Functional Attribute?

To meet the inoperative fireplace in the interior of a modern living room in an eclectic style, which is located there exclusively from the aesthetic point of view is easy. But functional fireplace-stoves are found too in common rooms quite often. Even if the fireplace is electric or gas, it must be stylized as the construction, working exclusively from natural raw materials and giving real warmth.

unreal futuristic wooden coffe table as the focal point of contrating eclectic living room interior

And among other things, the mantelshelf is another surface for decoration items, located in the center of attention.

White and wooden eclectic interior of the free spacious living room with impressionistic interior

The fact, that this snow-white living in the style of the eclectic loft has a fireplace, is not immediately clear. Behind the bright artistic elements and live plants it is almost invisible, but it is obvious that fireplace design is an important feature of the room.

combination of eclecticism with noeclassic in a living room interior

To connect in a harmonious atmosphere elements of such styles as a modern, rustic country, and rococo in this spacious living is in possibility only for the creative person with a good sense of proportion, or a professional designer.

Discreet eclectic living room design ideas in the spacious premises with plants, fireplace, leather armchair

In this living room with a mixture of modernistic and country elements fireplace fits more than organically. Contrasting colors, different textures, and shapes are in harmony and accord.

Eclectic living room interior with futuristic and very nontrivial elements of decoration

At the fireplace in the living room, one looks in the least moment, it is a lot of interesting things to study are located as part of its interior. Such a variety of colors and shapes can only cope with the light, neutral palette of the room.

White interior of the living room with contrasting ceiling and lighting

The spacious snow-white living room with huge arched windows is literally flooded with light. In an amazing eclectic atmosphere, an ultra-modern chandelier is attached to the ceiling in the baroque style, a huge, futuristic kind of sofa that is adjacent to a garden chair. And the fireplace is a huge mirror in the old frame.

A very big pile of antique and designer things within eclectic living room design with a row of flowers ornamentation of the fireplace

Living room in a country house with high vaulted ceilings, furnished in the best traditions of the modern, eclectic country. Fireplace in this case, in addition to the basic functionality, also performs the role of the screen, partition for zoning of large spaces.

Original eclectic solution with notes of scandinavian and rustic style in the living room of the hunter

Furnish the living room is made in soft, pastel colors, bright elements are mainly textiles and upholstery. A warm and comfortable image of the rooms has managed to create through the operating fireplace.

Dallas apartment with expressionistic picture, waxwork and lots of multiolored stuff

Clear and concise, at first glance, the situation in the living room, is very bright and contrast where modern technology is successfully integrated into the interior with a bias in the retro style.

Eclectic contemporary design made throught the complicated matrix of forms and shapes

Each item in the living room with an incredibly high ceiling can be regarded as an art object. Textured seats with contrasting colors, a chic leather couch of active color, mirror hanging lamps, and similar tables that act as coffee tables, wall lamps, stylized street lights, and, of course, the modern fireplace – all these works to create an individual design.

White living room decoration with contrasting floor and furniture in contemporary American apartment

Yet another example of how you can create an incredibly convenient and comfortable museum of art objects in their own home out of the ordinary living room. Each piece and component of the interior can be viewed for hours. which alone is worth a fireplace, stylized as a huge furnace. The incredible diversity of textures, shapes, and colors are not shocking, but genuine interest.

Eclectic Living Room Design Ideas as a Place for Reading

Very often, the owners of apartments or houses are trying to arrange the reading corner in the living room. In this case, you must take into account not only the racks or cabinets for books, but also the appropriate lighting for different times of the day and, of course, comfortable soft zones to sprawl with a favorite reading in a hand.

Living room with library zone in eclextic design style with steel coffee table

Bookcase, among others, can perform the role of the space limiter, if the room is spacious enough.

Classic eclectic interior without excesses in a low-key style

The bright and expressive living room with a reading corner looks memorable. Not only works of art on the walls are interesting, but also the unusual design is a key element of the chandelier, where the classic glass parts are adjacent to the futuristic form. Bright carpet printed as the British flag adds the individual style to the room.

Purple eclectic design with creamy colored soft tables in front of the sofas and armchairs

Organic and competent use of sophisticated shades of purple and lavender flowers is quite difficult, especially in a glossy surface finishing. But it was successful in the interior of this living room thanks to the metered dilution of the warm color palette of beige hues. Nontrivial upholstery became the highlight of the living room design.

Discreet eclectic interior in the light colored living room with the picture of family on the wall

In the light, whitewashed color gamma of the living room, bright decorations look more representative. Even the spine covers of the books may be the subject of decoration, in addition to their primary function.

Living room interior with eclectic direction of the design and gray color gamma

Calm, natural colors in the interior of this living room were used, thereby creating a pleasant, unobtrusive atmosphere for relaxing and reading. Interesting decorations bring some variety and interest in the situation room.

Eclectic living room design ideas in Chicago

Surprisingly harmonious possible to combine seemingly incongruous subjects: the ottoman with floral print and leopard print carpet, curtains with polka dots, and floor with a checkerboard pattern. And adding to all other also a yellow table with a decoupage and mirror in a carved frame – we got more than an eclectic interior.

Living room ideas modern in the eclectic style with open shelves and white tones

And in this bright living room with an unusual semi-circular passage to the kitchen, the reading corner is rational and practical. These open shelves can be performed independently from the blanks sold in large DIY stores.

