Glass Partitions. Rational Interior Zoning

A frequent problem is the unsuccessful floor plans of housing, this problem can affect owners of not only secondary real estate, but also new housing. A small kitchen, an uncomfortable room, a narrow corridor – each of these problems spoils a pleasant impression of housing, does not give the opportunity to fully enjoy the stylish interior of the room. To correct the shortcomings is possible by using glass partitions between rooms. This will not only bestow them stylish appearance, but also make them more rational.

platform bed in the small bedroom zone decorated in white Yellow and white glass inlays in the partition of Scandi styled kitchen Glass Partitions. Rational Interior Zoning with yellow glass for the modern styled bedroom Spectacular Oriental style designed bedroom with carved interiro items and doors Transparent pattern made on glass partition in the modern gray painted open space interior Blue accent wall and the glass partition as delimeters of the hall

Transparent borders of glass

Previously, stylish glass partitions were used only in rare designer interiors. Now they have adopted more frequent use and utilization due to their functional benefits. At the moment, almost everyone can use glass to decorate their homes, no matter what the interior of the room or its style. The main popularity of using glass is due to the fact that in recent years many new types have appeared, differing in their reliability and durability. Thanks to new materials, you cannot be afraid that children will be able to damage them or break them, and this has a positive effect on the trend of their active use.

Correctly picking up the partition and its type can not only create a cozy atmosphere, but also correct the shortcomings of the layout of housing. An unsuccessful solution will, on the contrary, spoil even a good design, so you need to carefully approach the choice of partitions, taking into account the opinion and advice of designers.

Complex manufactured glass partition with glass inlays into wooden frame Glass Partitions. Rational Interior Zoning. Translucent wall on metal frame with door Unusual pattern on glass partition separating the sleeping zone Striped angular wardrobe zone in the modern bedroom Glass Partitions. Rational Interior Zoning. Frosted semitranslucent zoning element for office Frosted glass fake wall for the Contemporary bedroom combined with bathroom Glass Partitions. Rational Interior Zoning. Ideal simmetricity for the dining room with matted striped zoner

To partition a room or housing into functional areas, several types of glass can be used, among which:

  • Transparent glass. Suitable for use in any room, combined with all styles. The disadvantage is that there is direct viewing of unwanted items, which it would be better to hide. That is why they are often used where there is no need for confidentiality.
  • Colored glass. This option is very stylish and original. Most of all, this option is suitable for decorating public rooms and children’s rooms. You can also use colored glass in case the style of the room is modern or high-tech.
  • Frosted glass. Used to divide rooms in a calm direction. It is suitable for a bedroom. This option is the most versatile, suitable for absolutely any style.
  • Glass partition with a pattern. These partitions can become a real highlight, emphasize the style or highlight its virtues. Particularly suitable for use in the classical style, they are able to emphasize the originality of the interior and the individuality of the owner.

Sliding transparent doors Glass Partitions. Rational Interior Zoning. Cute design idea of kitchen separating from living zone HI-tech and Industrial mix of styles for modern spectacular interior with frosted glass separated sleeper Transparent staircase fencing

Why are they so good?

Designers have recently engaged in active agitation, urging people to use exactly glass partitions in their interiors. In support of their thoughts, they cite a number of arguments and facts that emphasize the merits of this type of space zoning. Among the advantages are:

  • Universal application – glass is a convenient material that can successfully fit into a wide variety of styles and interiors. They will look original in a high-tech bedroom, as well as in a modern kitchen.
  • Reliable tempered glass – the level of strength of this material is very high, so do not be afraid that the partition can be damaged or broken. Now they are put on a par with materials that do not break.
  • These partitions are very compact. They also have a small thickness and take up much less space than a brick or plasterboard wall.
  • Easy to install. The installation of the glass partition is easy going. You can carry them out even in a room where the repair has already been completed.
  • Using glass partitions you can realize the original design ideas, transform the room, adding visual ease to it.
  • Visual expansion of space. These walls are very light, almost weightless. Thanks to this they can even make a small room more spacious, and it will be easier to breathe in it.
  • Another advantage of glass partitions is the absence of bureaucracy in relation to them. The installation of the partition does not require permission from the authorities. It is not amenable to laws and does not require documenting fixation of the redevelopment.

Glass Partitions. Rational Interior Zoning. Lime wall paint in the office Glass Partitions. Rational Interior Zoning. Home office in modern style with swivel armchair Glass Partitions. Rational Interior Zoning. Continuous translucent wall in the middle of modern apartment Cute yellow accent wall idea for the neat light colored dining Rational Interior Zoning with dark gray pattern on even surfaceGlass Partitions. Rational Interior Zoning. Dining room with a sleeper in form of chest

To properly care for the surface of the glass partition it is enough to use a special rag, so you can wipe the glass both dry and with the use of detergents.

Glass partitions are stylish, fashionable, modern and very beautiful, but they`re also expensive. This deficiency is the most important, in the opinion of most people. The price is high enough not only for the material itself, but also for conducting assembly works, since only the specialist can install them correctly. If you choose not the standard and custom-made original design partitions, then their price will be even higher, in addition, such a wall can’t be decorated, because driving a nail into it will be a stupid idea. Among other shortcomings, one can note the impossibility of laying communication systems in it.

A glass partition is undesirable to be installed between the living room and the kitchen, since some of the smells will be transferred to the residential part of the apartment. If you ready for this, it can be safely placed.

Glass Partitions. Rational Interior Zoning. Private house common space first floor with wine stand Dark wooden laminate flooring and the glass partition in the center of open layout space Glass multicolored partition columns to zone the modern joyful open layout space Multicolored glass partition in the Fusion modern interior Partially matted glass wall for improvised negotiation zone

Glass partitions. Rational interior zoning: types and features

In total, there are two main types of partitions: sliding and stationary. Constant partitions are installed once and for all. To pass through, it is necessary to use swinging or sliding walls. Designers are advised to use sliding doors (by coupe type). The wall is reliable due to the quality of the glass, as well as a special system of fastening fixtures. Fastening is carried out with the help of a frame or point attachments.

Walk through bathroom with all-glass zoning Golden tint of the wooden trimming in the modern cottage with glass partitions between logical zones Gray zone of the walk through bathroom near the entrance to the house A whole wired composition of lighting in the modern industrial style decorated space

Sliding partitions, made of glass, are a more rational option, since it is possible to arrange the space and create a passage. Especially they are popular where you need to constantly change the configuration of housing.

Often, this type of partitions is used in small apartments or studio apartments. Using glass, you can not only divide the kitchen and other rooms, but also divide the room into a “day” and “night” zone. In some modern apartments, such partitions are used even to separate the bathroom from other rooms, but not everyone will like this option.

Black framed glass paritions for proper large space zoning Accent dark gray wall for minimalistic bedroom interior with glass partition dividing from bathroom Spectacular black glass wall partition in the modern designed bedroom Light laminate in the modern designed bedroom with black bed and matted glass partition from living zone Glass table in the dining zone and spectacular wet glass partition of the rest zone Loft style for large bedroom with open ceiling wooden construction and podium king-sized bed

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