Girl`s Bedroom Furniture. Turning Fairy Tale into Reality

The choice of furniture for children’s rooms is extremely important. Interior items should be safe and functional, but also to match the nature and preferences of the child. The design of the room influences the development of the growing personality, inspiring creativity, allowing one to dream. Find out what kind of furniture for girl’s bedroom is the most popular today.

Combination of colors at the loft room Red color shades for diluting of the pastel atmosphere Planked white floor and bed at the bay window Pink and white striped walls and the boudoir for girl

Children’s room furniture for girls

Furniture for a girl does not have to be pink in color with a picture of princesses, but this is a good idea for a romantic nature, even in adolescence. Parents often decide to decorate a children’s room so that it reflects the interests of their daughter, so they are open to bizarre suggestions. Modern types of rooms, as a rule, are very original and often personify the dreams of the child. Children like fairy tales and especially girls. The room can be equipped based on the favorite story with the cartoon or movie characters.

Two sisters in their creative inspiring room Ultramodern design of the kids' room with accent red wall Pastel colored light kids' room with large window and gray furniture American indians' wigwam at the large girls' room

Children’s furniture for girls: photo of popular interiors

Children’s furniture for a girl is basically white furniture sets, but there are a lot of other colors. Interior items are often made in combination with pink or purple, which gives the room a romantic touch. Cabinets for young ladies are usually large, and chests are roomy. You can easily combine furniture and accessories according to your child’s preferences.

Open wooden constructions in the loft designed girls' room with playground zone Fruit fantasy for the kids' room Another loft kids' room in light color theme

Basic furniture for girls

Many parents ask themselves what should be there in the girl’s room? There are several pieces of furniture which are indispensable in any living space for a young lady. Take a look at the photo-examples that tell you how to decorate a room beautifully for your daughter.

Bright crimson and aquamarine strokes for minimalistic girl's room

The bed as an attractive sitting and sleeping area

In bed stores, you can find models in many colors and shapes. For example, some models have a headrest with a crown or a built-in canopy. Although this type of furniture is extremely effective, such bed will serve the child less in time than those that have a standard form, because the latter will not lose its appeal even during the growing up of the daughter. Mattresses are an integral part of beds. They should be comfortable and fit the size of the frame structure.

White design for modern kids' room White grandeur Classics for the girls' bedroom with royal headboard Green bed furniture set with storage at the headboard Gray shades with bright accents and set of furniture

Wardrobe or chest of drawers is an important piece of furniture for children’s clothing

The main furniture for the girl is also a wardrobe in which all the outfits of the young lady will be placed. The choice of cabinets and chests of drawers is very large, so it will satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding fashionista.

Pink accent wall with drawing and the light color of the rest of the room Green wall for the modern styled girls' bedroom with decorated cabinet Greenish spots in the modern designed girls' room

Private space of the schoolgirl

A children’s room is not only a place to play, but also to learn. In addition to the bed and the spacious closets in the room should also be a desk and a comfortable chair.

Turquoise dotted accent wall in the large kids' room with laminate Study zone in the light colored girls' room Black accent wall in modern kids' room with desk


It must perfectly adapt to the growth of the child. The ideal seat has the same parameters as the 2/3 of the child’s thigh. Well-formed backs for children have a bulge at the level of the lumbosacral segment, so that the spine, naturally, takes the shape of the letter S.

Turquoise and yellow combination of wall paint for modern children's room Open wooden construction in the modern designed children's room with dark painted walls


The best choice is a table with adjustable height and tilt top. For young children, the table should have a width of about 70-90 cm and a depth of 50 cm, for the older girl – a little more: 100 × 80 cm. To encourage children to take the correct posture, it is recommended to tilt the table at an angle of about 16 °.

Heroes of fairy-tales at the walls of girls' bedroom Desk with multiple stools and joyfully colored accent wall White colored kids' room with fluffy round rug at the center


A table lamp should carry a practical function. It is better to abandon the unnecessarily decorative lampshade for modern design, but prefer a product with an adjustable angle of light. Appropriate lighting will be provided by LED lamps of 3-5 Watt of power.

Pink and yellow wall paint along with natural laminate and carpet for the finishing of the children's room Contemporary styled kids' room with light decoration and planked headboard

Ideal children’s furniture for a teenage girl

Furniture for girls can be purchased in the set. It usually consists of a closet, a desk and a bed. This type of equipment is made of the same material, has a characteristic pattern that allows maintaining a holistic style in the layout of the room. Nevertheless, furniture for girls can always be selected from different design lines. Interior items that appear as a set are simple and quick way to equip a room for girls, but they do not require creativity. In order for the youth room to look good, it should be formed in color. Such a set will ensure a harmonious look of the room!

Tender pinky design of the girls' bedroom with storage box at the headboard and pictures at the light pink accent wall Girls room for two girls with shining floor Bike hanger place at the girls' bedroom of tomboy Bunk bed and the modern multicolor decoration for the girls' bedroom


Furniture for girls – suitable accessories

Over time, girls change their interests, so the room may not meet the interests of the child. To prevent this from happening, select the universal furniture for the children’s room and decorate it with accessories that will represent the child’s favorite character from the fairy tale or film at the moment. It can be a set of stickers on furniture that will be attached to the door of a table or cabinet, as well as placed toys on shelves or posters on the wall. Accessories are easily removed and replaced with new ones that are suitable for the child’s age. Thanks to the interior details, the position of the room will change completely, although the furniture will remain the same.

Little of Marine touch in the modern girl's bedroom Red dotted curtains and suspended bubble chair for children's bedroom Bunk bed construction reminiscent of private house with fence Modular furniture set design with bright red couchette for girl

Create a dream room

Today you can easily find the furniture for a girl that will satisfy the common tastes of both the child and yours. The main thing is that these products should be of the highest quality for the children’s room. Give preference to universal models, supplementing them with thematic accessories that are interesting to the child in this period of life.

Bay panoranic window with black frame in the modern styled kids' room Colorful itnerior of the modern styled girl's bedroom with the LED-lit map Crimson rug under the gray upholstered sofas

Children’s furniture for the girl, thanks to modern design, a wide choice of colors, allows organizing the space that will perfectly match the nature of your daughter.

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