Everything You Need to Know About Metal Prints and Their Benefits

The most common material to print a photograph on is, of course, paper. But, in recent years there has been a rise in customers ordering prints of their photos on canvas.

More and more customers in recent have begun to look for alternate ways to print their photos. This is typical because the traditional paper printed photos don’t last as long as desired.

Everything You Need to Know About Metal Prints and Their Benefits. Example of a picture on the canvas

These are your memories; after all, you’d want them to withstand the tests of time. But the paper does withstand against much. Canvas offers more durability, but for a truly lasting photo, metal might be your best bet.

Metal prints are offered quite a number of advantages over paper making it worth its own cost, unlike paper which feels overpriced for framing.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about metal prints and their benefits.

Metal Print Durability

Metal prints Canada are more durable and will last longer than paper or even canvas prints. Years from now when you find your metal print hidden behind a box in the attic it will still look just as new as the day it was first printed.

Not only is it durable against damage from normal wear and tear and most accidents, but also from fading over time. Paper prints are notorious for falling before the might of father time.

Metal prints, on the other hand, will stand strong and defiant against time and aging.

Surface Finish Options

One similarity that metal prints have in common with paper prints are the variety of surface finish options. Metal prints Canada come in the following finishes:

  • Brushed metal surface – a silver base coat will come through the image, muting the colors of the image but enhancing the metallic aspects of the metal.
  • True color surface – this uses a white base coat that allows the colors of the image to stand out.
  • Glossy finish – available for both finishes, giving the image a vibrant appearance.
  • Matte finish – more subdued muted look for the image, available for both finishes.

Regardless of the finish you choose, one of the benefits of metal prints is the lack of glare on the image. This will allow you to display your print nearly anywhere without worrying about the image being non-viewable due to sunlight glare from a window.

Dirty Print? Wash It!

This is a benefit unique to metal prints. Paper prints need to be framed to protect them from dust and dirt. Canvas prints can be gently wiped down with a dry cloth, but metal prints can actually be washed.

Because of the metal material used which prevents scratches and dings, you’ll be able to actually wash your print without damaging it. A cloth and Windex or other non-abrasive cleaning agent and your print will look as good as new again in no time.

To Frame or Not to Frame

Paper prints have to frame, but canvas and metal prints aren’t necessarily in the same boat. When it comes to metal prints you can choose to either frame or not.

If your frame doesn’t frame the professional quality and appearance of the metal used to print the image on is enough to allow it to be hung as is. But if you chose to frame the image you would only need molding.

The molding can be cut and measured to the size of the print and attached snuggly to the metal itself. There won’t be any need for heavy glass since the metal print is so durable already.

This is also beneficial when hanging since the metal is already heavier than most materials and frames. Add a heavy traditional frame and it may not be able to be hung and displayed on the wall.

Choosing Metal Prints

Choosing metal as an option for your photo to be printed on is a great way to ensure your photograph will stand against the tests of time. They are durable, scratch resistant, and offer a variety of surface finishes.

Where most prints have to be covered by glass or receive regular maintenance, metal prints can be washed with a cloth, soap, and water, and become restored to its original luster.

Don’t stick to the same old boring paper printed photos; choose a material that will hold its own against accidents and time. Choose metal prints and keep your photos looking amazing for years to come.

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