Backsplash Interior Design Ideas: Complement your Kitchen

Successfully selected material for the kitchen backsplash can revive the most ordinary interior. In fact, the kitchen backsplash is a subtle nuance in interior design as a textile. Collect information about all materials that are in your kitchen – facades, countertops, wallpapers, wall painting, flooring – and already focused on this basis, proceed to the choice of the splashback decoration. The overall atmosphere and functional elements also play a big role in the decor – the dining table, lighting fixtures, etc. And only when you have a detailed picture of the kitchen interior, you can proceed to the concept of the backsplash. But first, answer a few questions. What effect do you want to achieve: make the splashback an accent or leave unnoticed? If, after all, it should be an accent, then which exactly: with the help of material or color? Use backsplash interior design ideas: complement your kitchen and make it unique.

Contents: knows some great examples of harmonious interaction between kitchen and backsplashand we will share them with pleasure.

Splashback Interior Design Ideas: Complement your Kitchen. Modern kitchen design with textured backsplash Splashback Interior Design Ideas: Complement your Kitchen. Contrasting blue kitchen backsplashfor light interior BacksplashInterior Design Ideas: Complement your Kitchen. Totally blue designed kitchen with honeycomb tile BacksplashInterior Design Ideas: Complement your Kitchen. Nice decoration of the wall above the stove Splashback Interior Design Ideas: Complement your Kitchen. Classic kitchen full of natural light Backsplash Interior Design Ideas: Complement your Kitchen. Figured tiling at the Classic kitchen Splashback Interior Design Ideas: Complement your Kitchen. Unusual diagonal tiling for modern kitchen in white Backsplash Interior Design Ideas: Complement your Kitchen. Wall panels for modern kitchen in brown and gray tones

Focus on Texture

When you want to achieve something special without exploiting the color solutions, then bet on the original texture. Not so easy to implement, but the wow effect is worth it! In confirmation of this, gorgeous examples are in the photos below.

Backsplash Interior Design Ideas: Complement your Kitchen. Gray kitchen facades and textured creamy wall decoration Splashback Interior Design Ideas: Complement your Kitchen. Round cells of textured decoration for the stove area Иacksplash Interior Design Ideas: Complement your Kitchen. White pastel colored kitchen with dark low tier of cabinets Backsplash Interior Design Ideas: Complement your Kitchen. Dark pebble imitating splashback for casual styled kitchen

In the Spotlight

Against the background of monochrome kitchen facades, especially white ones, the bright kitchen backsplash is a self-sufficient element of decor by itself, so it can be combined only with a limited number of similar bright objects.

Splashback Interior Design Ideas: Complement your Kitchen. White hi-tech designed kitchen with matte facades and colorful accent in the middle Иacksplash Interior Design Ideas: Complement your Kitchen. Blue Arabic tile for the backsplash of Classic kitchen

Combine it Correctly

Often the design implies an emphasis on a single part of the kitchen composition. Basically, this is the area between the hob and the hood. In this example on the photo, the colors of the accent component of the kitchen backsplash and the facades are ideally combined with each other, while the shade of the remaining walls of the backsplash remains neutral.

Иacksplash Interior Design Ideas: Complement your Kitchen. Mild azure colored classic kitchen

Complete Opposite

Often, designers act on the principle of opposites: white and black, glossy and matte. This technique looks very impressive in the kitchen. A glossy black backsplash can be added to the matte white facade. The presented example at the photos is also in perfect harmony with the glossy table top and lamps.

Backsplash Interior Design Ideas: Complement your Kitchen. Black and white modern kitchen design

In a Harmonious Duet

Remember that the colors of the components of the interior should overlap with each other. For example, in the kitchen, even a small detail (a vase, a painting, a flower pot, or seat upholstery) can support the tint of a backsplash.

Backsplash Interior Design Ideas: Complement your Kitchen. Classic kitchen interior with natural wood laminate

A colored backsplash ornament and a tiled floor “rug” in the same gamut is a great idea. The ideal finishing of the duet would be suitable textiles.

