4 Reasons To Add A Fireplace To Your Living Room

Do you have a fireplace in the living room? If not, here’s why you should:

  1. A Fireplace Creates a Cozy Atmosphere

How do you wind down in the evening? If you don’t have a fireplace to sit in front of, you’re missing out. Especially if you’re married, or have a significant other. There’s nothing like snuggling on the couch in front of a fire with your loved one.

4 Reasons To Add A Fireplace To Your Living Room. White designed loft living room with large fireplace as a fical point

Having a fireplace to curl up in front of is an ideal scenario most people have in mind, thanks to the entertainment industry. Fireplaces have historically been a staple in nearly every romantic movie Hollywood has produced. There’s always a scene where a couple is tucked away in a cozy corner sipping wine in front of a roaring fire. That scene can be your reality, too, whether you get a traditional vented fireplace or an electric fireplace.  Also, such kind of fireplaces is not only about energy-saving and easy installing. This construction can turn into really great interior decoration. For example, electric fireplace tv stand.

4 Reasons To Add A Fireplace To Your Living Room. white Scandinavian styled room with checkered rug and artificial hearth built into partition wall

As you can see, many designs use glass screens to make the overall interior more streamlined and modern-looking. Besides, many electric fireplaces play a decorative role only, so they can’t heat the room. However, if you want to increase the fire safety of your home, reduce the heat dissipation of the fireplace, or just make it more decorative, you can refer to fireplace screen glass doors. This construction will make your conventional fireplace look more like an electric one, reduce the cool air loss up to 90% (so you will be able to use the fireplace even in summer). At the same time, you’ll invest in your home’s safety and decoration.

  1. The Right Fireplace Will Heat Your Home for the Cost of Wood

There’s a difference between a fireplace and a wood stove. The former is more for visual appeal, and the latter will heat your home for the cost of wood. A traditional fireplace isn’t going to keep you warm unless you sit directly in front of the fire. A wood stove can potentially heat your entire home, depending on the size and how well your home is insulated.

4 Reasons To Add A Fireplace To Your Living Room. Central gas fireplace in the richly decorated Contemporary room

The best way to install a wood stove is to surround it with material that will retain and radiate the heat produced by the stove. For example, many people build a concrete enclosure for their wood stove or stack cinder blocks on either side.

4 Reasons To Add A Fireplace To Your Living Room. Fireplace with the wooden mantelshelf and a fence

The best wood stoves have a cooktop that allows you to boil water for tea and coffee and even cook. If you’re living in a modern-style house, you may not want to go that rustic, so perhaps a traditional fireplace will do.

  1. You need Someplace to Hang Your Christmas Stockings

Since most kids (and many adults) today are glued to their mobile devices, it’s been a while since Santa’s had to slide down an actual chimney to deliver a gift. He may have forgotten the protocol. Small gifts go in the stockings hanging from the mantel. Big gifts go under the tree.

4 Reasons To Add A Fireplace To Your Living Room. Neat Classic room design with pink rug and Electric fireplace

Some fireplaces don’t come with a mantel, especially some modern in-wall units. However, you can buy a fireplace mantel that matches your home décor, and install it fairly easily.

If you hang your Christmas stockings from a table because you don’t have a mantel, you may end up with empty stockings. If that happens, check your sock drawer just in case. Santa’s fairly resourceful even when he’s rusty.

If you don’t celebrate Christmas, having a mantel is a good reason to decorate according to the season. In Spring, dress up your mantel in pastels and colorful flowers. In Autumn, collect some leaves from your yard and have the kids spruce them up in a craft project, and display them on the mantel.

Pinecones make brilliant décor, especially pinecones that look like roses or the elongated pinecones with two distinct, alternating colors.

If you need even more ideas for decorating your mantel, check out these ideas on Pinterest.

  1. Watching a Roaring Fire Lowers Stress

A University of Alabama research study found that watching a crackling fire lowers blood pressure. The study had 266 adults watch a video of a fireplace, some with sound and some without. Those who watched the video with sound experienced a 5% decrease in blood pressure. The longer they watched, the more relaxed they became. Those who watched without sound – and those who watched an upside-down video of the fire – experienced an increase in blood pressure.

4 Reasons To Add A Fireplace To Your Living Room. Modern designed room with the functional wall and glass panel covered fireplace

According to the anthropologist who conducted the study, gathering around a fire is an act dating back to prehistoric times. It makes sense that we’d find it relaxing; gathering around a fire is an innate way to foster social interaction and create a bond between people. Starting a fire in prehistoric times required significant group cooperation to gather wood, kindling, keep the fire going, and cook – all in conditions that could sometimes be detrimental to maintaining a fire.

Get the Fireplace You’ve Always Wanted

If you want a fireplace in your home, you don’t need a fancy reason. Just wanting one is enough. If you can’t afford a full, traditional fireplace, opt for a small wood stove. You can get one for nearly any budget, and you’ll have the same beautiful flames to stare into on a cold night.

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