American Interior Design Style: Colorful Classic in Modern Interpretation

American style is a kind of colonial, which became independent with time. The basis of this direction was formed by the refined English classics. However, creatively rethinking this design concept, the American style evolved towards universality. This is primarily a reserved, cozy, and quite neutral framing of a residential interior. Let’s take a closer look at the main components of the design.


White room with minimalistic wooden furniture Accent blue wall for most necessary things Canopy bed with ottoman at the leg board Wooden furniture and light wall finishing in the living room open dark ceiling beams Absolutely white interior with LED fixtures Red accent wall with TV and shelves for memorable things White design of the living room

American Classics in the Interior: the Traditional Color Scheme

Traditionally, American classics are characterized by warm, natural colors: beige, terracotta, soft blue, different shades of green, brown. But more bold colors, for example, burgundy or white are also possible. Designers often choose shades of blue or pink for bedrooms decorated in this style.

Large living room with the upholstered furniture around dark wooden table PIcture of the yellow fish in the light bedroom Stucco and moldings to decorate light living room Panoramic latticed window with dotted drapes for calming living room atmosphere

Ornaments for decorating an apartment are often floral, and they are applied locally. So, for example, it can be textiles or wallpaper with a textured pattern.

Two pictures and upholstered furniture

Typical metals for decorative components of American design are usually gold, silver, bronze, forged parts.

Interior of the American House: Features of the Layout

A distinctive feature of American homes is the desire to push the boundaries of space, abandoning unnecessary partitions. Usually, the zoning of the space is thematic. Typically, people often combine the living room with the kitchen and dining room or living room with a lounge. Popular techniques are changing the texture of the floor (for example, from a tile to a wood) or lowering its level.

Contemporary touch in the large cottage White large island in the kitchen Kids' room in modern and dynamic American style Simple American styled room with Scandi motifs Honeycomb structure decoration at the ceilnig of the kitchen Wooden smooth table in the dining zone decorated in white

The bar can fence off the kitchen from the living room or dining room. The next variant of kitchen planning is island one when the cutting table (butcher block) and everything necessary for cooking are located in the center.

Furniture in American Interiors

The style of American classics assumes functional, massive, and stable furniture. In this interior, artificially aged accents or antiques are welcome.

White corner of the living zone

Americans appreciate products made of natural wood, often use false decor in the home environment. They decorate cornices, arches, window frames, niches, ceilings. Often there is a colorful overlaid fireplace portal.

Square ceiling structure and the fireplace for neat Classic styled living room

The coffered ceiling is also one of the most memorable interior elements of American classics.

Classic fireplace design for the American styled house Simple designed bedroom with fireplace and mirror Pictures and fireplace at the lowering of the living zone

For floor coverings, as a rule, people choose a parquet board of light wood or in dark shades of brown with a pronounced wood texture. Single-colored wide carpets can be found on the floor, although there are more contrasting variants – carpets with ethnic ornaments.

Rustic touch of American style kitchen interior White living room with beige curtains

American Style in the Interior of the Bedroom

The typical atmosphere of the American bedroom is restrained, not abounding in decor, but at the same cozy. The furniture is massive, stable, few: comfortable wide bed, chest of drawers, bedside tables, wardrobe and dressing table. If there is enough space, you can also equip the dressing room.

The color palette of the bedroom is calm and based on the contrast of dark or mahogany and light finish. Each piece of decor should be in its corner and organically complement, but do not overload the space.

Canopy bed of light wood in light designed room Peculiar drawings and symbols at the decor of the modern American bedroom Snow white interior of the living room with soft corner Gray and white Classic interior in the bedroom Soft upholstered headboard in the bedroom with thin ottoman

American styled kitchen: characteristic features of the arrangement

  • centralized open plan;
  • big island;
  • placing the sink near the window;
  • wooden furniture and decoration;
  • solid & massive worktops;
  • facades with panels;
  • the abundance of places of storage;
  • functional zoning;
  • spacious dining area;
  • neutral range of colors and shades;
  • small mosaic or “herringbone” tile in a splashback;
  • a lot of textiles;
  • the newest home appliances;
  • functional lighting of zones, classical lamps, sconces;
  • a breakfast table;
  • stone or ceramic sinks.

Large kitchen island - the intrinsic trait of American interior Dark wooden table at the American kitchen Dotted contrasting splashback of the kitchen with dark wooden furniture facades American Classic in the light decorated kitchen Golden and glancing lampshades in the kitchen Dark blue American kitchen island side trimming

Modern American Interiors: Decor and Accessories

American classics are impossible without photos in the framework of various patriotic symbols, family relics, cups, diplomas, and other awards. They are arranged in groups in the living room on shelves, a piano, a fireplace, or a bookshelf. And in the bedroom, they are laconically suspended around the head of the bed or mirror, stand on the bedside tables and shelves.

Nable ash trimmed American interior of the suburb villa Open ceiling beams and the white trimmed fireplace Picture over the fireplace in the living room with zebra coffee table Olive and gray tint for the wooden furniture decoration in the American styled living room LED backlight of the modern decorated living room with TV-panel

American Interior Design Style: the Most Stylish and Easy-to-Implement Lifehacks

The original alternative to the TV is the projector. In this American interior, a mobile projector was hanged instead of a TV above the fireplace. The decorator’s subtle humor hovers in space and lifts the mood to everybody in it.

A Mix of Technologies and Nature

On the one hand, the manufacturability of interiors does not cease to surprise, on the other – eco-design does not lose ground in the list of trends. But it is not necessary for them to argue with each other: for zoning in this American house polymeric partitions were placed with splashes of real branches, thus making friends with technologies with nature.

Unusual noir style for American interior

Custom Sinks

In American design, not only aesthetic but also practical individuality is at the head. A vivid example of this is the installation of two sinks in the bathroom, equipped with hanging mirrors. Thus, two people can simultaneously put themselves in order without problems.

Transformer-Furniture in the Traditional Interior

Today, hardly anyone is surprised by a mobile wall or a lifting bed in a modern interior, but technology can fit well into the historical concept of design. In this compact studio room with a rich past, the situation was partially restored, and the folding bed harmoniously blended into the single space of both the bedroom and living room, hiding it behind a noble wooden facade.

 Dark motifs in the American styled bedroom

Original solutions in color design

Diluting the neutral situation with color contrasts is quite a popular move, but bright accents can appear in the most unpredictable places. So, in the interior of this bedroom, the drawers of the sleeping box are painted in different contrasting colors.

Large bed with storage system under the sleeper in the American styled bedroom

Storage Systems near the Radiator

The heating system under the windowsill can be not only ideally hidden but also supplemented. Shelves on both sides of the masking splashback were used as bookshelves and for storage of decorative objects.

Shower with a Folding Bench

Today, many residents of apartments install shower cabins instead of a bathtub from a practical point of view. For greater comfort, people also provide a folding bench, which will be appropriate even in the smallest area of such a bathroom.

American Classic in the bathroom with golden sanitary ware

The universality of the American style is not only in the design, decoration, and selection of furniture, but also in the fact that it is quite popular in many countries. In fact, the American design direction is a kind of a certain lifestyle: practical, stable, respectable.

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