Columns in the Interior Design. Sophisticated Luxury and Refinement

Interior columns in most cases are an indispensable element of the construction of the building. Their role is to cope with the weight of the upper floors of the architecture. This form is indispensable in many construction projects. However, modern trends indicate that some owners of apartments and houses are not averse to install decorative columns, giving the room a certain accent of luxury and chic. Enjoy the amazing elements of Italian architecture in the presented photo gallery of different kinds of columns in the interior design. Sophisticated luxury and refinement of Ancient Rome are available for your home.


American Classic in the large house open layout kitchen Classic design in the large cottage with wooden floor Dining room in Contemporary style with large table Rustic setting of the kitchen with dining room with light wooden table Crystal chandelier and accent wall with Tv panel in the modern living Classic setting in the chic negotiation room Contemporary style in brown color theme with light columns Industrial style for men's cave Sophisticated Luxury and Refinement. Antique marble columns for chic bathroom Modern design of the light open space living room with angular sofa Rustic room, wooden columns and ceiling Polyurethane moldings in the form of semicircle at the ceiling of Classic styled dining zone Contemporary styled living room with stone trimmed columns and fireplace

Columns in the interior: Photos of Functional and Decorative Structures

It may be that the column in the interior already exists in the construction project of the building, so it can not be excluded. If you think that the individual columns scattered around the rooms look unattractive and have nothing to do with functionality, you are very wrong. Columns, in addition to an undeniable bearing role, can also serve as a chic decorative element, separating the interior space of a house or apartment. Look at the photo-examples of beautiful columns in the rooms.

Unusual entry decoration in white colored premises Park lantern looking column in the modern interior Extraordinary design in the cottage with the tree trunks as the columns Classic atmosphere for the dark wood trimmed loung with the fireplace Classic dining room design with dark wooden furniture Ceiling bearing column in Casual styled room Casual design in white White colored kitchen with touch of Rustic style

Columns in the Interior of the House

Columns in modern interiors are decorative elements trimmed with appropriate materials that give charm to the whole room. They are finished in such a way as to match the style of the interior, forming with it a single whole. It can be raw, concrete, or wooden poles, as well as structures with a certain shape, size, and color. The presence of magnificent columns contributes to the dignity and subtle character of each room.

Arab enfilade of columns in the Mediterranean styled houseLibrary with wooden trimmingBrickwork column and wooden table in the white classic entryBlack central column in the Casual styled roomColumn at door arch of the Classic interiorIndustrial white designed open layout kitchen with concrete column in centerConcrete column in the large open layout apartment with bar at the kitchen

How to Play around with the Column in the Interior?

If you beautifully arrange the column, it will become one of the most important parts of the interior, which attracts attention. Columns can appear with different finishing materials, – metal, brick, even glass, and also with decorative moldings, friezes, cornices, built-in lighting both at the base and at the ceiling.

Wooden idyll for the modern cottage of two levels White classic bathtub in the bluish bathroom Living room with two wooden trimmed columnsClassic interior with chic column-based arch

Column Lighting

Appropriate lighting, which you can also install at the bottom of the structure, that is, on the floor or at the top can become additional ornamentation. It is important that the intensity of light should not be too much, successfully highlighting a cylindrical or rectangular element of the interior.

Enlightened central column as the highlight of the living room

Column as Additional Storage Space

You can also use columns as storage space in addition to the decorative function. Structures supporting the higher parts of the building can act as, for example, bookshelves.

Zoning a Room with a Column

In addition, the columns replace the partitions in the room to conditionally share the common space. You can treat them as dividing elements that define different zones in your home.

Classic Victorian interior with golden incrustation Casual styled living room in the open space cottage with dark columns Concrete columns for the contemporary room

Columns Made of Polyurethane in the Interior

The attractiveness of the columns confirms by the fact that today many manufacturers create decorative poles made of polyurethane foam. Thanks to this assortment, the columns can be placed inside, not for building a house as a bearing architectural element.

Leather upholstered sofa in the Classic decorated room with PVC molding on the ceiling

Decorative Columns in the Interior: Photo to Choose from

If you have a large useful space, which you want to play in an original way, you can use decorative columns for this purpose. This molding element works well both outside and inside the building. If you have a large open space on the first floor of the house, then choose the installation of inner columns, which will be an additional decoration of the living room. Interior decorative columns are made of high-quality polystyrene, reinforced with plaster, so they are durable and resistant to corrosion. When installing large elements, use brackets to prevent them from moving before the adhesive used for installing dries. As in other types of plastering, paint the inner columns in any color using silicone paint. You will like this decorative element of the house, which will give the room a new and unique character. Decorative columns are ideal for arrangements inspired by the Baroque style.

Grandeur design for the Classic styled room with antique statues Classic setting with golden inlays and spectacular columns White wall paint in the Casual styled interior Spectacular room arch with dark columns

Semicolumns as an Element of the Interior of the Apartment

You do not have enough space in your house, but you still want to install a decorative column? You can install the semicolumn on the wall or in the corner. This option will take up less space because it is attached to the finished surface but still gives the interior a three-dimensional impression. In addition, its style refers to ancient Roman architecture. Stucco-based half-columns are made of polyurethane material, reinforced with plaster. Their assembly method is very simple. All the elements of the base, pillar, and head are connected by means of glue to stucco molding. Before installation, the wall must be properly prepared, that is, cleaned and aligned from flaws. Then you evenly distribute the elements of the column, getting a column that protrudes from the wall. This is an effective decorative element, allowing emphasizing the character of a luxurious interior.

Fake PVC columns in the yellow painted room

Columns in the Interior of the Apartment

To equip large apartments designers offer their clients creative ideas of modern and fashionable design. Columns are one of such design options. They can be included in the project of the house, but also represent a purely decorative element. The columns create an impression of extra height and preserve the authenticity of the space. Internal decorative columns are able to hide pipes and wires. They can also serve as an excellent design element. The exposition of the columns in an open-plan apartment allows space zoning.

Complex modern chandelier for modern living room with concrete columns calming casual bedroom interior design with the column and white walls Wooden trimming of the columns between interior zones Columns around the dining zone Steel gleaming column zoning the living room from the kitchen in the ultramodern interior White columns edging the doorway Green glancing tabletop of the creative butcher block

If you need the effect of the splendor of the interior, it would be hardly found something better than columns in the concept of modernism. However, fans of the classics and ancient times will not miss the opportunity to decorate the room with a high pillar following the design of the times of Ancient Rome. Believe that the column as a symbol of the triumph of the rulers will not leave anyone indifferent.

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