Colorful curtains and green floor tile for Mediterranean styled kitchen

In the Tone of the Walls

When the main preference for design is to level the very theme of the kitchen, then there is no need to glue the tiles on the backsplash. Most often it relates the studio kitchen. Here, the beautiful living room should be the centerpiece. You can put on a great idea: paint the splashback in the color of the walls, and close it with glass on top. It will be stylish, neutral, and practical.

Neat restrained kitchen interior with red chairs at the dining zone

Perception Integrity

When you need to achieve a sense of integrity and lightness, make sure that all elements of the kitchen interior match each other. However, you should not rule out moderate contrast. The tile of format 10×10 laid at a right angle or diagonally but with contrasting seams will look great in the classic kitchen. Emphasis can be made on the island. If you look at the photo below, this is a large tabletop with a luxurious glossy marbled finish and a noble wenge base.

Black kitchen island for Classic interior with coffered ceiling and casement arched window

When Choice is Limited

If you decided to choose only two colors for finishing your kitchen, let the backsplash be in an intermediate shade between the floor and the walls or in the color of the walls. If you take a darker tone, you risk making the composition more ponderous; the lighter one can lead to disharmony.

Blue classic interior with dining group and kitchen set

Spectacular Transition

In laconic interiors with a minimal amount of detail, backsplash’s imitating floor coverings look in an original way. And if they are also echoed by the tabletop, it turns out as a special, holistic, and unique aesthetics.

Neat gray kitchen with white smooth plastic island

Backsplash and Tabletop is one Whole

The kitchen backsplash in accompaniment with any other subject of an interior, for example, a tabletop looks very organically. In this case, the color, material, and texture should be the same. Splashback can completely fill the space up to the wall cabinets, or maybe just a framing of a certain height, which looks very stylish and extraordinary. The plus of such a decision is that there is no need to specifically select the complementary element to the kitchen backsplash because it already has an ideal partner – the tabletop.

Red kitchen island with black top looks accentual in Casual interior Solid dark blue kitchen facades and marble imitating tabltop and backsplash

The Perfect Complement to White

White kitchen set can be emphasized using stainless steel inlays and household appliances. And the kitchen backsplash made of a large tile with marble streaks here will be an ideal binding component.

Steel surfaces of hub and extractor hood in small kitchen Loft architecture of the small kitchen with matte top tier of cabinets and gray colored lower tier

Brutal Design

The following photo shows a real bar with a stylish design solution. The secret of success is a tabletop made of natural wood, a steel mixer and a spectacular sink. But the main highlight of the brutal design is a glass backsplash in a zigzag design in the form of chevrons.

Steampunk touch in the kitchen design with black tile and open bar

All Ingenious is Simple

The next photo is another confirmation of the popular quote “all ingenious is simple”. Horizontal black stripes are perfect to turn the easiest at first glance splashback into something unique. Such a solution is really an ideal option for those who strive for impeccable style, modernity, exquisite simplicity and brevity.

Metro tile for Casual kitchen with open pantry and monolithic furniture set

In the Background

The backsplash should not be necessarily an accent. For example, the idea of ​​the designer is to make it a background that will slightly set off the depth of the beautiful dark facade and the wooden rough texture of the tabletop and shelves.

Rural design of the gray colored kitchen with black lower tier of fruniture

And here a white glossy backsplash in the form of brickwork organically merges with the upper set, highlighting the bright yellow chairs and blue facades at the bottom. The highlight of the interior is expressive steampunk lamps above the dining area.

Unusual copper lamps and blue/white colored kitchen set

Modern ideas for the kitchen backsplash in the photo

Shallow blue and white mosaic for the splashback of the Contemporary kitchen Moroccan tiled wall of the small casual kitchen Classic functional kitchen with solid composition of furniture and colorful tiled backsplash Small kitchen with dining room and colorful tiled splashback Cozy condo with small kitchen area trimmed with Moroccan tile White designed casual kitchen with open shelves and monolithic bottom tier Contemporary styled kitchen with dining zone at the island Metro tile in the Casual kitchen in white Wooden framing and 3D tile pattern for the kitchen with glossy topped island Totally black kitchen with colorful top cabinet facades Dark colored kitchen in Modern style with textured facades of the top tier and glossy black bottom tier

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