Study Room Design and Finishing Trends with Photos

The study room has become very popular lately. Emerged in Eastern Europe during the Renaissance era, it has undergone numerous changes. But the initial sense remains: it is still the room for paperwork, work at home, studying, etc. Normally, the study room can be understood in many senses of interior space. It can appear as a bachelor’s den (men’s cave); the working area is school and respectively some kind of children’s room for student teenagers. But apparently, we will review study room design and finishing trends with photos as the home office and the room for work in the modern house or apartment.


Optimization and Functionality

This is the most important part of the design concept of the whole room. It should be functional and have all the furniture and necessary elements for a comfortable stay and prolific work. The main principle is to keep everything simple, minimalistic, and clear at the same time. You need numerous things and everything should be at hand. But how we can do that?
Study Room Design and Finishing Trends with Photos. White designed room with perimeter desk and full of personal things
Total computerization is one of our best friends as it leads to freeing space of study rooms. Indeed, we don’t need calculators, faxes, TV-sets, and many other obsolete items. Also, the paperwork and folders have reduced many times in the last 30-40 years. Everything is in the memory of a compact laptop. However, if you still need some stationery or other kinds of professional stuff, you can still place everything you need in a small furniture set, desk, or hinged shelves.
Study Room Design and Finishing Trends with Photos. Small narrow room with bookshelves and desks for workStudy Room Design and Finishing Trends with Photos. Loft and High-tech mix of styles in the large room with panoramic window

Inspire Yourself for Work

The main purpose of the study room is homework or studying, so we need to be concentrated on what we are doing and be inspired in that direction. See the absolutely ascetic working place but with the panoramic view of surrounding nature below. How about that?
Study Room Design and Finishing Trends with Photos. Small wooden trimmed room full of natural light
Large windows of the urban apartment are totally fine to tune yourself on the creative wave. Along with functional furniture, organized surrounding space, it can be a powerful leverage to get to work with all the dedication.
Study Room Design and Finishing Trends with Photos. White room with improvised library shelves at the wallPanoramic windows and window sill desk for studies in the private house among nature
Large wooden shelving that turns your study into an imitation of the library can also contribute to productive work. The knowledge that contains so many books can come in handy at any moment.
Study Room Design and Finishing Trends with Photos. Working space and library with wooden furniture and classic atmosphere
Another win-win solution to make yourself motivated for work or acquiring new information is placing a  poster, some sort of thing, or figurine that urges you for activity. For example, it can be the portrait of your favorite philosopher, some motivating quote, or just a picture that depicts the result you aspire to.
Gray neat study room interior with dark gray table for work

No Reason to Abandon Style

And that’s it. You can achieve a functional and inspiring atmosphere in your study room but what is the use of it doesn’t respond to your inner sense of style? Everyone has his own view of comfort and of what he wants to be surrounded with. In other words, every person can feel free and be maximally productive in his own specific atmosphere.
Study Room Design and Finishing Trends with Photos. Black room decoration in Vintage style
It can be a minimalistic modern design, unusual Shabby Chic, Pop Art, Fusion – anything you want to see, and what is the main stylistic theme in your apartment. However, if the study room is an isolated area, the inner style may not correspond with the rest of the premises.
<Large study room with shelving for folders and two-side working table with armchairsStudy Room Design and Finishing Trends with Photos. Neat modern room in tender colors with large window and space for creativeness  Small narrow loggia space for study room in casual style
But some people can remain concentrated and vice versa be inspired by the surrounding people in the open space. Of course, there is no easier than to allocate the workspace for such people at the large living room or open layout apartment.  But the binding to the common style is a must in such a case.
Open space interior with dining table and working zone at the pedestal Unusual design of study room right among the open space apartment framed with black steel rails and glass

To Rest or Not to Rest?

There is quite a heated debate about whether the resting zone is needed in the study or not. Some people assert that its presence leads to procrastination and laziness. Others tell that if you have a bed or a sofa at your home office, you will be tempted never go out of it and spend the majority of the time here. And, of course, some people, who are inclined to universalism, actively support the availability to rest in the study room. However, it’s you to decide what you want to see at your study.
Study Room Design and Finishing Trends with Photos. Casual styled children's room for two with workplaces at the large desk
The sunroom is another striking way to make the study room stylish and disposing to work.
Study Room Design and Finishing Trends with Photos. A whole room with sunroom appendix in Modern interpretation of English classics

Teenager Kids also Need Place for Study

Don’t forget about your growing up children. Their personal space should not resemble the nursery with its colorful walls and abundance of garish interior items. This should be a business space for future engineers, creators. Choose universal design solutions that wouldn’t take up much time and finance to renovate the room.
Narrow modern designed study room with white furnitureStudy Room Design and Finishing Trends with Photos. White walls and colorful paintings for light children's room with colorful chairsCasual designed room with white furniture and laminated floor

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