Black and white living room ceiling with contrast to the wooden floor in eclectic design

The focal point of this room is the contrasting ceiling with a monochrome finish. Such a “weight” of decor can accept only light walls and a neutral color floor.

Small living room ideas for eclectic design

Bright Colors. Flight of Fancy in the Eclectic Design of the Living Room

Where else if not in the common room you can afford the brightness and variety of colors? It is difficult to let the active bright colors in the bedroom, for obvious reasons. Utility premises, usually being given only individual bright elements of the decor. But in the living room, you can afford to experiment and daring design techniques. Our following selection of nontrivial interior room for creative people, lovers of saturated colors, bold innovators, and active people.

Living room furniture arrangement in the bright interior

It will be definitely not boring in this living room. The variety of colors and textures is fascinating and inspires positive. Despite the many vibrant colors in the design, the room looks harmonious by repeating tones in different planes and objects.

Picture with bear in the modern living room

The room looks bright, even in its finish, and dominated by white tone. Active color carpet, furniture, and decor, as well as textiles set an intense atmosphere of positive living.

Eclectic living room design ideas in the combined with kitchen premises with wooden trimming

At first glance, it is difficult to call it a living room, in the traditional sense of the word as “room for the whole family.” An extraordinary ambiance with a bar and chairs, plenty of items made of stainless steel, street decorations, and unusual textures creates a truly nontrivial interior.

Einstein`s grunge picture in the modern eclectic living room design

Let the rainbow in your home. Even diluted with white as these saturated colors look bright. Built-in shelves with arched niches add room personality.

Modern living room color scheme ideas depicted on the bright photo

Bright and contrast, the small living room, meanwhile, is incredibly practical and rational. Nothing is too much and everything`s enough. For many homeowners, it is a guarantee of success in the overall room interior.

Wooden interior of the spacious living room in the house

This room, located under the vaulted ceiling of the attic, is full brightness. The warm and cozy atmosphere created by the active use of various types of wood in the decoration, diluted by natural shades of textiles and decoration items.

Unusual metall table in the centre of the eclectic living room with carpet and green walls

Where to use carpet with active colors and cushions to match them if not in the living room. The shiny surface of the “coffee table” became the center of attraction in this enjoyable space.

Wooden eclectic design interior for the attic living room premises

This soft, in every sense of the word, a living area located in the attic space. Practical use of all the available square meters led to a warm and cozy room under the wooden roof arches in an incredibly comfortable and bright couch with pillows.

Living room paint ideas in the eclectic interior looks bright

Dark wood on a background of bright decoration of the room looked contrasting and expressive. Bright decor items and textiles contribute to the creation of a pleasant atmosphere and animating living.

Black and white zebra puffs in the eclectic design of the living room with wide window

The bright and contrasting living room with a mixture of elements of the French Provence and Modern is incredibly cozy and unusual.

Interior design ideas living room in the eclectic style with lamps and plenty of textile

This incredible living room with wooden walls and high ceiling perfectly complements the stained glass windows, colorful soft furnishings, textile coloring active windows and pillows, table lamps, and unusual elegant chandelier with an abundance of glass elements. The jolly and interesting situation looks like a regal luxury.

Arranged in eclectic style studio apartment with a lot of furniture

This room is the living room with incredible moldings on the ceiling is a vivid example of how the finished project design in light and soothing colors to make visible and appealing with just a few bursts of vibrant colors. Unusual lamps, colorful cushions and chairs, stools, and pictures with the backlight turned the situation room.

Headless balck statue in the middle of modern eclectic white living room interiorOpen shelves in the modern living room interior

Play Zone in an Eclectic Living Room

Our next collection of images of bright and unusual spaces for those who would like to put a pool table or air hockey, a grand piano, or harp in the living room.

Playing billiard in the eclectic living room

The abundance of bright and saturated colors, styles and elements, textures, and sizes in a single room, making its interior ultra-extraordinary and interesting.

Eclectic cloping ceiling from glass living room with original lights

The playground in the living room, located in the attic, is a logical and rational use of space. The spacious room let to create a place for active and passive recreation.

Living room in eclectic style with playground even for adults

The white surface of the walls and ceiling, bleached parquet, and bright accent element in the center of the living room reveal all arguing about the destination of the room.

Eclectic Furniture

Furniture to complete the arrangement of a living room in an eclectic style can be chosen of the most bizarre shapes and unexpected colors. For the interior of the room, sofas and armchairs are suitable, decorated with fringes, buttons, and tassels, with lush upholstery made of fabrics of deep colors. Furniture items are supplied with low legs, tripods, or castors.

Creamy and green eclectic modern living room with fixtures at the white ceilinggray interior in the modern eclectic living room

When decorating the walls in the living room, you can use the brightest colors or stick to neutral shades. Even the complete absence of any decoration is allowed. The latter option will allow you to emphasize decorative elements and pieces of furniture of an interesting and non-standard shape.

In eclecticism, the form is more significant than the essence of the object. This means that furniture and decorative elements collected in such a living room can come from different styles and are unlikely to be combined with each other in a different setting.

Figurines of animals and black schoolboard in the living room

In the conclusion of our publications, we would like to share with you some unusual living room interiors, which are capable of optimism, inspire, and serve as a prototype for creating your own design masterpieces. Thanks for being with us!

Big green plant in the eclectic interior of the living room  White walls and wooden frames of window and doors in the eclectic design 5386  dark furniture and poster in the white eclectic living room interior

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