Kids Room Paint Creative Design Ideas

Wall painting is a very popular and rather easy way to decorate the interior. Of course, it has many conventions like ideally smooth walls before applying the paint, more cheap alternatives, etc. but still. If you want to know how to prepare walls and apply the paint to the walls step-by-step, please see the dedicated article, and now we will review some of the most inspiring ideas to paint the kids’ room.

Solid Color or a Picture

Indeed, this is a real question. Whether it should be single-colored walls or some neutral tone with an attractive picture on it? There is no ambiguous answer, of course. Everything is a matter of taste of the child(ren). And any option can be acceptable. Just take a look at the real-life examples below.

Kids room for two with saturated green walls

You can add pictures right on the colored walls of the children’s room. There is no more reviving and refreshing thing than a classy pink backdrop for the painted flowers. Such a decoration will certainly set the vibe mood for relaxation and further games and development of the child. Especially if it is the contrast to the absolutely white box of the room.

Pink painted walls in the kids room with flowers

… The colorful butterflies can also make the atmosphere much more joyful.

Kids Room Paint Creative Design Ideas. Colorful butterflies at the wall of Classic styled room with red frames of beds

You can disguise some appliances to accord the general stylistic and color gamma of the space. Besides, it can help to create and maintain the peculiar atmosphere that the child will rapidly get used to.

Animalistic decoration for the colorful painted kids roomKids Room Paint Creative Design Ideas. Striped turquoise and white ceiling and dotted wallsKids Room Paint Creative Design Ideas. Impressive colorful fantasy at the wall

You can also inspire the creativeness and playful mood of your child or kids by giving them room for their own fantasy. And there is nothing simpler than to make the black matte accent wall for drawing. It will fully unleash the aspiration of the children of making something with their own hands. But there are also some restrictions. First of all, you should not do the black part of the room in the nursery or if your child has psychological intolerance of this color. It will be most expedient to organize such a creative wall only after the child has agreed on this decision. You can propose such an option and if it is accepted, you can proceed with making it live.

Kids Room Paint Creative Design Ideas. Black wall for painting

Kids Room Paint Combinations

If you have a task to make a nice and comfortable study room for your children, one or two colors will be a great alternative. If we previously reviewed motley colorful paint ideas that fit mostly for younger children (7-12 years of age), teenagers require a more balanced and even pragmatic approach to the decoration of their living space.

Loft kids room with large tiles for floor and pale blue colors for walls Kids Room Paint Creative Design Ideas. Green window wall and white others for small space  Kids Room Paint Creative Design Ideas. The room for two kids with colorful walls in complex theme Kids Room Paint Creative Design Ideas. Green and white painted walls for minimalistic space

Yes, they are still children, but their cultural, social, philosophical views are formed. They know what is most fit for them to surround.

Azure colored kids room with toys and necessary furniture  Kids Room Paint Creative Design Ideas. Reviving color theme in stripes

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