Black and White Interior Combination: Elegant Contrast in Different Rooms

The black and white room looks very impressive and stylish. Nevertheless, the organization of the contrast space requires extraordinary accuracy, because any badly selected detail can break the style. See design photo ideas of interesting arrangements in black and white interior combination: elegant contrast in different rooms of modern apartments and houses.


Black and White Interior Combination: Elegant Contrast in Different Rooms. Contemporary kitchen with large wooden table in the dining zone and open layout Hypnotic illuminated contrasting large bathroom with dark furniture Living room with black and white pictures as well as contrasting interior elements Black and White Interior Combination: Elegant Contrast in Different Rooms. Large semi-circular form of the large living room in open layout apartment Artistic decoration in black for modern designed bathroom Hovering platform bed in the light designed bedroom with expression at the headboard Large kitchen successful modern design with dark furniture and floor Modern kitchen with underground tile for backsplash and black topped island

Black and White Room: Examples for Inspiration

The photos in the presented gallery are presented as a possible inspiration for you, whether you choose white interiors, black and white or black. Perhaps this color will appear only in accessories? Each of the solutions looks interesting.

Large kitchen with round chandelier above the dining table and black furniture for contrast Figured bathtub in the modern bathroom with dark floor and dark accent wall Black and White Interior Combination: Elegant Contrast in Different Rooms. Royal black and white interior of the bedroom Contrasting interior for the mid-century styled kitchen with dark open ceiling beams

Black and White Color will not be Boring

A black and white room can bring a retro atmosphere to the apartment. You will get an interesting effect by choosing, for example, a chessboard imitating flooring or dark wood floor as well as black and white stripes on the wall or home textiles in combination with stylish furniture.

Monochrome Earth map at the headboard Simple & concise contemporary design of the kitchen with dark extractor hood

Game of Color

When decorating a black and white interior, remember that the principle of location is true here, since white will increase space, and the dark color will reduce it.

Sunroom next to the kitchen in ultramodern style with dark glass surfaces of appliances Dotted ceramic tiled floor and dark smooth facades at the modern kitchen Many shades of gray, black and white for contemporary interior

Black and White Room: How to Combine Contrast?

If you are a follower of two-color arrangements, one of the safest and most popular solutions is the combination of black and white in one space. By introducing the characteristic elements of the black finish to the white interior, you will create an interesting space. At the same time, it will be an extremely stylish design, thanks to which you will get a retro style. The white color will be a reflection of harmony and peace in this design. In its turn, black, so neatly complementing it, will give a unique character to the arrangement. Fans of slightly more expressive interiors will tend to add more black. This will determine the nature of the entire composition. To soften the sharpness of the style of the black room, you should add a pure white color. A clever combination of two contrasting colors will allow you to arrange an exciting and stylish interior.

Shabby Chic bathroom design with dark accent wall and colorful impressionistic picture on it Round stone bathtub at the dark accent wall with large ad board Black and White Interior Combination: Elegant Contrast in Different Rooms. Graphite colored bathroom interior with textured walls

Black and White Color in the Interior: Photos of Different Rooms

White interior for some people is decoration without expression, which blows with cold. For others, it is a cozy space that will become a real oasis of peace in real-life design. Black interior, although not as popular as white, is gaining more supporters today. However, it is rare to see a room in purely black color. Why? The thing is that the excess of dark shades in one interior acts quite depressingly. But in combination with white, it is the identification of extraordinary elegance and style. Black has another undoubted advantage – it is so universal that perfectly fits any coloring. Enjoy the black and white interiors, the purity of lines, and the prestige of design.

Black furniture for modern kitchen with island at the dining zone Narrow kitchen with the furniture set at the wall and dining zone in the center Black modular furniture set at the white kitchen island in the open layout apartment Black and White Interior Combination: Elegant Contrast in Different Rooms. Black painted steampunk shower zone Zebra shower zone behind the glass doors High ceilings and panoramic windows at the ideally white room with dark accents Mirroring backsplash and totally black island for ultramodern kitchen

The Combination of Colors in the Interior: Black and White Kitchen and Living Room

When you organize a black and white room, you must be consistent. This interior design requires a discipline of color and accessories. You can very easily break the layout of the black and white living room by using too many additional colors. Here, one should give preference to minimalism in everything. Too many colors and patterns will lead to chaos and disorder inside. Staying in such a room will become tedious.

Black and White Interior Combination: Elegant Contrast in Different Rooms. Very high apartment with panoramic windows and living zone Black angular leather upholstered sofa and royal ottoman for original designed living room Black kitchen furniture set and island in light decorated modern interior Narrow Scandinavian styled kitchen with black accent wall, lampshades and furniture Minimalistic kitchen atmosphere with black chair and backsplash Black and White Interior Combination: Elegant Contrast in Different Rooms. Antique abstraction at the wall of the modern kitchen Black mirror at the boudoir zone of the light colored room with parquet Mid-century stylistic in the living room with photos at the wall

Bedroom Interior in Black and White Color: the most Beautiful Options

Look at the photos with black and white rooms. Such bedrooms are trendy because the contrasting decoration gives the interior a taste and style. Fans of the retro style will like it. Internal arrangement in white and black require good taste. Unusual interiors are decorated with a bright accent in a different color, for example, red.

Black and White Interior Combination: Elegant Contrast in Different Rooms. Noir designed bedroom as of ashed after the fire with golden details Black floor for contrasting bedroom with red strokes Black and white drastic contrast for modern designed bedroom with hovering bed

Two-Tone Interior: How to Get a Good Effect?

Select two primary colors as internal elements, for example, white and black. Treat a brighter color as the main color. This means that it should predominate in the rooms. Use the second color only in accessories, trying not to overdo it. Colors can not achieve a half-to-half balance, since white is the basis of the arrangement. Use intermediate shades, for example, gray, especially on large surfaces. You will get a more aesthetic effect and avoid monotony. If you decide to use the colors of another palette, you should limit yourself to candles, flowers, fruits, paper napkins, etc. Change accessories according to the season, and your house will always look new.

Black and White Interior Combination: Elegant Contrast in Different Rooms. Varnished parquet in the contemporary kitchen with large white island Dark chic bathroom with the touch of Classic, Vintage and Fusion styles Ultramodern bathroom interior with mirror, large oval sink

Black and white is a stylish solution that looks original in modern interiors. Be sure to try this stylistic move in your living room, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom to freshen up the house with interesting design ideas. Choose the most suitable option on the photo by adding your own strokes.

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