Different Room Types Arrangement in Basement Ideas

The basement is an essential part of any private house. That is a very convenient place to organize different zones and rooms which are uncomfortable for placing at the top levels. Also, the basement has many natural advantages which are literally screaming to use them. We can probably speak about possible basement organization forever. But this article will be devoted to different room types arrangement in basement ideas. Let’s consider possible functional areas and their combinations on the ground floor. Unbiased review with all pros and cons of basement location, as we hope, can inspire our readers for a more thorough approach to precious underground square meters of their property.


  1. Mudroom;
  2. Pantry;
  3. Living room;
  4. Kitchen;
  5. Home theater;
  6. Gym and Playground;
  7. Wine Cellar;
  8. Extra Bedroom;
  9. Music studio;
  10. Bar/Brewery;
  11. Extra Bathroom;
  12. Panic Room;
  13. Safe

The key is that some functional spaces don’t require natural lighting. And such rooms as for home theater instead need complete darkness during movie watching. Of course, such places are the most appropriate to be placed in the basement.

Mudroom and/or Laundry

Laundry is better to be combined with some other area of your home. We’ve reviewed the variant when cleaning room is combined with kitchen or bathroom. But if you are ready to move the laundry to the basement, it is convenient to unite it with the mudroom. You will release your hall from excessive number of clothes, wootwear and will forget about dirty stains all over the hallway. It is much more easier to control cleanliness in one dedicated place, where it is possible to wash, dry and store your garments.

Laundry and mud room combination with wavy pattern rug

Pantry Basement Ideas

One of the most intuitive ideas to arrange a basement is for storing different things. It can be dry goods, rarely used wardrobe items, canned food, etc. This room can be additionally equipped with furniture for maintenance, sorting of stored items, or a refrigerator/deep freezer for storing food.

Pantry room with wooden shelves Pantry with lots of storage in Rustic style

Living room underground

The most exotic decision though deserves the right to exist. The living room usually is a place with a high level of natural lighting, where you can enjoy the outside view. Nevertheless, there are plenty of successful design projects for living rooms at zero levels. Who knows, maybe you want to organize the rest zone in the basement in order to make noisy parties and don’t want to disturb other house inhabitants.

Colorful minimalism for zero level living roomLots of dark wooden material for the open layout rest room underground

In many cases, the living room in the basement is the first idea ever cross anyone’s mind. And if you haven’t decided what to do here yet, you can organize the living room. It is possible by only adding appropriate furniture and, in some cases, bed a carpet for highlighting.

Painted walls for underground rest room with lounger chair Fusion styled rest room with wooden trunks carved and lacquered furniture

The open layout of the basement allows combining functional zones whatever you like. For example, the living room can be easily adjoined by sports area, billiards, dining zone, bar, home theater, or any other space.

Billiards at zero level finished in Contemporary styleFuturistic look of the playground with blue surfaced billiards table Zero floor playground with dining zone


It’s hard to imagine, but some people really dare to place a kitchen in the basement. Agree, that’s a very extreme decision, and the place is not designed for the kitchen, but sometimes it can come in handy to allocate your cooking zone here. It can be an additional kitchen on the ground floor. Especially it is convenient to have a kitchen near the pantry.

Different Room Types Arrangement in Basement Ideas. Full kitchen with dining zone and light wooden fruniture

Home Theater at the Basement

It is maybe the most appropriate functional space for the basement ever. It doesn’t require much lighting. But it would be great to have a large space here to accommodate your family and guests. If so, you will have the possibility to divide your home theater into different zones with a bar counter.

Contemporary home theater with lounge zone

In the case of the large basement with an open plan, a home theater is a nice place to be combined with other functional segments of the house. Most often it can be a billiards room or gym. The glass partitions for separating zones are a great modern option to arrange space as well.

Futuristic home theater with light gray upholstered angular sofa Modern styled home theater in white with island bar

Gym or playground at the basement

Another necessary room for anybody who wants to keep themselves fit also doesn’t require windows. Elaborate artificial lighting and the exhaust is almost everything you need to arrange the gym underground. We have gathered some of the main tips for organizing home gym in the other article.

Improvised gym in the basement

Every child is probably dreaming about a personal playground where it can try different kinds of sports without thinking about noise. Creating the sports ground for your child in the basement and providing it with a decent level of artificial light is a big investment in the health and development of your kid.

Whole room given for childrens' playground with intense lighting

Different Room Types Arrangement in Basement. Wine Cellar

Maybe the most natural place for the basement is the wine cellar. It not only could, but it should also be placed here. Take a look at wisely located wall shelving with personal wine collection. We don’t advise to combine this space with other areas. The wine likes darkness and it is better to isolate it from extraneous views.

Ground level wine cellar in Modern style

Extra Bedroom or Small Bursa for Guests

If your house is rather small and you love to have guests, it is quite possible that you’ll be out of space upstairs. In order to comfortably provide your guests with sleeping places, you can consider arranging a small extra bedroom in the basement of the house. This restroom doesn’t require much space but can accommodate 2-4 and more people.

Transforming beds for small neat relax room

Small Brewery or Bar

This area does not need additional presentation. many modern bars and pubs are located in basements and zero levels of the block of flats. What can be a reason for you to abandon the idea of arranging a small improvised pub right at your place? Your guests will be surprised at the core.

Wooden trimmed Rustic styled mini-bar with brew at the ground level

Music Studio

Another spectacular idea of occupying the basement is to place here a sound recording studio or just a room for rehearsing and playing music. All advantages are obvious: soundproof ambiance and resonating walls. Nobody will hear you on the top floors, even if you’ll go hard at drums or electric guitar.

Music band organized at the ground level of private house

Extra Bathroom

Having a gym in the basement will require extra ventilation. Also, if you arrange an extra bathroom which will be right here in the basement, it will significantly improve the functionality of the ground floor. You will have the ability to come up fresh upstairs after working out.

An extra guest shower in the basement near gym

Secret/Panic Room

Complicated architecture and layout of the basement can turn especially convenient for finding some extra space to organize the panic room which only your family will know. Or it can be men’s cave for seclusion; maybe the place for gathering your personal achievements is you are shy to demonstrate them to everybody.

Secret wooden trimmed room with bar counter

Underground Safe

Another brilliant idea of utilizing basement square feet is to place a safe here. Use fake doors and nobody will ever think that you may have it there. Also, the basement is usually not so crowded place which allows the location of a safe in the nook far from peering eyes.

Safe room at the fake wall of the basement

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