Kitchen Curtain Ideas with Photos, Types, Advice on Selection

Pleasant finishing touch in the formation of the kitchen interior is the choice of drapery for windows. It is namely the textiles that often become necessary element for creating a truly cozy, relaxing, hospitable atmosphere in which anyone will enjoy with not only preparing food and meal, but also with welcome closest guests and arranging family gatherings. Only at first glance it may seem that the choice of curtains for kitchen windows is as pleasant as it is fast. It is necessary to decide on the type of material, make a color and stylistic decision. Take into account the properties of the fabric in operation and the ability to clean the cloth, because the kitchen room has its own exceptional microclimate.

Kitchen Curtain Ideas with Photos, Types, Advice on Selection. Black top of the white classic island

Before Proceeding to the Selection

Modern manufacturers of fabrics and ready-made solutions for draping windows offer us such a wide range of options that it is not difficult to lose your mind from the abundance of models, colors and prints. Also, you can order a textile design of kitchen windows of any style. Before you start searching for the ideal option, you need to take into account the factors that influence the selection of curtains for such a unique and multifunctional room as a kitchen:

  • high humidity;
  • constant temperature drops;
  • the possibility of droplets of hot fat on the surface (it is not always possible to get rid of with the help of a hood);
  • the smell of cooking.

Kitchen Curtain Ideas with Photos, Types, Advice on Selection. Wooden chairs near the Classic kitchen island with marble top

Also, it is necessary to outline the range of functions that will be performed by kitchen curtains at the preparatory stage:

  • Sun protection;
  • protection of the room from prying eyes;
  • exceptionally decorative function;
  • connecting element between the main “elements of the interior” (harmony in color, texture or manner of performance).

Kitchen Curtain Ideas with Photos, Types, Advice on Selection. Modern interior with dark accents of top level cabinets and wooden grid ceiling

So, to make the perfect choice, you will need to decide on:

  • model of curtains (type of execution, form);
  • type of fabric (texture, density, performance);
  • color (plain or printed);
  • price category (you can find analogues of natural fabrics, significantly differing not only in their properties, but also in price).

Kitchen Curtain Ideas with Photos, Types, Advice on Selection. Royal scale Classic interior with black and white floor tile and Provence touch of the styleKitchen Curtain Ideas with Photos, Types, Advice on Selection. Neat pink color floor decoration of the white kitchen space

Kitchen Curtain Ideas with Photos, Types, Advice on Selection. Deciding on a Model

The choice of curtain model is mainly determined by the following factors:

  • the size of the room;
  • dimensions and shape of the window;
  • location of the building in relation to the cardinal points;
  • stylistic interior design;
  • personal preferences of the owners.

Kitchen Curtain Ideas with Photos, Types, Advice on Selection. White Classic styled interior with yellow roller blinds

Classic (Traditional) Model

Classics, as we know, are always in fashion. Therefore, the use of two straight cloths as a textile decoration for windows will be relevant for many years. If in the bedroom and living room traditional curtains most often consist of two thick curtains, which are complemented by light tulle (translucent veil), then in the kitchen room you can drape a window with linen cloths and no supplements at all.

Kitchen Curtain Ideas with Photos, Types, Advice on Selection. Spacious cottage kitchen in Casual style with white ceiling and dark wooden laminate Kitchen Curtain Ideas with Photos, Types, Advice on Selection. White Scandinavian interior with colorful furniture composition

Traditional curtains may differ not only in the length of products (up to the floor or to the window sill), but also by the method of fastening:

  • on clothespins;
  • on loose-leaf hinges;
  • on clamps;
  • on grommets (plastic or metal);
  • on ties.

Kitchen Curtain Ideas with Photos, Types, Advice on Selection. Dark emerald marble trimming of the walls and blue seats near the island Kitchen Curtain Ideas with Photos, Types, Advice on Selection. Spacious kitchen with the cantral dining group at the island Kitchen Curtain Ideas with Photos, Types, Advice on Selection. Blue kitchen island with classic casement windows of the storage section

Traditional curtains can often be paired with other models of textile decoration for windows. For example, if in the kitchen space there are windows of various modifications, a balcony block or doors leading to the backyard, then it is logical to use different models of curtains for different window openings (but most often made from the same fabric). Classic curtains are easily combined with roller (in “cafe” style) blinds and drapes.

