What is a Sunroom? Best Sunroom Interior Decoration Ideas

First of all, let’s start with the definition of terms. The sunroom is very close to the “patio” concept with the probably only difference that the sunroom is always glazed and covered with glass structure. It can be both attached to the house or built-in. Though it is rare and widely known as an expensive addition to the house interior, we will consider the option of its alternative placement.  Whatever it is, the sunroom is a great opportunity to relax in the sun contemplating surroundings. That is a huge reason to think about arranging such a room in your own apartment. So, had we answered on what is a sunroom? 15 best sunroom interior decoration ideas will complement our story with visual real-life examples of successful interiors from different parts of the world.

Wall with Panoramic Windows

Let’s review the most common and the easiest option to arrange the sunroom in the apartment. We will show even the variant of organizing such a room in the studio and without building an extra annex to the house.

So, the sunrooms conditionally dividing into the fully and partially glazed ones. Partially glazed ones only have transparent walls or the roof (which is rarer). Fully glazed sunrooms have their walls and roofs of glass, therefore having spectacular look.

The regular sunroom usually has panoramic latticed windows and a high ceiling with open beams. The interior decoration can be very diverse and therefore has no strict rules of finishing. The only wish is to use light colors in order not to distract from the main thing – the picture outside.

Suburb cotaage with Marine style touch  Classic interior in white with upholstered furniture and dark wooden coffee table Winter outside view from the white and orange color mixed Classic interiorWooden dome and panoramic latticed window-walls

And here is the time to introduce one small trick by arranging the sunroom within the regular apartment. The only way to do that is the presence of a bay window. If you have a panoramic bay window, the living zone in this place automatically becomes a sunroom. Snap!

Bay window in the white matted color painted interior of Casual American style

Another nice idea to create a sunroom without extra cost is the adjoining the living room to the kitchen or other functional space. We can use the parlor, entrance lobby, or hall to make it an alternative sunroom within our home.

Kitchen joined with balcony in different interior decoration styles

Of course, there is a big number of combined sunroom variants. We can’t attribute them to not fully open, nor partially glazed ones. They are interiors with a skylight or partially open roof.

Wooden ceiling with skylight and panoramic white latticed windows

Speaking about the versatility of inner finishing and design stylistic of sunrooms, take a look at the photo below. This comfort room found a place not only for the large fluffy rug along the relaxing zone and children’s playground but also for classic wooden armchair and suspended bubble chair.

House adjoining patio relaxing zone with kinder toys and bubble chair

Maximally Open Sunrooms

The spectacular look of the sunroom both from the outside and in the interior is based on its construction. It is usually adjoining to the house extension with maximum openness to the environment. If you have the capability to erect a new part of the house or already have one, it would be expedient to glaze it with perimeter glass. This will instantly turn the addition into a glass sunroom or greenhouse.

Annex to the private house with the glass walls and slanted roofWhat is a Sunroom? 15 Best Sunroom Interior Decoration Ideas. Transparent roof of the annex of the private house with metal frame and Casual multicolored interior Classic styled patio with panoramic transparent wall constructionGorgeous Retro designed interiro of the fully glazed sunroom

There is no doubt that Ecodesign is the mainstream for many sunrooms is it is purposed for nature observations. Also, if you have two or three floors in your house, it is more spectacular to place the sunroom at the upper level, providing it with an exquisite stairway down. That will give the ability for you and your guests of having unforgettable relaxing and friendly chats at the very nature.

Unique wooden frame for the transparent walls and roof of the patio sunroom White painted frame for the glass dome of the bright sunroom for leisure

The greenhouse is another splendid idea for the sunroom. As the plants require maximum natural light, the sunroom is the best place for your greenery. You can place here flowers for your aesthetical pleasure or to grow fruits and vegetables maintaining a needful microclimate.

Greenery sunroom with neutral white colored frame for the glazing

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