Modern Cottage Pallet Deck Ideas

The perimeter plarform of any cottage and many private houses or mansions called “deck” can be made of different material in many ways. It can be concrete construction complementing house footing or wooden planked structure. It can have tiled covering or be made of stone slabs. Hovewer, we are going to talk about such cozy, practical and DIY-ready way of adding up the cottage deck as on base of wooden pallets. Except that it is a good idea to reuse pallets, we can ultimately achieve spectacular result for many years to come. In this small modern cottage pallet deck ideas compilation we will explore the most relevant options of composing gorgeous edging for your cottage or pathway at your backyard.

Open pallet deck construction

The most simple and basic form of pallet deck construction is when wooden pallets are not covered with something else during making a deck. This preserves the original look of the pallets and adds specific charm and pristine image of industriality for the house on the whole.

In addition to traditional perimeter deck of the cottage, we can compose a whole patio at the backyard or rest zone near the pool all out of wooden reusable pallets. Check out the real example of wood pallet deck.

Open pallet deck of modern cottage

Nonetheless, this is not the only way to use pallets for your benefit. The house’s deck can be continued along your property by forming a pathway to the backyard or to the entrance.

Garden with scattered wooden pallets

Covered pallet decks

But really unveiling all power of pallet deck construction is covering it with other wooden planks. This option gives us opportunity to provide any structure of the top surface we expect. It can be varnished or raw or have slight clearance between planks. More about the producing of such constructions by your own hands you can read here.

Backyard BBQ zone with gray wooden planked flooring  Lacquered reddish platform for rest in the shadow of trees Patio zone with cozy wooden armchairs that transform into sunbeds

However, you can make such deck of two or three layers. That will imitate steps. But technically it will mean that one smaller platform is on the top of another bigger one. But you should not erect two full layers for this. Brick support for the top layer would be sufficient. But that must be designed and calculated by preofessional in order to eliminate squeaks and sags in future after a couple years of exploitation.

Innovative wooden exterior and porch decorated with flowersUltramodern cottage backyard with pool and patio for sunbathing Elaborately made relaxing zone with wooden cover

The deck can spectacularly continue the wooden floor of the house at the entrance, thus creating uniform design.

Entrance patio with wooden pallet deck

If you wish, it is possible to even give rounded forms to your deck with the help of chainsaw. But we suppose your high proficiency with this instrument before experimenting with material.

Figure perimeter deck at the small forest house

And, of course, the covered design of the deck also allows to make pathways through your land plot. You’ll be very pleased with result as such constructions bestow the hi-tech and fresh modern image to your estate.

Backyard pathway made of pallets  A whole path of reusable pallets for your backyard lawn

There are also some additional ways to reuse pallets such as making furniture and other. Stay in touch and follow the updates at 😉

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