Metal tops of the kitchen stools at the island and overal light interior color scheme

Classic curtains are often combined with bamboo blinds. In this case, the traditional model of curtains appears to be more like a décor and bamboo cloths serve for protection from the sun and prying eyes.

Kitchen Curtain Ideas with Photos, Types, Advice on Selection. Ethnic motiff of the space with the checkered curtain

Small curtains on the grommet can be a decoration for your kitchen window. Plastic or metal rings are a practical way to mount. Curtains move easily along the eaves. Appearance of window drapery is laconic and modern at the same time. It harmoniously fit into almost any stylistic design option of the kitchen.

Kitchen Curtain Ideas with Photos, Types, Advice on Selection. Black and white kitchen design in Contempoary style


Lightweight curtain is another option for the classic design of the window in the kitchen space. Next materials are used for producing curtains:

  • tulle;
  • organza;
  • veil;
  • mesh fabric;
  • lace;
  • muslin;
  • any other airy fabric.

Kitchen Curtain Ideas with Photos, Types, Advice on Selection. White designed Classic space with wavy tulle decoration of the windows Kitchen Curtain Ideas with Photos, Types, Advice on Selection. Light wooden design of the modern styled area

Curtains can have a traditional length – from the eaves and to the floor, or reaching only the window sill. They can be used both as the main element of a window decor, and in the ensemble with blinds, roller blinds and other types of curtains.

Kitchen Curtain Ideas with Photos, Types, Advice on Selection. Black and white floor tile along with olive colored chairs of the furniture ensenble of the dining zone

If you have a spacious kitchen with a panoramic window and a beautiful view behind it, then it is logical to use the maximum amount of sunlight that can penetrate the room and not block its path with dense textiles. Thin translucent tulle would be an excellent option. Some designers propose to leave the window opening without drapery at all or to limit it to a decorative framing.

Kitchen Curtain Ideas with Photos, Types, Advice on Selection. Open alyout space in restrained Scandinavian style with large tulle at the window

Roman or Roller blinds

Roller fabric curtains are currently incredibly popular. The versatility and conciseness of the design allows this element of drapery to seamlessly integrate into any interior. Roman curtains are ideal for a kitchen room, because most often the windows in the kitchen are of medium and small size. This model of curtains does not lose its popularity because it:

  • is of simple and concise performance;
  • is comfortable and functional;
  • perfectly protects the room from the sun and prying eyes;
  • can be made of different types of fabrics (at the same time the material consumption will be optimal for a particular window);
  • can be combined with other models of curtains, curtains and blinds;
  • is able to be folded manually or with the help of an electric drive (on remote control).

Kitchen Curtain Ideas with Photos, Types, Advice on Selection. Classic Provence styled kitchen with an island and butcher block Kitchen Curtain Ideas with Photos, Types, Advice on Selection. Modern styled space with gray furniture

By way of execution all Roman blinds can be divided into three groups:

  • classic;
  • cascading;
  • frameless.

Kitchen Curtain Ideas with Photos, Types, Advice on Selection. Neat white decorated module kitchen near the windows

The classic version is the most popular one. Such curtains appear in a form of a flat canvas (most often of thick fabric), which is collecting in uniform horizontal folds when lifts (in the expanded version it looks like a regular rectangle of fabric). The fabric is attached to the frame of the rails, tubes or plates. Curtains can be monochromatic or patterned. Even the combined options are often found in modern design projects kitchens.

Cascade curtains, even in a fully straightened state, appear in the form of a cloth with evenly distributed horizontal folds. The model looks more elegant than the classic version, but it will require much more fabric for its manufacture.

Frameless Roman blinds are made without slats or plates. The fabric is gathered into horizontal folds with the help of ribbons, braid or just machine stitching. This type of fabric roller blinds fastening became the prototype of the classic version, which is so widely used today. Frameless curtains can be made from any type of fabric, even light, air.

Curtains in the Style of “Cafe”

Such kitchen curtains or drapes really could be found in the interior of any café. The fabric covers only the lower part of the window (half or one third). On the one hand, the light penetrates the window almost freely and spreads around the room; on the other hand, the space is protected from prying eyes. If your kitchen is on the ground floor, this way of windows’ draping can be a good option. Moreover, the natural light in the living spaces of the first level is often not enough, it is interfered with trees, shrubs, buildings.

