Modern Steampunk House Interior Photo Examples

Unusual and non-standard things always attract humankind. It is because we are magnetized by everything creative and at times even garish. We like outrageous celebrities and don’t pay attention that they often lack simple etiquette. We like expressionistic pictures only beacause guide syas they’re brilliant, though often looking unpresentable. Nevertheless, these things all have in common some flight of fantasy, symmetria and logic of forms and lines. All this long introduction is called up to describe the emotions that following design style evokes. Steampunk is for those who like pure creativity, cartoon reality and is agree to sacrifice some part of functionality and comfort  in the sake of striking design. We’ve decided not to review the style in the separated article. So, we will overview the most daring modern steampunk house interior photo examples that can surprize even the tempted hearts of design lovers.

Steampunk in the kitchen

Kitchen is probably the most cozy place for designing it to the canons of Steampunk. Just take a look at the black dome of extractor hood and segmental ancient oven with figured forging. The same dark with plenty of metal decoration we can apply to other elements. Dark carved wooden furniture facades and sides of island look like retro. The bar stools near the island with forged legs strongly complement the overall concept.

Unusual wooden decorated kitchen with anceint metal oven and hoodUnusually designed oven with ancient kettles and pot at the top

Metal inlays in gold color for the decoration of furniture facades canreally shock the consciousness of unprepared person. But the overall perception of such kitchen’s image is holistic and successful.

Dark kitchen design with golden fittings and ornament on facadesBlack and white kitchen tile in the same contrast color scheme kitchen

Red metal seats of bar stools along with the massive countertop of the table on brutal metal stand of pipes and industrial lamps create the atmosphere of Gothic sublimity in a modern way.

Cute red bar stools for the design idea of gloomy kitchen

Ancient lumiscent lamps with massive spirals and simple designed lamshades are intrinsic trait of the style.

Strangely designed tap for natural materials trimmed kitchen

Steampunk living room interior

We began our review of the Steampunk on condition that it should be private houses’ interiors beacuse this style requires scale. It is almost impossible to arrange such atmosphere in small apartment. Just take a look at those big armchairs with metal chrome frame. Not every house can accommodate such living zone around small concrete stationary coffee table.

Business negotiation room with rich finishing of predominantly natural materials

Figured lighting system of ancient water pipes and the large bulbs  in it can turn any modern casual interior into Steampunk one.

Unusual lighting rail with luminiscent lamps for modern decorated interior Close-up of the bulb lamp with ancient spiral

Steampunk bathroom. Is that real?

Unusual and very ambiguous decision to decorate your bathroom is to make it look with touch of this mystical style. The twisted forms of black pipe construction in the form of heated towel rail add apparent accent to the space. Of course, it must be diluted with normal worldly things to look in harmony with the interior, not an alien part. Otherwise, it brings grim feelings.

Black peculiar designed heated towel rail

There are bathrooms that can be a place for filming horror movies like “Saw” and not being the room to go every evening. But everyone has its own representation of aesthetics.

Extreme design for the bathroom with underground tile and classic chrome tap

Steampunk bedroom

The usual modern styled bedroom in white can turn into loft and Steampunk decorated room juts with adding some elements. The pipes in form of gas balloons that imitate creative radiators can drastically change the perception of the premise.

Radiator of copper looking like the gas balloon for the modern decorated interior

Home office in Steampunk

The place where you can express yourself to the full is the home office or workshop. Here you can collect some of the most vintage and rare collectibles, experiment with the finishing and design ideas. Nobody can stop you or correct your plaты as it is your private place. Be daring and any place can be arranged to feet your needs and reflecting your designing aesthetics.

Modern Steampunk House Interior Photo Examples. Rare clocks of the latticed window sill Open ventilation system in the home office Large loft space at the attic with unusual decorationThe exhibition room of loft space  Home office with retro items looking like control panel

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