Tips for Decorating with Circular Mirrors

Round mirrors can bring any space to life, and they’re a fantastic decorative element when it comes to beautifying your house. To begin with, experiment with different décor and decorations to liven up your living area and truly personalize it. And then, apply the ideas of decorating with circle mirrors to spruce up your personal space with a touch of glam.

Tips for Decorating with Circular Mirrors. Blue suede furniture and mild brown tones for Classic living room with wainscoting, and the fireplace

Today, this article will determine all the steps to decorate with round mirrors and beautify your appealing home. So, why not give it a try?

Consider Venetian Round Glass Mirrors

When combined with geometric print and a poppy console, an ancient round-shaped Venetian glass mirror creates a delicate remark. A room’s design is inherently made up of horizontal lines and correct angles; hence the addition of a round mirror over a boxed-shape cabinet or a rectangular mantel is so appealing. While at it, don’t compromise in quality. You can choose from Sogni Di Cristallo as they have various Venetian glass mirrors that suit your theme and style, enhancing the space with class and sophistication.

Venetian mirror from Sogni Di Cristallo


Complement Using Small Pieces of Art

Working with size seems a fantastic way to add dimension to your walls and give your living area a new perspective. That’s why a big round mirror should be paired with tiny works of art to complete the look. First, make your circular mirror the main point of the room by placing it in the middle of the wall. Then, around the mirror, hang tiny paintings, pictures, and caricatures. This gives an impressive look to your corner and draws attention to your walls.

Tips for Decorating with Circular Mirrors. Great pompous boudoir in white with royal pattern on the walls

Rearrange some Furniture Around

Placing a piece of furniture immediately below your circular mirror is a good idea. It will assist in leveling your mirror while also tying the space together. For example, you might place a stylish dresser or vanity underneath your circular mirror, or you could move your couch to be right beneath it. Also, try adding small plants or home décor accessories to your furniture; this will incorporate extra character to your home and give it a fancy look.

Ensure Visibility with Light Fixtures

Toward the left side of the mirror, place two similar tables or wall lights to lighten the room. You may also place your mirror in the middle of two previously existing light fixtures, such as those near a bathroom sink or in your living room. You can also try placing different coloured table lamps that can be black or white on both sides of the mirror for a minimalistic aesthetic look. Don’t worry if you don’t have the table lamps available; even adding a single, stylish bulb may make a big difference in the reflection and appearance.

Tips for Decorating with Circular Mirrors. Casual designed living room with brown furniture and white walls

That’s pretty much it when it comes to decorating with circle mirrors. Just buy a few small ones or a single, large Venetian mirror and see how they expand your space and light, portraying a dynamic feeling. A piece of Venetian craft is an art in itself, anyways!

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