15+ Living Room Lounge Decoration Photos

If you are lucky to have large living room or studio apartment where you should zone every place, you probably would like to create the lounge. It is the place for privacy, reading books or just looking at the window contemplating the natural beauty outside. But even in small rooms there is a possibility to arrange some piece of space for lounge. It is not so difficult thanks to floor leveling and furniture. Anyway, we will review the main ways to organize the lounge zone in apartment of house. 15+ living room lounge decoration photos can inspire having the relaxing zone within your home.

Architectural methods to arrange lounge in the living room

Wherever you plan to organize the lounge zone, you can do it through lifting up or lowering the whole implied lounge zone to emphasize it. The most popular way is to make a platform if the space is comparatively small. Such method we reviewed in more detail when speaking about podium bed. Otherwise, you have the possibility to lift up another part of the room and make a recess to the lounge zone. Bit it is more complicated process. However, there are plenty successful examples of lowering the floor.

15+ Living Room Lounge Decoration Photos. Zoning and lighting of the modern room 15+ Living Room Lounge Decoration Photos. The deepening in the open layout white painted room for relaxing zone Black and white slanted accentual ceiling in the open space arranged for suburban cottage15+ Living Room Lounge Decoration Photos. Dark ceiling slant in the modern loft styled room with dark glancing wooden floor

What else we can choose to logically emphasize or highlght the lounge? It can be all kinds of partitions or zoning sliding doors. If there is some functional element or space near the lounge like stairway, moodroom, bay window etc., you can separate the leisure zone. That will give some additional privacy to the lounge space.

15+ Living Room Lounge Decoration Photos. Black framed glass partition to zone out the relaxing part

If it is possible and you can predetermine the architectural features of your home, adding the panoramic window to the lounge room would be expedient.


15+ Living Room Lounge Decoration Photos. Gray textured rug in the open layout interior with angular upholstered sofa  15+ Living Room Lounge Decoration Photos. White color theme in the hi-tech inetrior with TV set and artificial fireplace 15+ Living Room Lounge Decoration Photos. White and gray carpet in the Modern decorated room with natural finishing materials Two-level accent wall in the living room with the fireplace and LED TV15+ Living Room Lounge Decoration Photos. Cross-cutting panoramic windows provide maximum light for high spacious Modern living  Living room lounge interior in modern snow-white Scandinavian style interpretation

Furniture for the lounge

However, the selection of furniture for the lounge can be no less effective from the in terms of arrangeing the special relaxing zone in the living room. Unusual furniture elements can hint to a special affiliation and role of this space in the apartment. So, what original furniture pieces can we use to make the lounge look highlighted, except of standard well-known possibilities?

15+ Living Room Lounge Decoration Photos. Double-ceiling private house open layout hall with leisure zone and angular sofa

It can be extralarge sofa or a real sofa-island in the narrow room. Or it can be a couple of sofas combined into one elongated item.

Grandeur futuristic lounge room interior design with white and black color mix and multilevel accentual ceiling Brown upholstered sofas in the lounge room with metal framed coffee table

If you have enough room, it gives the possibility to turn the fantazy to the full extent. You can arrange the furniture in order to get an amphitheatre right here in the room. It can be a set of furniture around the TV in a semicircle or U-shaped figure. Well, anything can be a piece of attraction besides TV-set. In addition, you can place vintage or unusual for the chosen interior style furniture which can add charm to the atmosphere. But the latter advice needs careful approach and consideration.

Solid gray colored Casual living room lounge Spectacular hi-tech design for large white colored living room with LED ceiling lighting

Unusual, non-standard and original furniture is the key to arrange unique ambience. This will definitely move your lounge zone to a higher league. Fortunately, the room should not be extralarge to take such an arrangement. That is another big plus of furniture decorating method.

Brownish gray toned living room lounge zone with two chaise-longue armchairs

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