Egyptian Style Kitchen Decor and Design Ideas

Traveling around the world during which we get a lot of positive emotions and new impressions became very popular. Often ethnic interiors of cafes, restaurants, hotel rooms, and houses of local residents of the visited country charm us with their beauty, uniqueness, and inexpressible atmosphere. If you like the interior with the use of ethnic traditions and design elements, you will want to implement them at home. Egyptian traditions are a frequent choice of travelers for kitchen design.


Egyptian Style Kitchen Decor and Design Ideas. Yellow colored arabic motifs with ethnic touch in the form of decor elements

The Nuances of the Egyptian Interior

For the full implementation of the project of creating a kitchen of the chosen style, it is important to strictly observe the following basic rules. The Egyptian style is characterized by large-scale solutions and it is recommended to implement it in spacious kitchens. Everything in the Egyptian style is strict, clear, and symmetrical. At the heart of the style are geometric figures: numerous patterns, figures, and lines take their origin from the circle in the center of the room.

It is important not to overdo the saturation of the kitchen space with Egyptian elements, objects, and motifs. Over-saturation can lead to the fact that a sufficiently voluminous and informative ethnic style is not pleasing but irritating in such a case and look pretentious and tasteless.

Egyptian Style Kitchen Decor and Design Ideas. Large extractor hood over the brown semicircular island and plate decorated accent wall

Interior of the Kitchen in the Egyptian Style

To create an interior in this exotic style, first of all, you need to choose the appropriate color scheme. The predominant and characteristic colors of this style will be all not too bright shades of yellow:

  • gold,
  • mustard,
  • vanilla,
  • sunny yellow,
  • champagne,
  • sandy,
  • pear,
  • curry,
  • straw,

and necessarily white as a secondary but often used in this style.

When choosing details and accessories, and arranging bright interior accents, we focus on rich chocolate, terracotta, black and bright blue.

Egyptian Style Kitchen Decor and Design Ideas. Chic light colored marble slab countertop and wooden skirting of the hood

Egyptian Architectural Elements in the Kitchen

A mandatory element of any design in the Egyptian style is stone columns or their imitation, which are often decorated with a lotus or palm branch, as well as various textured drawings in Egyptian traditions and motifs. The statues of sphinxes or cats can “support” them. All architectural elements should be massive but balanced in relation to the rest of the kitchen space. Door or wall openings are recommended to decorate in an arched form. The door to the kitchen should be (or at least have a look of) wooden and solid.

Egyptian Style Kitchen Decor and Design Ideas. Black and gold color palette for classic style

Finishing the Walls, Ceiling, and Floor

If we talk about construction and finishing materials, we choose, of course, decorative plaster, which allows you to artfully and accurately select the necessary color palette, as well as choose a suitable stylish texture, or pattern of such wall covering.

Spanish and Arabic interior design combination for white and gold colored kitchen with classic styled furniture facades and round table

For the ceiling, any modern ceiling covering is suitable: a stretch ceiling or plasterboard one. It will not be superfluous also to use patterns or drawings in the Egyptian style. For the floor, it is best to choose a practical artificial stone – porcelain or ceramic tiles with ancient Egyptian designs or ornaments.

Egyptian Style Kitchen Decor and Design Ideas. Turquoise and gold mix of colors for large kitchen with bar

Kitchen Furniture in the Egyptian Style

The furniture of the real Egyptians is quality and massive products made of natural stone and wood, decorated with frescoes and real gold patterns. Therefore, we either recreate a real expensive interior, using natural materials or use artificial quality analogs.

Yellow color for the juicy accents of the modern Egyptian kitchen decor

The furniture is preferably rich, generously decorated with carvings or gold. A round table made of stone, solid dark wood, or glass is a must.

Egyptian Style Kitchen Decor and Design Ideas. Vaulted pass to the dining kitchen from white classic kitchen

The Lighting of the Kitchen in the Egyptian Style

The lighting, emphasizing the identity and ancient traditions of the style, can be wall sconces, reminding us of the ancient torches that illuminated the palaces of that time. The main element of the Egyptian-style lighting system is the lampshade that confirms the rule of style – being a circle.

Lampshades are preferred of quite a large size, rich gold or dark shade. The use of fabric lampshades is possible. However, it should be noted that in today’s realities, it is still worth using additional lighting of the ceiling, work surface, individual objects, and interior elements.

Egyptian Style Kitchen Decor and Design Ideas. Royal gilded patterns in the space decor and furniture

Decor Elements and Bright Accents

Without characteristic colorful Egyptian elements in the kitchen design can not do without, because then the interior will not be complete and complete. These can be paintings or drawings in wooden frames with images of sphinxes, pharaohs, pyramids, exotic Egyptian flora, and fauna. Wall frescoes would be also a fine fit into such an interior.

The presence of ethnic decorative dishes (clay vessels, glass bottles with colored sand, stone bowls, and cups) is required.

And of course, an Egyptian interior is not possible without numerous statuettes of cats, scarab beetles, griffins, plaster, or clay busts of pharaohs and ancient Greek gods.

Egyptian Style Kitchen Decor and Design Ideas. White and golden color scheme for the classic interior with colorful ethnic elements

Textiles for the Kitchen in the Egyptian Style

Curtains and any kitchen textile products must necessarily be made of natural fabrics to match the real Egyptian style and organically fit into the chosen interior. These may be lightweight cotton or durable linen curtains. The color of the textile decoration of the window will depend on the level of natural light and the rest of the interior. The use of patterns, embroidery, and prints with palm leaves, papyrus, lotus flowers are welcome.

Curtains with golden threads and other shiny decorations have a genuine Egyptian rich and exquisite look.

Dark wooden and marble island as well as luxurious burgundy heavy looking curtains making the interior solid and pompous

Egyptian style in the kitchen interior is a complex interior style. Nevertheless, there is a huge number of available ways and design techniques of its full and successful creation. This unique, but at the same time, recognizable style is original, natural, and luxurious. It recreates an unusual amazing atmosphere and gives only positive emotions.

Egyptian Style Kitchen Decor and Design Ideas. Ra's picture at the accent wall near the dining zone for two people Egyptian Style Kitchen Decor and Design Ideas. Sand slab imitating facade of the kitchen island in modern styled interior Egyptian Style Kitchen Decor and Design Ideas. Black pattern on the floor and glass table with black gypsum statuette base in successful and magnetic interior with gold shade silk curtains

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