Curtains in the “cafe” style can be executed as from dense fabrics, and light, translucent ones. Everything depends on the functions that you want to give them. In the variations of color performance there are also no restrictions – plain versions, with a pattern, decor in the form of a braid, brushes, ruches – it all depends on the design style of the entire kitchen space.

Curtains Only for Decor

There is another type of drapery for the kitchen window, which is used most often exclusively for decoration. In rare cases, a small piece of cloth, specifically fixed at the top of the window, serves to mask the flaws in the installation of the window block or the nuances of decoration. This may be a pelmet, cascade-attached fabric to the eaves or just a small piece of textile thrown over the bar.

Choosing a fabric for the kitchen

Sellers in modern stores of ready-made solutions for the kitchen offer the most practical options for their clients – fabrics with special impregnation, which allows them not to absorb odors, push away fat droplets, dust and dirt, does not fade in the sun. But how beautiful is this drapery? Can it bring a touch of warmth to create a truly cozy atmosphere? It’s you to decide, especially considering that it is not easy to care for modern canvases. We also offer a variety of fabrics that can be used in kitchen spaces of various sizes, with windows of various modifications and for the budget of various sizes:

  • linen;
  • silk;
  • polyester;
  • tulle;
  • organza;
  • cotton (chintz).

When choosing a fabric, it is also important not to forget about fire safety. If the window is located near a gas stove, it is necessary to minimize the risk of fire. It is better to give preference to natural fabric, which does not flare up at the slightest contact with the flame.

Color Solution for Kitchen curtains

The choice of textile color for the window in the kitchen will depend on the following factors:

  • the color scheme of the room – the tones of the walls and facades of the kitchen unit;
  • your desire to make the decoration of a window invisible, harmoniously flowing into the overall picture of the interior or accent, attracting attention;
  • if the fabric of the curtains is patterned, it can be duplicated in the upholstery of chairs or stools (seats and backrests), the design of the dining table (tablecloth, walkway, individual rugs or napkins).

Curtains with a Print

In the field of manufacturing or acquiring ready-made solutions for kitchen windows, it is not easy to select favorites among the options for colors, patterns and ornaments. The fabric with vertical stripes does not lose its popularity. Thanks to such print, the window is visually increased in height, “adding” centimeters and to the room itself. If the kitchen walls are plain, the stripes on the curtains can be contrasted in color solutions.

Horizontal stripes help to visually increase the width of a small window.

Geometric and abstract prints are also popular. It all depends on what size your kitchen is and what color scheme it is arranged in. In a spacious room, there are much more options for maneuvering with a large and bright pattern of textiles for windows. But even in a small kitchen, you can use fabric with an ornament, pattern, if the wall decoration is made in a bright tone and the execution of kitchen facades is also not very bright.

If you design the kitchen in the style of country or Provence, then with the help of textiles you can widely convey the main features of the stylistics. Fabric with printed small or medium size flowers will definitely indicate the style of the interior – it is these colors that allow you to bring a cozy and relaxing atmosphere to the design of the kitchen space.

Similar effect can be achieved if you use a checkered print. For many many, checkered fabric is invariably associated with café interiors. But a lot depends on the color and size of the cell.

The print on the curtains can be used as a binding element. For example, in the kitchen interior, decorated in neutral or light colors, the kitchen splashback, tablecloth on the dining table or bar stools are the only bright spots. If the window textile uses the same bright color, then the overall picture of the kitchen room becomes more harmonious.

Or you can use the fabric design of kitchen windows as an accent element – the only bright spot on a light (or neutral) background. After all, curtains are much easier to replace than furniture or decoration. You can get a new interior (at least with a different mood) by replacing just one design element.

Curtains not only for Windows

Curtains and drapes in the kitchen space can be used not only for draping windows, but also as a curtain for cabinets (built-in or mobile), pantry, space under the sink, behind glass inserts of kitchen fronts and many other parts of the kitchen that the owners would like to hide from guests. Such curtains and drapes can be performed in the same manner as drapery for windows, and they can differ in the type of fabric and color scheme – it all depends on what interior objects are destined to be accents.

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